High-speed internet via airborne beams of light

The project has been developed by Alphabet's moonshot factory, X......»»

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Thousands of AT&T Customers in the US Infected by New Data-stealing Malware

Thousands of networking devices belonging to AT&T Internet subscribers in the US have been infected with newly discovered malware that allows the devices to be used in denial-of-service attacks and attacks on internal networks, researchers said on Tu.....»»

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Social distancing compliance linked to high voter turnout rates

"Social capital" refers to connections between citizens that generate trust, reciprocity and participation in social and political life......»»

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Magnons vs electrons: A new spin on computer processing

In 1965, Gordon Moore of Intel predicted that microprocessors would double in speed and capacity every couple of years. This prediction, now known as "Moore's Law," has with some modification in 1975 been reliably prophetic until now. We're fast appr.....»»

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Development of polyimide-mica nanocomposite film with high resistance to low-Earth-orbit environments

Polyimide (PI) composite films are widely used on the external surfaces of spacecraft to protect them from the adverse environments of low Earth orbit (LEO) due to their outstanding comprehensive performance. However, current PI composite films have.....»»

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New computational approach predicts chemical reactions at high temperatures

Extracting metals from oxides at high temperatures is essential not only for producing metals such as steel but also for recycling. Because current extraction processes are very carbon-intensive, emitting large quantities of greenhouse gases, researc.....»»

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Soon, 1 out of every 15 points of light in the sky will be a satellite

I'm outside at my rural Saskatchewan farm, chatting with my neighbors who I've invited over to appreciate the night sky through my telescope. After exclamations and open-mouthed wonder over Saturn's rings, and light that has been traveling through sp.....»»

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Best blue light glasses for December 2021

Get yourself a pair of blue light glasses to help relieve eye strain......»»

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Industry watch: How high is the EV entry barrier?

In terms of market concentration, the top-6 mobile phone brands account for 75.6% of the market, and the top-5 PC vendors have 77.5%. Both industries show a considerably stable market structure. It is a different scenario in the automotive industry t.....»»

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Best wireless router deals for December 2021

We’ve gathered up the best wireless router deals you can find right now, from cheap routers to high-end units......»»

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Best Verizon Fios new customer deals for December 2021

Looking to save by bundling your internet, landline, and TV plans? We've got the best Verizon Fios deals here......»»

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SpaceX"s Starlink Is Testing Internet Service for Aircraft

SpaceX's Starlink unit is testing its space-based internet service with several aircraft and wants to offer in-flight connection to airlines "as soon as possible," a company vice president said. From a report: Starlink is in talks with several airlin.....»»

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Shrinking qubits for quantum computing with atom-thin materials

For quantum computers to surpass their classical counterparts in speed and capacity, their qubits—which are superconducting circuits that can exist in an infinite combination of binary states—need to be on the same wavelength. Achieving this, how.....»»

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Scientists can control brain circuits, behavior, and emotion using light

Scientists can control brain circuits, behavior, and emotion using light. Researchers developed a new optogenetic tool, 'Opto-vTrap', which is expected to contribute to treatment for epilepsy, muscle spasms, and skin wrinkles......»»

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High-speed holography of cells spots physical beacons of disease

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have engineered a holographic system capable of imaging and analyzing tens of thousands of cells per minute to both discover and recognize signs of disease......»»

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Research sheds new light on effects of dietary restriction

New research in the tiny nematode worm, C. elegans, has revealed that muscle may be a protected tissue under conditions of dietary restriction......»»

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How to level up the Halo Infinite battle pass quickly

While 343 is taking feedback and making changes to the system, there are still a few ways you can speed up your progress through Halo Infinite's battle pass......»»

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Is the relationship between diet, intestinal bacteria and cells key to preventing systemic inflammation?

Mice fed a diet high in fat, cholesterol and calories, akin to the Western diet, had higher measures of blood lipids associated with elevated levels of inflammation, a new study finds......»»

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Chequered History. Future Star. Since their invention in the late 19th century, electric vehicles have gone through both high and low phases. Initially they were hailed as the more efficient alternative to the traditional motorcars with cumbersome in.....»»

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Two-meter COVID-19 rule is "arbitrary measurement" of safety

A new study has shown that the airborne transmission of COVID-19 is highly random and suggests that the two-metre rule was a number chosen from a risk 'continuum', rather than any concrete measurement of safety......»»

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Dying Light 2 Has Officially Gone Gold Head Of February 2022 Release On PS4, PS5

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has gone gold ahead of its launch in February 2022, which means there's no more delays in sight as it enters manufacturing. The post Dying Light 2 Has Officially Gone Gold Head Of February 2022 Release On PS4, PS5 appeared f.....»»

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