Honey bee colony aggression linked to gene regulatory networks

Collective behaviors are present across many different animal groups: schools of fish swimming in a swirling pattern together, large flocks of birds migrating through the night, groups of bees coordinating their behavior to defend their hive......»»

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Researchers reveal composition and regulatory mechanism of the nucleolar vacuole in C. elegans

A team led by Prof. Guang Shouhong and Prof. Feng Xuezhu from the University of Science and Technology (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) revealed, for the first time, the composition and regulatory mechanism of the nuclear vacuole in C......»»

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Researcher uncovers how stereotypes about brilliance shape women"s decisions to study psychology or philosophy

Even though women in high school and college tend to outperform men academically, they still internalize the stereotype that brilliance is more linked to men. This belief affects their choice of major and perpetuates gender gaps in academic fields, a.....»»

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Researchers develop first method to study microRNA activity in single cells

MicroRNAs are small molecules that regulate gene activity by binding to and destroying RNAs produced by the genes. More than 60% of all human genes are estimated to be regulated by microRNAs; therefore, it is not surprising that these small molecules.....»»

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Towards a better understanding of early human embryonic development

The onset of embryo-specific gene transcription, also known as embryonic genome activation (EGA), is a crucial step in the developmental journey of an organism. Although EGA has been studied to some extent in mice, human EGA remains largely unexplore.....»»

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New origin story for key regulatory gene: PRC2 repressed jumping genes in ancestors of eukaryotes

The key protein complex PRC2 was discovered decades ago to silence genes, but new findings by Frederic Berger and his group at the Gregor Mendel Institute show that PRC2 represses transposons in a range of eukaryotes and only gradually evolved to sil.....»»

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Disrupting a core metabolic process in T cells may improve their therapeutic efficacy

In exploring an aspect of how killer T cells generate the raw materials required for their proliferation, a Ludwig Cancer Research study has uncovered an unexpected link between the immune cells' metabolism, regulation of gene expression, persistence.....»»

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Juniper Apstra enhancements simplify and standardize data center architectures

Juniper Networks announced new Juniper Apstra capabilities that enhance operator experiences to facilitate the deployment and operations of private data center infrastructures. With the introduction of new experience-first data center features, inclu.....»»

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Fortress Information Security partners with NetRise to secure software supply chains

Fortress Information Security and NetRise partnered to offer a new, innovative Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) transparency solution to secure software supply chains and meet evolving regulatory requirements for software transparency. Fortress̵.....»»

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Regulatory pressure complicates cybersecurity for industrial equipment manufacturers

50% of companies lack a dedicated security function for control systems and devices within their organizational structure, according to Cybellum. Security incidents involving industrial organizations have seen a sharp rise in recent years, with notab.....»»

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Musk’s Neuralink seeks volunteers for brain implants—who’s in?

The trial aims to help people with quadriplegia control a computer cursor or keyboard. Enlarge / An on-stage demo of the surgical robot. That could be you. (credit: Neuralink) After years of delays, regulatory rejections.....»»

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Some stick insects that normally reproduce through parthenogenesis found to mate on occasion

A team of ecologists and evolutionary biologists at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, has found that some normally asexual species of stick insects, which are known to reproduce via parthenogenesis, occasionally mate to enhance the gene pool......»»

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New regulatory model needed to help organizations comply with equalities legislation, study says

A new type of regulation is needed to support and encourage organizations to comply with equality and human rights law because enforcement alone is ineffective, a new study says......»»

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Urban light pollution linked to smaller eyes in birds: Study

The bright lights of big cities could be causing an evolutionary adaptation for smaller eyes in some birds, a new study indicates......»»

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Synthetic biology tool comprehensively reveals gene regulatory networks in E. coli

The intricate interplay of gene expression within living cells is akin to a well-orchestrated symphony, with each gene playing its part in perfect harmony to ensure cells function as they should. At the heart of this symphony are transcription factor.....»»

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Open Systems OT Firewall monitors traffic and detects threats

Open Systems introduced OT firewall service to secure critical infrastructures. The Open Systems OT Firewall provides organizations with a dedicated appliance at the center of operational technology (OT) networks for better visibility and control of.....»»

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The cloning of the first genic dominant male sterility gene in rice may revolutionize breeding processes

Male sterility in plants provides valuable breeding tools in germplasm innovation and hybrid crop production. However, genetic resources for dominant genic male sterility, which holds great promise to facilitate breeding processes, are extremely rare.....»»

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Gene required for root hair growth, nitrate foraging found in grasses

Scientists have found a plant gene that drives the growth of root hairs, the tiny structures that help plants find water and nutrients in the soil......»»

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Chinese hackers have unleashed a never-before-seen Linux backdoor

SprySOCKS borrows from open source Windows malware and adds new tricks. Enlarge Researchers have discovered a never-before-seen backdoor for Linux that’s being used by a threat actor linked to the Chinese government......»»

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Regulatory activity forces compliance leaders to spend more on GRC tools

Legal and compliance department investment in GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) tools will increase 50% by 2026, according to Gartner. Assurance leaders are seeking out technology solutions to help them address increasing regulatory attention on.....»»

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New iPhone 15 leak reveals the battery capacities of all four models

Apple hasn't told us the battery capacities of the new phones, but a regulatory database has......»»

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