Getz glaciers on the run

Using a 25-year record of satellite observations over the Getz region in West Antarctica, scientists have discovered that the pace at which glaciers flow towards the ocean is accelerating. This new research, which includes data from the Copernicus Se.....»»

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Square launches an in-house bank as fintech competition heats up

Square, the financial payments firm run by Jack Dorsey, launched an in-house bank that it says will allow it to "operate more nimbly" in an increasingly crowded fintech market......»»

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Mammal ancestors moved in their own unique way

The backbone is the Swiss Army Knife of mammal locomotion. It can function in all sorts of ways that allows living mammals to have remarkable diversity in their movements. They can run, swim, climb and fly all due, in part, to the extensive reorganiz.....»»

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Microsoft’s Azure Arc multi-cloud platform now supports machine learning workloads

With Azure Arc, Microsoft offers a service that allows its customers to run Azure in any Kubernetes environment, no matter where that container cluster is hosted. From Day One, Arc supported a wide range of use cases, but one feature that was sorely.....»»

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Popular LA Restaurant Closes After High-Tech "Dine and Dash" Scheme

quonset writes: "The Korean Fusion Cafe 'Spoon by H' had the ingredients to become an L.A. success story but is the epitome of a small business, with owner and chef Yoonjin Hwang working 15-hour days to run the restaurant with her mother and brother,.....»»

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Insiders say Google lacked the focus and discipline to run a successful game studio

Stadia broke from Google's typical "start small and build" philosophy of product development. Unlike other Google products with long beta cycles, like Gmail, it was marketed and hyped as a full service that was ready to kill off consoles. Stadia head.....»»

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The best treadmills for March 2021

Running is a great way to keep in shape. If you don't want to run outdoors, a treadmill is a perfect solution. We've rounded up the best treadmills on the market......»»

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Rocket Lab to go public via SPAC at valuation of $4.1 billion

The SPAC run is on for space startups, which have been relatively slow in their overall exit pace before the current special purpose acquisitions company merger craze got underway. Rocket Lab is the latest, and likely the most notable to jump on the.....»»

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The best Windows tablets for 2021

If you're looking to run Windows 10 on a tablet, you have quite a few options to choose from on the market. Here are the best Windows tablets that you can buy......»»

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NTIA Broadband Availability Map Now Has 30 State Participants

NTIA Broadband Availability Map Now Has 30 State Participants Thirty states now are now participants in the National Broadband Availability Map (NBAM), a geographic information system (GIS) platform run by the National Telecommunications Industry As.....»»

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Granholm confirmed to lead U.S. Energy Department

The Senate voted 64-35 to confirm the former Michigan governor to run the sprawling agency, which has an annual budget of $35 billion and national research laboratories spread across 17 states......»»

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Internet fiber optics could provide valuable insight into geological phenomena

Fiber-optic cables run underneath nearly all city grids across the United States and provide internet and cable TV to millions, but what if those systems could also provide valuable information related to hazardous events such as earthquakes and floo.....»»

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Speedier network analysis for a range of computer hardware developed

MIT researchers developed software to more efficiently run graph applications on a range of computing hardware, including both CPUs and GPUs. The advance could boost analysis of social networks, recommendation algorithms, and internet search......»»

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Henry Cavill is Commander Shepard? Instagram post hints at secret Mass Effect project

The black and white photo shows a very grungy Cavill in a makeup room holding a piece of paper, but the words are too blurry to read. Gamepressure discovered that if you run the image through Focus Magic and adjust the settings, the text is just abou.....»»

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USV has been aggressively selling off shares in Coinbase in run up to IPO

Coinbase’s S-1 publicly dropped this morning with much anticipation. My colleague Alex Wilhelm has the high-level details, but there was one major wrinkle for the crypto trading darling: two of its early investors seem to be cutting down their stak.....»»

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Maze raises another $15 million for its user testing platform

Maze has closed a $15 million Series A funding round led by Emergence Capital. The company lets you run user tests at scale so that you can get feedback before rolling out a design update or test copy. When you have a lot of users, you don’t want t.....»»

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D-Wave’s hardware outperforms a classic computer

The company's quantum annealer handles complexity better than a traditional CPU. (credit: D-Wave) Early on in D-Wave's history, the company made bold claims about its quantum annealer outperforming algorithms run on traditional CPUs. Those cla.....»»

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Metal 3D printing startup Mantle launches out of stealth with $13M in funding

Additive manufacturing has been a popular buzz phrase for decades now. With a smattering of notable exceptions, however, 3D printing has largely been focused on rapid prototyping and limited-run, personal products. Metal 3D printing companies like Ma.....»»

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In Iceland, melting glaciers give way to plant life

As the climate warms and glaciers retreat, the landscape around them is transforming. With the recession of ice, areas that were formerly frozen over can now sustain plant life. A new paper published by scientists from Syracuse, New York's Le Moyne C.....»»

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Earth"s existential threats: Inequality, pandemics and climate change demand global leadership

Asked in 2003, the UK's astronomer royal, Martin Rees, gave our present society 50/50 odds of lasting until the end of the century. It's fair to say the odds haven't improved in the years since he made this call. The planet is warming, a pandemic run.....»»

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New model more accurately predicts how massive glaciers melt

New research by a team that included a Johns Hopkins engineer promises to enable more accurate ice-flow predictions, helping scientists better forecast how melting glaciers will contribute to rising sea levels, which have been linked to coastal and w.....»»

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