HomePod 2 still leaves a lasting impression on wood surfaces, but power cable easily swappable

Reviews have landed for HomePod 2 ahead of the refreshed smart speaker arriving on Friday, February 3 to customers. Among the interesting details is HomePod 2 ring stain is an issue on wood surfaces, meanwhile, the power cable has been updated with.....»»

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VW diesel settlement helping to cut Great Lakes emissions

The Mackinac Island Ferry Co. plans to use a $3 million grant from Michigan's Volkswagen settlement fund to convert one of its boats from diesel to electric power......»»

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Most powerful characters in Shazam! Fury of the Gods

From the evil Kalypso to Billy Batson himself, these are the characters who have the most power in the DC Comics movie Shazam! Fury of the Gods......»»

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Rolls-Royce wins UK funds for "Moon" nuclear reactors

British aerospace giant Rolls-Royce said Friday it had secured UK funding to develop small nuclear reactors that could provide power on the Moon......»»

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Carbon nanotube films as ultrasensitive photodetectors: Progress and challenges

Semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (s-SWCNTs) are being used to develop a third generation of optimized shortwave infrared photodetectors that will improve pixel size, weight, power consumption, performance and cost over photodetectors mad.....»»

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This gorgeous, all-wood keyboard must be seen to be believed

Hacoa's Full Ki-Board brings spirit to your typing with a beautiful wooden design that houses a wireless mechanical keyboard for your PC, Mac, iPad, or phone......»»

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DEAL: Grab the Microsoft Surface X Pro for this Awesome Price!

Microsoft's power-packed tablet is a nice option for productivity on the go. The post DEAL: Grab the Microsoft Surface X Pro for this Awesome Price! first appeared on Phandroid. If you’re after a tablet with different functionality fr.....»»

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YouTube TV jumps in price again—it’s now $72.99 per month

The base package is going up $8, but the 4K add-on is going down $10. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Icon Sportswire ) YouTube TV is jumping up in price again. The cable TV replacement service launched in 2017 for $35,.....»»

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Nuclear Waste Borehole Demonstration Center started

Collaborators are lined up, but the center is homeless at the moment. Enlarge / An artist’s impression of a deep borehole for nuclear waste disposal by Sandia National Laboratories in 2012. Red lines show the depth of mined rep.....»»

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Math answers puzzling behavior of bat ears, paving way for real-world upgrade to sonar tech

One iconic feature of the batsuit that makes Batman easily recognizable may soon give the Dark Knight's go-to sonar technology a real-world upgrade—bat-like ears. Only, these ears would not just look like a bat's, but would act like them, too......»»

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PMIC vendor M3Tek expects sales recovery in 2H23

Power management IC company M3 Technology (M3Tek) may see another sequential revenue drop of 10-15% in the first quarter of 2023, but revenue will likely recover in the second half of the year, according to the company......»»

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Robust PA demand for defense apps buoys Transcom 2022 revenue, profits

Niche-market compound semiconductor IDM Transcom has reported record-high revenue and net profits of NT$1.035 billion and NT$249 million, respectively, for 2022, buoyed by strong power amplifier (PA) shipments for defense and other high-end and niche.....»»

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Geneverse HomePower Two Pro review: all the power you can lift

It's an ace up your sleeve when the power goes out......»»

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Pulvinar slits in the cell wall of legume motor cells facilitate control of leaf movement

Plant movement has long fascinated many researchers. Legumes are a group of plants famous for exhibiting various leaf movements, including "nyctinastic movement," in which the leaves open in the day and close at night. Similar plant movements include.....»»

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Star Citizen still hasn’t launched, but it’s facing server failures

RSI apologizes for "super rough start" to "persistent universe" alpha update. A trailer for the server-melting Alpha 3.18 "Lasting Legacies" update to Star Citizen. We're now firmly ensconced in the second decade of Star Citizen's c.....»»

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A cheaper and more flexible alternative to indium tin oxide

A team of chemists at Purdue University, working with a pair of colleagues from the University of Kentucky, has developed a way to make PBDF, a type of transparent conducting material, at an easily synthesized scale. In their paper published in Journ.....»»

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How to reset HomePod and HomePod mini

If your HomePod isn't working, there's a way to reboot it or reset it back to factory defaults. Here's how to reset HomePod and HomePod mini with or without an iPhone.The process to reset HomePod isn't hard and should only take several minutes. The g.....»»

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Production yield matters for GaN applications and penetration

The application benefits are getting clear for third-generation compound semiconductor GaN (gallium nitride) as it is increasingly adopted for charging piles, in-vehicle DC-DC power conversion, and on-board chargers (OBC), with the prospect of penetr.....»»

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Power Saving comes to Telegram

This latest Telegram update holds a lot of major quality-of-life improvements to the communications app. The post Power Saving comes to Telegram first appeared on Phandroid. Telegram has done a great deal over the last few months to make th.....»»

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DDR5 penetration stalls, delaying demand for related PMIC

Since PCs and servers are adopting DDR5 memory more slowly than anticipated, related conventional power management IC (PMIC) demand is unlikely to increase with improved visibility until 2024, according to industry sources......»»

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Why game archivists are dreading this month’s 3DS/Wii U eShop shutdown

Industry lobbying against remote access leaves researchers cut off from game archives. Enlarge / The end is coming for two of Nintendo's digital storefronts. In just a few weeks, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U owners will final.....»»

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