Google Pixel 6a review: Cheap, small, and packing a big punch

The Google Pixel 6a has a fresh design, Google's flagship chipset, and costs just $449. But is it any good?.....»»

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macOS 14 Sonoma: The Ars Technica review

If at first you don't create usable desktop widgets, try, try again. Enlarge I was preparing to write an intro calling macOS Sonoma—version 14.0 of Apple's desktop operating system, for those of you who can't keep the.....»»

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GPUs from all major suppliers are vulnerable to new pixel-stealing attack

A previously unknown compression side channel in GPUs can expose images thought to be private. Enlarge GPUs from all six of the major suppliers are vulnerable to a newly discovered attack that allows malicious websites.....»»

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Effect of iron on the preservation of organic carbon in marine sediments and its implications for carbon sequestration

A comprehensive review article by Professor Hu Limin, Professor Yao Peng, Professor Liu Xiting, Professor Liang Yantao, Postdoctoral Fellow Zhao Bin, Postdoctoral Fellow Du Jiazong, and master candidate Ji Yuhan from Ocean University of China has bee.....»»

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Google is killing another one of its popular apps, and it’s a big one

Google plans to discontinue one of its popular apps, Google Podcasts, in the new year. Here's what you need to do about the closure......»»

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Can you melt eggs? Quora’s AI says “yes,” and Google is sharing the result

Incorrect AI-generated answers are forming a feedback loop of misinformation online. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) When you type a question into Google Search, the site sometimes provides a quick answer called a Feature.....»»

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A newly refined map of Zealandia drawn using study of dredged rock samples

A small international team of geologists and seismologists has created a newly refined map of Zealandia using data obtained from dredged rock samples recovered from the ocean floor. They report details in the journal Tectonics......»»

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Pea-powered innovation delivers vitamin B12 daily dose

Pea shoots which contain the recommended daily dose of vitamin B12 fortified in a single small portion could soon be a tasty and healthy addition to your salad......»»

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I want to like this new Android phone, but there’s a big problem with it

The Xiaomi 13T Pro is faced with a legion of really excellent phones against which it has to compete, and as we found out in our review, that's a big problem......»»

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El Paso, Elsewhere review: you won’t want to put down this Max Payne-inspired indie

El Paso, Elsewhere is designed like third-person shooters from the early 2000s, and it uses that aesthetic to tell a captivating story......»»

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Computer simulation explains mysterious rock patterns seen from Czech Republic to Mars

In geology, honeycombs are an intriguing pattern of small cavities on rock surfaces found in coastal regions, wet areas, deserts, and even on Mars. They are fascinating to look at in natural objects and a bane of historic buildings and monuments. Des.....»»

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Best refurbished iPhone deals: Get an iPhone for under $200

A new iPhone costs a pretty penny -- actually, a lot of pretty pennies. We gathered the best cheap refurbished iPhones below......»»

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Eddy Cue set to testify in Google antitrust case, will explain why Apple has never made its own search engine

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services, is set to take the stand on Tuesday to testify in the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google. Cue’s testimony, which is expected to last most of the day, will focus largely on.....»»

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Google to remove retro feature from Gmail

The html browser experience has been a fundamental experience for Gmail users. It is receiving its final curtain call in 2024. The post Google to remove retro feature from Gmail appeared first on Phandroid. Those who are old enough to reme.....»»

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Apple won"t make a Google search rival, says Cue

Apple executive Eddy Cue is expected to testify in court that the company has no plan to make an "Apple Search" engine, because its deal with Google is the best for users.Eddy Cue at the 2014 Code Conference (Source: Re/code)As previously reported, A.....»»

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Scientists uncover a scaly surprise with new pangolin species

The small, scaly, and highly endangered pangolin has been keeping a secret: it comprises not eight species but nine, with a new one discovered through analysis of confiscated scales......»»

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Imaging the elusive skyrmion: Neutron tomography reveals their shapes and dynamics in bulk materials

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with colleagues elsewhere have employed neutron imaging and a reconstruction algorithm to reveal for the first time the 3D shapes and dynamics of very small tornado-like atomic m.....»»

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NASA"s Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe passes system integration review

The Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) marked the completion of an important step on the path to spacecraft assembly, test, and launch operations in late September 2023 at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Maryland......»»

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iPhone 15 Pro camera review: Here’s why Stalman calls it ‘the most professional iPhone’

While the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro don’t come with massive changes, most of the upgrades involve the new camera systems. Going in-depth, pro photographer and videographer Tyler Stalman has shared his review of the new iPhones with a focus on the camera.....»»

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9to5Mac Daily: September 25, 2023 – iPhone 15 Pro durability and battery testing

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. Sponsored by Wa.....»»

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Review: Nomad’s new iPhone 15 leather cases remain the best on the market

iPhone 15 is now here, and shoppers looking to pair their new handset with a leather case are going to be out of luck – at least if they plan on bringing home an official one from Apple. But why would you want to anyway, when Nomad is back with ano.....»»

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