Florida pays python hunters to clear the Everglades. Ten years later, is it working?

Monsters slither throughout the crooked mangroves and serrated sawgrass of Florida's Everglades, 20 feet long and up to 200 pounds of sinewy muscle built by devouring everything in their path......»»

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New LG TVs could stop working with over-the-air broadcasts by 2027

The future of NextGen TV hits an unexpected speed bump as LG threatens to walk away from ATSC 3.0 in its 2024 TVs......»»

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US government and 17 states sue Amazon in landmark monopoly case

The US government and 17 states are suing Amazon in a landmark monopoly case reflecting years of allegations that the e-commerce giant abused its economic dominance and harmed fair competition......»»

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New findings on the albino giant panda in the Wolong National Nature Reserve

Four years ago, in a twist of fate, an all-white "bear-like" creature spotted in a nature reserve in China's Sichuan Province was identified by zoologists as the world's only albino giant panda. (The giant panda is classified as a species of bear.).....»»

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After 3 days, I love these 4 things about the iPhone 15

I've only used iPhone Pros for the past few years. But after just a few days with the iPhone 15, I'm thoroughly impressed......»»

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Unity dev group dissolves after 13 years over “completely eroded” company trust

Meanwhile, major game devs say fee structure changes haven't won them back. Enlarge / A partnership of 13 years has ended over a complete lack of trust in the company behind the Unity engine. (credit: Boston Unity Group).....»»

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The many reviews of Australia"s public service miss one vital problem—the language used to communicate ideas

Australia's public service is no stranger to reform. In the past nine years, it has undergone three significant reviews of its policy advising capabilities, all of which broadly agreed that its policy advice tends towards reticence and needs to be st.....»»

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Why separating fact from fiction is critical in teaching US slavery

Of all the debate over teaching U.S. slavery, it is one sentence of Florida's revised academic standards that has provoked particular ire: "Instruction includes how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal.....»»

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20 years later, The Rundown is still The Rock’s best action-hero role

Dwayne The Rock Johnson delivered his most likable star turn in The Rundown, which turns 20 this week......»»

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Coatings made from a wood by-product can keep our glasses and windshields clear

Researchers have developed a way to turn a waste material from wood into a bio-based transparent film that can be used for anti-fogging or anti-reflective coatings on glasses or vehicle windows. In addition to offering an alternative to the toxic syn.....»»

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These reindeer survived, isolated, for 7,000 years, but will they survive climate change?

Despite inbreeding and limited genetic diversity, the Svalbard reindeer has managed to adapt to extreme living conditions in record time—what researchers call a genetic paradox. But can they survive climate change?.....»»

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Sick leave in UK hits 15-year high: Study

Sick leave in the UK has hit its highest rate in 15 years and is well above pre-pandemic levels, a study showed Tuesday......»»

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Making a femtosecond laser out of glass

Is it possible to make a femtosecond laser entirely out of glass? That's the rabbit hole that Yves Bellouard, head of EPFL's Galatea Laboratory, went down after years of spending hours—and hours—aligning femtosecond lasers for lab experiments......»»

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Why Rain Is Getting Fiercer on a Warming Planet

Extreme rain is getting more extreme as temperatures rise. That may seem counterintuitive, but the underlying physics is crystal clear......»»

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Fossils in Morocco reveal the astounding diversity of marine life 66 million years ago, just before the asteroid hit

Sixty-six million years ago, the Cretaceous period ended. Dinosaurs disappeared, along with around 90% of all species on Earth. The patterns and causes of this extinction have been debated since paleontology began. Was it a slow, inevitable decline,.....»»

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The best iPhone 15 cases in 2023: our 10 favorites so far

The Apple iPhone 15 has had a big makeover, and it's the most desirable upgrade in years. Keep your new iPhone 15 safe with the best Apple iPhone 15 cases......»»

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Humans could serve as sentinels for "forever chemicals" harm to wildlife health

A new paper published in Science of The Total Environment by Environmental Working Group scientists proposes an intriguing concept: Humans can serve as a valuable resource for understanding the impact on other animal species of the toxic "forever che.....»»

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IT workers see generative AI as a serious threat to their profession

While many IT workers see the productivity benefits of AI, 56% believe it benefits employers more than employees, according to Ivanti. Additionally, 63% are concerned generative AI tools might take their job in the next five years compared to 44% of.....»»

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Ancient Shangzhai people consumed broomcorn millet, meat and dairy of ruminants during the Middle to Late Neolithic

As the crossroads of prehistoric cultures, the Beijing region is an important area for studying the exchange of prehistoric culture and the spread of millet agriculture, while there is a gap of approximately 2,000 years between millet remains founded.....»»

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New study definitively confirms gulf stream weakening

The Gulf Stream transport of water through the Florida Straits has slowed by 4% over the past four decades, with 99% certainty that this weakening is more than expected from random chance, according to a new study......»»

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Researchers investigate microplastics in D.C."s waterways

A research team from American University has spent the last three years collecting samples from several freshwater streams that feed into Washington, D.C.'s Anacostia River. They have been looking for microplastics......»»

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