Here’s How Long the iOS 16.3 Update Takes

Here’s How Long the iOS 16.3 Update Takes is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. Apple’s iOS 16.3 update is a milestone release and it could take quite a bit of time to install on your iPhone. The company’s pushed its iOS 16.3 update to.....»»

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Adapting to hypoxia: Zooplankton influence efficiency of biological carbon pump in the Humboldt Current

Marine organisms play a crucial role in the global carbon cycle. Phytoplankton absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sequester it in organic matter that sinks to the deep ocean where it can be stored for long periods of time. Until now, this.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy M14 Receives One UI 6 with Android 14

The update also features the November 2023 security patch for Android devices. The post Samsung Galaxy M14 Receives One UI 6 with Android 14 appeared first on Phandroid. Samsung’s continued push to roll out the latest One UI 6 firmwa.....»»

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Apple Podcasts app launching on Tesla vehicles next week

After being leaked earlier, it’s now official. The Apple Podcasts app will be available on Tesla’s in-car entertainment system with the holiday update, rolling out next week. Podcasts app will be available for Model S, Model 3, Model Y, and Cy.....»»

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Meta Announces Major Updates for Messenger App

While E2EE has been available on Messenger for some time now, this new update now makes it default across chats and calls done in Messenger. The post Meta Announces Major Updates for Messenger App appeared first on Phandroid. Meta recently.....»»

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Tesla confirms Apple Podcasts coming in holiday update "next week"

Tesla has officially announced its annual software update, and as expected, the list of features includes the addition of Apple Podcasts to the cars' entertainment system.Testa entertainment systemThe news of the Apple Podcasts app becoming available.....»»

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Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda is warmer and more acidic than ever, 40 years of observation show

Decade-long ocean warming that impacts ocean circulation, a decrease in oxygen levels that contributes to changes in salinification and nutrient supply, and ocean acidification are just some of the challenges the world's oceans are facing......»»

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Day-extension blue light inhibits chrysanthemum flowering when far-red light is included: Study

Most ornamental crops can be classified as long-day, short-day, or day-neutral plants based on their flowering responses to the photoperiod (which is the day length), or the skotoperiod (which is the night length). Chrysanthemum is a common ornamenta.....»»

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This new Windows 11 shortcut made using my PC so much easier

One feature that flew under the radar in Windows 11's latest feature update has made using my PC feel so much easier......»»

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New systemd update will bring Windows’ infamous Blue Screen of Death to Linux

Systemd is used by Debian, Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, and many downstream distros. Enlarge (credit: hdaniel) Windows' infamous "Blue Screen of Death" is a bit of a punchline. People have made a hobby of spotting them out in t.....»»

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GTA 6 PC Release Date: What You Need to Know

The GTA 6 release date for Xbox and PlayStation is confirmed for 2025, but not for PC. And if history repeats itself, PC owners might be in for a long wait. Rockstar finally confirmed the elephant in the room. Grand Theft Auto VI is official and the.....»»

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Apple seeds second macOS 14.2 Sonoma release candidate beta

Apple's second release candidate for macOS Sonoma 14.2 has been issued to test participants, just a few days after the last update.macOS SonomaDevelopers partaking in the beta program can pick up the latest build by visiting the Apple Developer Cente.....»»

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UAW says it signed 1,000 VW workers in Tenn. organizing push

The UAW is trying to capitalize on recent contract victories in Detroit and reverse labor’s decades-long decline in the auto sector. It has launched simultaneous, public campaigns to organize 13 non-union U.S. plants......»»

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Apple Podcasts app appears destined for CarPlay-less Tesla

Apple’s Podcasts app appears to be coming to Tesla infotainment systems as an independent app in an upcoming software update, according to a new leak. This officially puts the Apple Podcasts app experience everywhere but Android. more….....»»

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Apple Podcasts coming to Tesla for premium subscribers

A new leak claims that the next Tesla car software update will include Apple Podcasts for the first time, though it will require drivers to subscribe to Tesla's Premium Connectivity service.TeslaTesla famously does not support Apple CarPlay, though c.....»»

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X-ray method enables micron-resolution imaging of living organisms over long time periods

Researchers have developed an X-ray imaging technique that can produce detailed images of living organisms with a much lower X-ray dose than previously possible. The advance enables small organisms or other sensitive samples to be studied at high res.....»»

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Jet stream will get faster as climate change continues, study finds

A new study in Nature Climate Change takes one of the first deep dives into how climate change will affect the fastest jet streams—the powerful, narrow winds in the upper atmosphere that steer much of the Earth's weather systems and are connected t.....»»

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Short-term AWS access tokens allow attackers to linger for a longer while

Attackers usually gain access to an organization’s cloud assets by leveraging compromised user access tokens obtained via phishing, by using malware, or by finding them in public code repositories. These are long-term access tokens associated w.....»»

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8 Things to Know After the First GTA 6 Trailer

The first GTA 6 trailer is only 90 seconds long, but it still revealed quite a bit about the next Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar’s first GTA 6 trailer has already amassed over 100 million views and that number will surely climb in the months ahead.....»»

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Anker confirms its Qi2 products will offer full 15W wireless charging on iPhone 13, 14, and 15

Yesterday, Apple revealed that next week’s iOS 17.2 update will bring support for Qi2 wireless charging to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. There were, however, some questions about whether older iPhones would be capable of unlocking 15W charging speed.....»»

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iPhone 15 Pro review three months later: Worth every penny

Three months after its launch, it's still undeniable that the iPhone 15 Pro is expensive, but worth it for the performance and the lightness.iPhone 15 Pro review: cameras have seen a great update, but that doesn't mean they'll be usedA couple of week.....»»

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