Hank Aaron, baseball Hall of Famer and former Georgia auto dealer, dies at 86

The legendary home run king for several years owned an Atlanta-based auto group that consisted of BMW, Mini, Honda, Toyota, Jaguar and Land Rover franchises......»»

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Foam shortage looms over seating suppliers, auto production

Automaker purchasing teams are scrambling after the Texas winter storm. that shut refineries pinched supply of needed byproducts......»»

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Australian teen dies after box jellyfish sting

An Australian teenager has died after a suspected box jellyfish sting, authorities said Thursday, in a rare case believed to be the country's first such death in 15 years......»»

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Netflix App Adds "Fast Laughs" Tab With Comedy Clips Streaming in a TikTok-Like Feed

Netflix today launched Fast Laughs, a new feature for its mobile apps that presents a string of comedy clips from its stand-up specials, TV series and movies. From a report: Netflix's Fast Laughs displays full-screen vertical video in an auto-playing.....»»

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U.S. will review impact of SK Innovation ruling on Biden green transportation goals

Sen. Raphael Warnock said the ruling "seriously threatens" the viability of SK Innovation's $2.6 billion Georgia plant with 2,600 planned workers, currently under construction......»»

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Giraffe dies at L.A. Zoo after delivery of stillborn calf

A giraffe has died at the Los Angeles Zoo after undergoing a procedure to deliver her stillborn calf, the zoo announced Tuesday......»»

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Hacker improves GTA Online load times by 70 percent with a simple DLL

Without a doubt, Grand Theft Auto Online's load times are atrocious. A non-scientific poll conducted on Reddit last summer revealed that most were waiting three to six minutes for the game to start and more than 35 percent of players had load times l.....»»

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Backyard chickens risk pathogen spread

Keeping backyard chickens was already on the rise, and the hobby has become even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, a University of Georgia researcher cautions that the practice has risks not just for chickens, but for wildlife and peopl.....»»

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Infiniti scraps Formula 1-inspired high-performance hybrid coupe

Project Black S, based on the Q60 coupe, debuted as a running prototype at the 2018 Paris auto show to showcase technologies developed in collaboration with the Renault Sport Formula One racing team......»»

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Can Auto-Tagging Save Us From Metadata?

Metadata should not be treated as an afterthought or a cost to be avoided, but rather as the playbook for new opportunities. Continue reading........»»

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Auto industry groups back legislation to incentivize clean-energy manufacturing

The American Jobs in Energy Manufacturing Act would incentivize manufacturers to retool, expand or build facilities to produce clean-energy parts or technologies such as electric vehicles, batteries and memory chips......»»

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COVID-19 vaccines reaching auto plants, but challenges remain

Stellantis became the first automaker in the U.S. to begin vaccinating its hourly workers from COVID-19. But automakers have to deal with different rules in each state and help make sure workers even want the vaccine when it's available.....»»

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The latest numbers on auto production affected by the microchip shortage

Here is the latest tally measuring the impact of the global microchip shortage on vehicle production, as provided by AutoForecast Solutions......»»

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Dealer profits surge 48% to record in a ‘unique" 2020

The 2020 figure blew by the industry's previous profit record for the average store, recorded in 2015......»»

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New-school solution for recruiting auto techs

While other dealerships struggle to find technicians, Magic Toyota in Edmonds, Wash., is training its own techs in-house, hiring a full-time professor to lead staff development efforts......»»

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How incentives revived Ontario

New multibillion dollar investment plans by the Detroit 3, combined with government incentives, show that Canada's global profile in the auto industry is on the rise......»»

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Telegram gets auto-deleting messages, expiring invite links and more in latest update

WhatApp's recent privacy policy controversy has resulted in millions of users flocking to alternative platforms, who've since felt the need to up their game in providing useful features and support in the hope of retaining and growing their userbases.....»»

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Google Pledges Changes To Research Oversight After Internal Revolt

Alphabet's Google will change procedures before July for reviewing its scientists' work, according to a town hall recording heard by Reuters, part of an effort to quell internal tumult over the integrity of its artificial intelligence (AI) research......»»

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Lawmaker Proposing "Grand Theft Auto" Ban Says Video Game Contributes To Carjackings

Koreantoast writes: With the number of carjackings more than doubling in the city of Chicago during 2020, one lawmaker knows who to blame: the video game "Grand Theft Auto." According to Chicago ABC 7, Democratic State Representative Marcus Williams.....»»

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Boulder Chamber Memberships for Black-Owned Businesses

Amy and I just underwrote one-year memberships to the Boulder Chamber of Commerce for 62 Black-owned businesses in Boulder. Last summer, Aaron Clark started putting together a list of Black-owned Businesses in Boulder. The current list is at 62. A fe.....»»

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Suzuki chairman will retire after longest reign in auto industry

With almost half a century at the helm, Osamu Suzuki is credited with turning the automaker into one of the world's largest small-vehicle manufacturers......»»

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