Future iPhones could listen for chewing and tell you to diet

Apple has been granted a patent for technology that has the iPhone hear chewing, prompt you to photograph your food, and could then criticize your food choices.Apple's newly-granted "Augmented Reality Calorie Counter" patent is split between detectio.....»»

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Kremlin says nyet to iPhone ahead of presidential election

The Russian government has told officials preparing for the country's 2024 presidential election not to use iPhones, because there is worry that spies have hacked the phones.MoscowRussia is gearing up for another presidential election in 2024, but pr.....»»

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Baidu"s ERNIE Bot reportedly turning to Nvidia"s A800 GPUs

Following the official unveiling of ERNIE Bot, Baidu's answer to ChatGPT, Baidu CEO Robin Li mentioned that the company's in-house Kunlun chip is only suitable for large-scale model inference, but in the future it will move towards AI model training......»»

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NASA uses 30-year satellite record to track and project rising seas

Observations from space show that the rate of sea level rise is increasing. Knowing where and how much rise is happening can help coastal planners prepare for future hazards......»»

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Apple"s AI future, Spotify vs. Apple Music, Samsung"s moon controversy

On this week's episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts discuss the possibility that Siri could get some help from GPT-like technology, Spotify's eventual HiFi tier, and talk about Samsung's moon photo controversy.Siri's intelligence could get.....»»

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PLATO: How an educational computer system from the ’60s shaped the future

Forums, instant messaging, and multiplayer video games all started here. Enlarge / PLATO IV Terminal, ca. 1972-74. (credit: University of Illinois Archives) Bright graphics, a touchscreen, a speech synthesizer, messaging.....»»

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Childhood volunteering encourages future voting in elections, study shows

Childhood volunteering encourages those from politically disengaged homes to go on and vote when they are older, a major new study shows......»»

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A method for chemically tailoring layered nanomaterials

A new process that lets scientists chemically cut apart and stitch together nanoscopic layers of two-dimensional materials—like a tailor altering a suit—could be just the tool for designing the technology of a sustainable energy future. Researche.....»»

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PowerPoint will use ChatGPT to create entire slideshows for you

At an event dubbed The Future of Work with AI, Microsoft outlined how its products can help its users and enhance their work, both now and in the future......»»

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We"re building harder, hotter cities: it"s vital we protect and grow urban green spaces—new report

Recent extreme weather events have provided a foretaste of how supercharged storms might threaten our future. So the release today of a new report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) is very good timing......»»

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Folding iPhone could automatically protect itself from drops

Apple is working on technology to allow iPhones or iPads with flexible screens to detect when dropped, and immediately fold up on the way to the ground to minimize damage.Apple has long been researching foldable devices such as an iPhone or iPad, and.....»»

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"Denoising" a noisy ocean: Researchers use machine learning to listen for specific fish sounds

Come mating season, fishes off the California coast sing songs of love in the evenings and before sunrise. They vocalize not so much as lone crooners but in choruses, in some cases loud enough to be heard from land. It's a technique of romance shared.....»»

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Navigating the future of digital identity

1,450 global consumers’ experiences with passwordless authentication, hybrid identities, and ownership over personally identifiable information reveal that they want more convenience when it comes to identity credentials, according to Entrust......»»

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GaN to dominate on-board chargers in the future, says GaN Systems

Gallium nitride (GaN) has been rapidly adopted in mass-market small-voltage chargers and is now making inroads into automotive on-board chargers (OBC), according to Andy Chuang, VP of business development at GaN Systems......»»

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Future NASA moonwalkers to sport sleeker spacesuits

Moonwalking astronauts will have sleeker, more flexible spacesuits that come in different sizes when they step onto the lunar surface later this decade......»»

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Inside the world of trade-in iPhones and huge profits

Trading in an old iPhone always gets users a hefty discount on the price of a new one, but firms don't just do trade-ins for the sake of the planet.True, Apple has its iPhone recycling technology, but that's for when a phone can't be reused or resold.....»»

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Will 2023 be the year that iPhones get more expensive in the US?

After years of rumors of an imminent price increase, a new report claims that Apple will finally do it to iPhone 15 Pro models in 2023.iPhone 15 Pro models could cost moreAccording to Jeff Pu, an analyst at Hong Kong-based investment firm Haitong Int.....»»

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Using AI to see how well past extinctions can predict future biodiversity loss

Evidence from past extinctions cannot be used as a definitive way of predicting future biodiversity loss, scientists have found by using AI......»»

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Even Foxconn says it"s looking to move away from China

Apple supplier Foxconn reports that it is working to reduce its reliance on its parent firm's home country of China, and will diversify future production.A Foxconn facilityFoxconn, which is Apple's major supplier for the iPhone, is based in Taiwan. B.....»»

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What metaverse? Meta says its single largest investment is now in "advancing AI"

Roughly a year-and-a-half after Facebook renamed itself "Meta" and said it would go all-in on building a future version of the internet dubbed the metaverse, the tech giant now says its top investment priority will be advancing artificial intelligenc.....»»

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You can buy your next iPhone from Apple over a video call

Apple customers in the US can now connect with an Apple Specialist over a video call to receive help shopping for iPhone models.Shopping for iPhones over a video callThe company announced the new shopping experience on Tuesday, called Shop with a Spe.....»»

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