First Patent Being Auctioned as an NFT Solves for Needed Blockchain Capabilities and a Lower Carbon Footprint

Auctioned patent, currently listed on the OpenSea platform, provides elegant solution for maintaining blockchain’s foundational benefits while expanding applications and improving Blockchain’s ESG NEW CANAAN, Conn. & FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSI.....»»

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Is it feasible to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

Last week, the media reported that atmospheric carbon dioxide is at its highest levels in more than 4 million years. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the primary drivers of global warming. The dip in greenhouse gases associated with reduced.....»»

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How carbon-intensive industries can scale up carbon recycling

New technologies that capture and recycle carbon dioxide from industrial processes such as steel and cement making will be vital if the EU is to meet its goal of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and down to zero by 2050. Howe.....»»

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We have another highly effective COVID vaccine, based on different tech

While not needed for the US, it should help with the global vaccine push. Enlarge / A participant gets his second dose of the Novavax vaccine during the clinical trial. (credit: Karen Ducey / Getty Images) Today, a company called Novavax annou.....»»

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How COVID-19 exposed the systemic ageism at the heart of Britain

The UK public cares deeply about injustices. In the first few months of 2021, thousands of people took to the streets demanding much-needed social changes, from Black Lives Matter to Kill the Bill protests against the government's proposed new crime.....»»

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Ticket for space flight with Jeff Bezos is auctioned for $28 million

Unnamed passenger will pay more than $9 million per minute of zero gravity. Enlarge / New Shepard crew capsule seen landing in west Texas in April 2021. (credit: Blue Origin) A ticket to take a brief trip to space with Amazon founder Jeff Bezo.....»»

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Spare ticket for spaceflight with Jeff Bezos auctioned for $28 million

What would you pay to take a jolting, 11-minute trip into suborbital space alongside Jeff Bezos? According to bidders in an auction that wrapped up Saturday, it's worth $28 million......»»

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A quarter of global harvests at risk if agriculture does not adapt to climate change

Shifts in weather patterns induced by climate change will increase extreme heat and reduce rainfall across major crop growing regions, with impacts on agricultural production. Will this trigger a decline in the supply of calories needed to sustain th.....»»

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Senate To Probe Whether Legislation Needed To Combat Cyber Attacks

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday said he is initiating a review of recent high-profile cyber attacks on governments and businesses to find out whether a legislative response is needed. From a report: "Today I am asking Chairman G.....»»

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Review: Our favorite trickster god is charismatic as ever in Loki premiere

Pilot episode did everything it needed to do, with soupçon of whimsical swagger. Enlarge / Tom Hiddleston stars in the latest MCU series, Loki, which premiered last night on Disney+. (credit: Marvel Studios) It's hard to write a killer TV pil.....»»

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SARS-CoV-2 protease cuts human proteins; Possible link to COVID-19 symptoms

The SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease (PLpro) plays an essential role in processing viral proteins needed for replication. In addition, the enzyme can cut and inactivate some human proteins important for an immune response. Now, researchers have found.....»»

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Warmer temperatures lessen COVID-19 spread, but control measures still needed, study finds

New research shows transmission of the virus behind COVID-19 varies seasonally, but warmer conditions are not enough to prevent transmission......»»

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Recent advances in the optimization of dispersed platinum catalysts

Highly dispersed platinum catalysts provide new possibilities for industrial processes, such as the flameless combustion of methane, propane, or carbon monoxide, which has fewer emissions and is more resource efficient and consistent than conventiona.....»»

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Balderton launches $680M ‘early growth’ fund to lure startups looking for a different kind of capital

Investors placing capital in earlier and earlier tech deals has been a historical trend for the last few years, but this strategy was generally reserved for the traditional, ‘high-growth’ VC arena. VCs needed to snag earlier ad earlier de.....»»

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InfoSum outs an identity linking tool that’s exciting marketing firms like Experian

InfoSum, a startup which takes a federated approach to third party data enrichment, has launched a new product (called InfoSum Bridge) that it says significantly expands the customer identity linking capabilities of its platform. “InfoSum Bridg.....»»

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"Surge-protector"-like enzyme controls speed, efficiency of photosynthesis

The fact that photosynthesis uses sunlight and atmospheric carbon dioxide to produce sugars has been known for more than a century. But how photosynthesis manages to maintain sugar production through variations in the availability of sunlight and car.....»»

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New methods needed to boost success of Classical Biological Control to fight insect pests

A CABI-led study has revealed that the success of Classical Biological Control (CBC) in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East is only rarely dependent on the released biological control agent, but more often on other factors, such as the target pe.....»»

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Seagate and Western Digital increase HDD production as Chia sends sales skyrocketing

The Chia blockchain uses a "proof of space and time" model instead of "proof of work" (Bitcoin) or "proof of stake" (Etherium 2.0), meaning people can farm the crypto by allocating their unused disk space. It's already led to a 500% increase in Adata.....»»

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Coronavirus response barely slows rising carbon dioxide

Atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at NOAA's Mauna Loa Atmospheric Baseline Observatory peaked for 2021 in May at a monthly average of 419 parts per million (ppm), the highest level since accurate measurements began 63 years ago, scientists from NOA.....»»

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Carbon-based nanomaterials show promising results against SARS-CoV-2 and 12 other viruses

Professor Ángel Serrano, principal investigator at the Biomaterials and Bioengineering Laboratory of the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV), recently published an article in journal ACS Nano, from the American Chemical Society, which shows that c.....»»

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Nvidia hotfix driver solves BSOD issue with multiple GeForce models

GeForce hotfix driver version 466.74 solves a DCP Watchdog violation error that may occur in systems with GeForce GTX 600 / 700 / GTX 16 and RTX 20 series GPUs......»»

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