First large-scale census of coral heat tolerance published

In a first-of-its-kind study, Florida's  critically endangered staghorn corals were surveyed to discover which ones can better withstand future heatwaves in the ocean. Insights from the study, led by scientists at Shedd Aquarium and the University o.....»»

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Heat, no food, deadly weather: Climate change kills seabirds

The warming of the planet is taking a deadly toll on seabirds that are suffering population declines from starvation, inability to reproduce, heat waves and extreme weather......»»

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Risso"s dolphins found to use spin move to dive deep for prey

A team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in the Netherlands and one in the U.S. has found that Risso's dolphins use a special type of spin move to conserve energy and oxygen when they dive deep for prey. In their paper published in.....»»

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Tel Aviv ranked world"s priciest city for first time

Tel Aviv is the world's most expensive city to live in as soaring inflation has pushed up living costs globally, according to a survey published on Wednesday......»»

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New computational approach predicts chemical reactions at high temperatures

Extracting metals from oxides at high temperatures is essential not only for producing metals such as steel but also for recycling. Because current extraction processes are very carbon-intensive, emitting large quantities of greenhouse gases, researc.....»»

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Researchers develop nanometer-scale adaptive transistor

Normally, computer chips consist of electronic components that always do the same thing. In the future, however, more flexibility will be possible: New types of adaptive transistors can be switched in a flash, so that they can perform different logic.....»»

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What influences the rise of influencers?

A model to describe the formation of online communities and rise of influencers on social media platforms, based on the quality of user generated content, is reported in a study published in Nature Communications. The findings could improve our under.....»»

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Researchers generate, for the first time, a vortex beam of atoms and molecules

Vortices may conjure a mental image of whirlpools and tornadoes—spinning bodies of water and air—but they can also exist on much smaller scales. In a new study published in Science, researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science, together wit.....»»

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Asteroid material deposited during large impacts record the moon"s ancient magnetic field

The moon has no core dynamo magnetic field, but spacecraft detect numerous strong localized magnetic fields in the crust of the moon. Many of these magnetic anomalies are antipodal to large impact basins......»»

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Razer"s Qualcomm-powered Handheld Console Leaks

Qualcomm appears to be collaborating with Razer on a new gaming handheld developer kit built around its upcoming Snapdragon G3X processor. From a report: Leaked slides published by VideoCardz call the device a "Snapdragon G3X Handheld Developer Kit,".....»»

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Male animals are subject to stronger evolutionary pressures than females

Male animals are subject to stronger selection pressures than females, which may allow populations to adapt to environmental change more efficiently, according to a report published in the open-access journal eLife......»»

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Statistical methods used to estimate when canine teeth shrunk in modern humans

A team of researchers led by Gen Suwa of the University of Tokyo has used statistical methods to calculate when canine teeth in modern male humans began to shrink down to their current size. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Aca.....»»

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Using a pore structure inspired by biological fractals to collect uranium from seawater

Inspired by biological fractals, a team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in China has developed a new pore structure for a membrane used to separate uranium from seawater. In their paper published in the journal Nature Sustainabil.....»»

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Heat dissipation vendors cautiously optimistic about 2022 as Samsung reintroduces vapor chambers to new phones

Samsung Electronics reportedly is looking to once again use vapor chambers (VCs) in its new mobile phone models slated for launch in 2022. While it may not all be smooth sailing, heat dissipation companies are cautiously optimistic about the heat dis.....»»

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Dark web marketplace bites the dust after colossal DDoS attack

A large-scale cannabis marketplace on the dark web has been taken offline for good by a DDoS attack......»»

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Game is live with a PS5 restock right now - consoles and bundles available

Game is live with another PS5 restock this morning featuring another large batch of consoles and bundles......»»

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Embrace Security with TLS 1.3

Robert S. Mueller III, former US FBI Director, once said “There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be”. A recent article published by Cyber Crime Magazine predicts that Cybercrime would cost the globa.....»»

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Panel makers to see mixed results in 2022, says AUO chairman

Panel makers with larger proportions of output for consumer-use or standard-specification applications in large-volume shipments will be more affected by fluctuations in operating environment in 2022, according to Paul Peng, chairman and CEO of AU Op.....»»

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Big Tech Firms Should Pay ISPs To Upgrade Networks, Telcos In Europe Claim

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The CEOs of 13 large European telecom companies today called on tech giants -- presumably including Netflix and other big US companies -- to pay for a portion of the Internet service providers' n.....»»

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Healthier UK diets linked to lower greenhouse gas emissions

A new analysis adds to evidence that nutritious diets are often more environmentally sustainable, while also demonstrating the feasibility of evaluating diet sustainability at the scale of specific foods -- rather than broader food-group categories......»»

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Researchers propose a simpler design for quantum computers

Today's quantum computers are complicated to build, difficult to scale up, and require temperatures colder than interstellar space to operate. These challenges have led researchers to explore the possibility of building quantum computers that work us.....»»

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