High-precision timing data determine upper limit for photon mass

In a study published in The Astrophysical Journal, Prof. Zhou Xia from the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory (XAO) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and collaborators have, for the first time, derived the dispersion relation for photons with nonzer.....»»

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An Apple Vision Pro successor may need to be tethered to an iPhone or Mac

A new report says that a more mass-market and lower-cost version of the Apple Vision Pro headset won't be as much of a stand-alone device as the existing model is.Apple's headset could get a second model as soon as late 2025Apple has been working on.....»»

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I tested two of the best data recovery services. Here’s which to use

This hands-on comparison of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro and Recuva Professional reveals which is the best file restoration app for you......»»

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X will soon limit the ability to livestream to Premium subscribers

There’s been a lot going on at X recently when it comes to attempts to make more money from the platform. After Elon Musk confirmed his plans to introduce a small fee for new users, X has now confirmed that it will soon limit the ability to livestr.....»»

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NASA indefinitely delays return of Starliner to review propulsion data

“We are letting the data drive our decision." Enlarge / Boeing's Starliner capsule lifts off aboard United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket. (credit: United Launch Alliance) In an update released late Friday evening, N.....»»

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iOS 18: How to take advantage of Game Mode on iPhone and what it does

iOS 18 takes gaming further with a dedicated Game Mode for iPhone and iPad. The new feature redirects system resources to maintain high frame rates, improves Bluetooth controller responsiveness and audio with AirPods, and more. Here’s how to use Ga.....»»

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We now have even more evidence against the “ecocide” theory of Easter Island

AI analysis of satellite imagery data is a new method for estimating population size. Enlarge / New research lends further credence to the "population crash" theory about Easter Island being just a myth. (credit: Arian Zwegers/CC.....»»

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Brazil"s Pantanal wetlands see record fires even before dry season

Brazil's Pantanal, one of the world's largest tropical wetlands, is seeing record fires in June, even before the arrival of the dry season, satellite data showed Friday......»»

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A black hole of inexplicable mass: JWST observations reveal a mature quasar at cosmic dawn

The James Webb Space Telescope observed a galaxy in a particularly young stage of the universe. Looking back into the past, it became clear that the light from the galaxy called J1120+0641 took almost as long to reach Earth as the universe has taken.....»»

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CDK suffered another data breach as it was attempting to recover

CDk has had to shut down its systems once again following earlier attack......»»

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Scientists solve the puzzle of directional hearing underwater

When underwater, humans cannot determine where a sound comes from. Sound travels about five times faster there than on land. That makes directional hearing, or sound localization, nearly impossible because the human brain determines the origin of a s.....»»

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New computational tool helps interpret AI models in genomics

Artificial intelligence continues to squirm its way into many aspects of our lives. But what about biology, the study of life itself? AI can sift through hundreds of thousands of genome data points to identify potential new therapeutic targets. While.....»»

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Festivals can be a powerful force for sustainable lifestyle changes, new research shows

Festivals and mass gatherings can empower and inspire people making lifestyle changes for a sustainable future, according to new research from a vegan festival which suggests the power of these collective experiences may have been underestimated......»»

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Radioactive drugs strike cancer with precision

Tumor-seeking radiopharmaceuticals promise targeted treatments with fewer side effects. Enlarge / Pharma interest and investment in radiotherapy drugs is heating up. (credit: Knowable Magazine) On a Wednesday morning in.....»»

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Recuva Professional review: a $25 data recovery app that works

I review one of the cheapest data recovery apps available to find out if it works well and is easy to use on SSDs, HDDs, and more......»»

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Apple"s talks with FIFA have faltered, Club World Cup tournament at risk

Discussions between Apple and FIFA over TV rights for a new soccer tournament have stumbled, putting the future of the high-profile competition in doubt.Apple has regularly paid out for rights to sporting eventsIn April, it was reported that Apple wa.....»»

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Statewide 911 outage was caused by 911 vendor’s malfunctioning firewall

911 vendor Comtech still investigating why firewall blocked emergency calls. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | artas) A 911 vendor's malfunctioning firewall caused a statewide outage in the emergency calling system in Mass.....»»

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Transcriptomic insights into Chinese cabbage"s unique morphology

Understanding the genetic mechanisms behind leaf development is crucial for improving crop yields and resilience. In Chinese cabbage, the formation of leafy heads involves complex gene interactions that determine leaf shape and orientation. Despite p.....»»

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Best AirPods Pro deals: Get Apple’s flagship earbuds for $125

Right now you can land some massive savings on Apple's high-end earbuds, the AirPods Pro, and these are the best AirPods Pro deals for doing so......»»

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Concentric AI’s compliance feature helps organizations identify and address compliance risks

Concentric AI announced it has incorporated new industry compliance capabilities into its Semantic Intelligence DSPM solution. With these new innovative features, Concentric AI now identifies data risk within organizations’ environments applicable.....»»

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Apple wants you to be able to just point at things to learn about them

Future Apple Watch or iPhone models could detect when you're pointing at a location, or want to buy something from a store window, and show you details about them.Any Apple device with an accelerometer could determine whether you were pointing at som.....»»

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