Fishing selects small, shy fish for survival

Fishing primarily removes larger and more active fish from populations. It thus acts as a selection factor that favors shy fish, as a recent study by the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) shows. The promotion of rathe.....»»

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Placebo effect may explain reported benefits of psychedelic microdoses

Positive psychological effects associated with taking small doses of psychedelic drugs are likely the result of users' expectations, suggests a new study......»»

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Silicon Valley’s myths and realities of existential risk

Existential risk has been on many of our minds the past year. Sales of survival goods from food kits to nuclear-proof bunkers are way up, we doomscroll on Twitter all day, and it seems like there isn’t a week that goes by where civilizational colla.....»»

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Model describes interactions between light and mechanical vibration in microcavities

Optomechanical microcavities are extremely small structures with diameters of less than 10 micrometers (about a tenth of a human hair) inside which light and mechanical vibrations are confined. Thanks to their small size and to efficient microfabrica.....»»

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"Fish DJ" tackles fish hearing

A 'Fish DJ' at The University of Queensland has used her knowledge of cool beats to understand brain networks and hearing in baby fish......»»

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Fake RTX 3000-series eBay listings claim they"re targeting bots, but is it a scammer"s excuse?

RTX 3000-series cards, the Radeon RX 6000s, Ryzen 5000 CPUs, and new consoles have all suffered availability problems, due in no small part to scalpers grabbing them to make huge profits on auction sites. A report from January showed that scalpers ha.....»»

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Fishers caught in COVID-19 net, sink into poverty

Lockdown restrictions following the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic have severely impacted fishing operations, processing, markets and supply chains, leaving those in low-income groups vulnerable to malnutrition and poverty, say the authors of.....»»

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Big step toward small wires

Researchers from Fudan University in Shanghai, Japan's National Institute for Materials Science and QUT's Centre for Materials Science have published the study, "Stable single atomic silver wires assembling into a circuitry-connectable nanoarray," in.....»»

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Insta360 teases a camera so small you can hardly see it

Insta360 has released a video teasing the imminent launch of its latest camera that will apparently be its smallest device yet......»»

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Popular LA Restaurant Closes After High-Tech "Dine and Dash" Scheme

quonset writes: "The Korean Fusion Cafe 'Spoon by H' had the ingredients to become an L.A. success story but is the epitome of a small business, with owner and chef Yoonjin Hwang working 15-hour days to run the restaurant with her mother and brother,.....»»

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Statin use associated with increased survival in severe COVID-19

People who took statins to lower cholesterol were about 50 percent less likely to die if hospitalized for COVID-19, a retrospective study has found......»»

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"We have to put our foot down": Florida wildlife managers ban invasive reptiles

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Thursday signed off on banning the sale, ownership and breeding of tegus, iguanas and other invasive reptiles that have overrun native wildlife populations......»»

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Plants set a "bedtime" alarm to ensure their survival, new study shows

Plants have a metabolic signal that adjusts their circadian clock in the evening to ensure they store enough energy to survive the night, a new study reveals......»»

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Google’s March Feature Drop for Pixels brings a small slate of niche additions

Google's quarterly Feature Drop for Pixel is usually something to get excited about. For March, a lot of people will be let down by a slate of niche additions......»»

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Nvidia begins rolling out Resizable BAR support for RTX 3000 GPUs

Resizable BAR is a feature of the PCIe standard that enables a system’s CPU to see the entirety of the GPU’s memory subsystem, instead of just a small 256 MB portion. Implementing the feature requires low-level support in the CPU, motherboard, an.....»»

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Insiders say Google lacked the focus and discipline to run a successful game studio

Stadia broke from Google's typical "start small and build" philosophy of product development. Unlike other Google products with long beta cycles, like Gmail, it was marketed and hyped as a full service that was ready to kill off consoles. Stadia head.....»»

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Wrasses dazzle: How fairy wrasses got their flamboyant colours

With their exuberant colors, fiery personalities and captivating courtship displays, the fairy wrasses are one of the most beloved coral reef fish. Despite this, the evolutionary history of its genus was not well understood—until now......»»

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Global warming poses threat to food chains

Rising temperatures could reduce the efficiency of food chains and threaten the survival of larger animals, new research shows......»»

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DISH Selects Intrado to Deliver First Cloud-Native 5G Wireless 911 Call Routing Solution

DISH Selects Intrado to Deliver First Cloud-Native 5G Wireless 911 Call Routing Solution SLANDIA, NY and LITTLETON, Colo., Feb. 25, 2021 — Intrado Corporation (“Intrado”), and DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) (“DISH”) today anno.....»»

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Meet Catfish Charlie, the CIA’s Robotic Spy

The evolution of underwater robots from smart torpedoes to surveillance fish Photo: CIA Museum CIA roboticists designed Catfish Charlie to take water samples undetected. Why they wanted a spy fish for such a purpose r.....»»

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Relativity Space unveils plans for a new, much larger and fully reusable rocket

3D-printed rocket company Relativity Space has just revealed what comes after Terran 1, the small launch vehicle it hopes to begin flying later this year. It’s next rocket will be Terran R, a much larger orbital rocket with around 20x the cargo.....»»

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