HBC selects Veeam to improve data protection and ransomware resilience

Veeam Software announced that HBC, a holding company of investments and businesses that operates at the intersection of technology, retail operations and real estate, has chosen Veeam Availability Suite to centralize data protection on premises and a.....»»

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Forest resilience linked with higher mortality risk in western U.S., study finds

A forest's resilience, or ability to absorb environmental disturbances, has long been thought to be a boost for its odds of survival against the looming threat of climate change......»»

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New instrument measures supercurrent flow; data has applications in quantum computing

Jigang Wang offered a quick walk-around of a new sort of microscope that can help researchers understand—and ultimately develop—the inner workings of quantum computing......»»

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Meta facing lawsuit over reported tax sharing scandal

A lawsuit has alleged that Meta collected the data of users of several popular tax software tools improperly......»»

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Biggest Apple News+ magazines may be having a tough time

New data shows that people are reading fewer big-name publications in the Apple News+ subscription service — but it's not clear if it's a sign of a wider trend.Apple NewsCirculation numbers recently published by Press Gazette show that the top 25 m.....»»

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Europe is looking for ways to counter the new US climate law

The European Union should improve its state aid rules and consider more green transition funding to offset possible distortions from the new U.S. climate and tax law, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said......»»

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What factors influence Chinese university students" food waste behavior?

Food waste is a major social problem that contributes to the overutilization of natural resources, affecting economic progress and environment protection. Food waste occurs at all stages of the food supply chain, including production, transportation.....»»

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Cosmic ray counts hidden in spacecraft data highlight influence of solar cycle at Mars and Venus

Measurements by ESA's long-serving twin missions, Mars Express and Venus Express, have captured the dance between the intensity of high-energy cosmic rays and the influence of the sun's activity across our inner solar system......»»

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The satellite data mapping Australia"s new climate extremes

For decades, satellites have been keeping a watchful eye on Earth, relaying increasingly precise, detailed and timelier information than ever before......»»

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A dangerous pesticide isn"t being monitored in key bird of prey populations. We"re shedding light on that gap

It was once regarded as a miracle chemical to protect against disease and improve global food production. The man who discovered its properties even won a Nobel Prize for medicine. But today, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is best known for it.....»»

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New AirPods Pro extend Apple"s wireless earbud market dominance

Apple's launch of the second-generation AirPods Pro helped extend its lead in the "True Wireless Stereo" market in the third quarter, according to new market research data.Second-generation AirPods ProApple's AirPods lineup has dominated the TWS mark.....»»

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What does Polly say? Community science data reveal species differences in vocal learning by parrots

While most animals don't learn their vocalizations, everyone knows that parrots do—they are excellent mimics of human speech. But how large is the vocabulary of different parrot species? Do males "talk" more than females? Does a parrot's vocabulary.....»»

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Seaweed molecules used to improve outcomes for bypass surgery

Researchers are using a natural material derived from seaweed to promote vascular cell growth, prevent blood clots and improve the performance of synthetic vascular grafts used in heart bypass surgery......»»

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Kudelski Security Threat Navigator helps users improve defense strategies

Kudelski Security has launched Threat Navigator, a new tool that is included in Kudelski Security’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. Using Threat Navigator, clients can visualize and understand their existing security coverage against.....»»

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Connected medical devices are the Achilles’ heel of healthcare orgs

The rising adoption of connected medical devices is accelerating cyberattacks, according to Capterra’s Medical IoT Survey of healthcare IT professionals. The survey also reveals that 67% of healthcare cyberattacks impact patient data and 48% impact.....»»

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How companies time data leak disclosures

Every year the personal data of millions of people, such as passwords, credit card details, or health details, fall into the hands of unauthorized persons through hacking or data processing errors by companies. The consequences for those affected can.....»»

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The evolution of DevSecOps

73% of IT decision-makers admit more could be done to improve their DevSecOps practices, with many organizations behind in their goals, according to a survey conducted by Insight Avenue. In this Help Net Security video, Mark Troester, VP of Strategy,.....»»

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Lead times for iPhone 14 Pro models improve, but still needs improvement

Supplies of the iPhone 14 Pro models have improved and moderated lead times for getting into the hands of customers, JP Morgan's tracker indicates, but lead times will continue to be a focus throughout December.The iPhone 14 Pro Max camera bumpApple'.....»»

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Sherweb partners with Malwarebytes to offer endpoint security for MSPs

Sherweb has announced the addition of Malwarebytes to its cloud solutions portfolio. Malwarebytes provides advanced endpoint protection in an evolving threat landscape. It can be used to provide protection on its own or combined with other solutions.....»»

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Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data

A handful of markets were responsible for trafficking most of the data. Enlarge (credit: Peach_istock via Getty Images) It is common to hear news reports about large data breaches, but what happens once your personal dat.....»»

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Focusing on basics helps dealership improve service business

To turn around declining service department business, Cole Chevrolet-Buick-GMC in Bluefield, W.Va. focused on improving its processes, updating pricing and tracking performance on sales and profit metrics......»»

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