Firefox"s Total Cookie Protection Aims To Stop Tracking Between Multiple Sites

As part of its war on web tracking, Mozilla is adding a new tool to Firefox aimed at stopping cookies from keeping tabs on you across multiple sites. From a report: The "Total Cookie Protection" feature is included in the web browser's latest release.....»»

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Mozilla Urges "Remain Calm: the Fox is Still in the Firefox Logo"

Last week Firefox's official blog responded to some viral misinformation about the Firefox logo. "People were up in arms because they thought we had scrubbed fox imagery from our browser. Rest easy knowing nothing could be further from the truth...".....»»

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Tens of thousands of US organizations hit in ongoing Microsoft Exchange hack

Multiple hacking groups are exploiting vulnerabilities to backdoor unpatched servers. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Tens of thousands of US-based organizations are running Microsoft Exchange servers that have been backdoored by threat actors.....»»

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CrowdStrike Completes Acquisition of Humio

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRWD), a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and cloud workload protection, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Humio, a leading provider of high-perform.....»»

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Twitter is testing an ‘undo send’ feature for paid users

Twitter is testing out an undo send function which would allow users to put a stop to their tweets before they are sent......»»

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China"s "Sharp Eyes" Program Aims To Surveil 100% of Public Space

schwit1 shares a report: One of China's largest and most pervasive surveillance networks got its start in a small county about seven hours north of Shanghai. In 2013, the local government in Pingyi County began installing tens of thousands of securit.....»»

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Why popular YouTubers are building their own sites

Some big YouTube names are building their own video sites on the side - just in case......»»

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Proposed law could force ISPs to stop hiding true size of monthly bills

"ISPs are notorious for keeping customers in the dark," bill supporter says. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | McCaig) Internet service providers could be required to release "broadband nutrition labels" with detailed information about prices, s.....»»

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Tracking proteins in the heart of cells

The cell must provide its various organelles with all the energy elements they need, which are formed in the Golgi apparatus. But how do the proteins that carry these cargoes - the kinesins - find their way within the cell's ''road network'' to deliv.....»»

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When Facebook, Twitter flag posts as "unverified," readers listen

Readers pay attention when social media sites label an article as "unverified" or "suspicious," a new study suggests......»»

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Tracking proteins in the heart of cells

Cells must provide their internal organelles with all the energy elements they need, which are formed in the Golgi apparatus, the center of maturation and redistribution of lipids and proteins. But how do the proteins that carry these cargoes—the k.....»»

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Make:cast – Find Your Next Adventure

David Lang, author of Zero to Maker, and co-founder of OpenROV, recently decided to stop doing what he had been doing for years and begin looking for something new, looking for his next adventure. During a pandemic, it seems hard to think about your.....»»

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US roads got more dangerous in 2020 even though we stayed at home

Preliminary data puts the death toll at 42,060, with 4.8 million people injured. Enlarge / Close-up of a red stop sign after a traffic accident. The sign is heavily scratched and dented. Many vehicle accidents are attributed to drunk driving in.....»»

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Qualcomm wants to improve wireless audio quality with Snapdragon Sound certification

Qualcomm's latest effort aims to tackle one of the biggest consumer complaints in wireless audio. Throughout the years, the company has pushed for the adoption of its proprietary aptX codec and its derivatives, which are designed to reduce latency an.....»»

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Fintech startup ClearGlass Analytics closes $3.6M for pension funds transparency platform

Fintech startup ClearGlass Analytics has closed a £2.6 million ($3.6M) funding round for its platform, which aims to create greater transparency on fees in the long-term savings market, such as pensions and the wider asset management market. The £2.....»»

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Flourish, a startup that aims to help banks engage and retain customers, raises $1.5M

It’s not uncommon these days to hear of U.S.-based investors backing Latin American startups. But it’s not every day that we hear of Latin American VCs investing in U.S.-based startups. Berkeley-based fintech Flourish has raised $1.5 million in a.....»»

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Study aims to help governments maximize profits from oil and gas auctions

Federal and state governments auction leases to oil and gas companies to extract natural resources from public land. A revamp of the auction system—utilizing a new model developed by a Rice University economist—could lead to more competitive bids.....»»

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Breaking the patrisharky: Scientists reexamine gender biases in shark, ray mating research

Shark scientists at Georgia Aquarium, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, and Dalhousie University are challenging the status quo in shark and ray mating research in a new study that looks at biological drivers of multiple paternity.....»»

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Misinformation, polarization impeding environmental protection efforts

A group of researchers, spanning six universities and three continents, are sounding the alarm on a topic not often discussed in the context of conservation—misinformation......»»

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WOX9: A jack of all trades

Over evolutionary time scales, a single gene may acquire different roles in diverging species. However, revealing the multiple hidden roles of a gene was not possible before genome editing came along. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Professor an.....»»

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Research shows dating stereotypes still exist in the virtual world

More people than ever are using online dating sites, with virtual dates becoming the new normal for single people during lockdown. Now a new study shows that while the way we date may have changed, some traditional gender stereotypes still remain......»»

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