Firefighters race to protect giant sequoias in California fires

Hundreds of firefighters were battling to protect several groves of giant sequoias in the United States on Monday, warning the enormous ancient trees were at risk from out-of-control blazes......»»

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China Conducted Two Hypersonic Weapons Tests this Summer

The Chinese military conducted two hypersonic weapons tests over the summer, raising US concerns that Beijing is gaining ground in the race to develop a new generation of arms. Financial Times: On July 27 the Chinese military launched a rocket that u.....»»

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Memes About COVID-19 Helped Us Cope With Life in a Pandemic, a New Study Finds

Does a meme a day keep the doctor away? Not quite, but it looks like it might help, according to one recent study. From a report: Researchers with Pennsylvania State University and the University of California Santa Barbara found that memes helped pe.....»»

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Huawei, SMIC Suppliers Received Billions Worth of Licenses For US Goods

Suppliers to Chinese telecoms giant Huawei and China's top chipmaker SMIC got billions of dollars worth of licenses from November through April to sell them goods and technology despite their being on a U.S. trade blacklist, documents released by Con.....»»

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A national network examining Earth"s planetary limits

University of California San Diego Physics Professor Tom Murphy is among five authors of an essay, appearing in the November 2021 issue of the journal Energy Research & Social Science, that cautions current levels of worldwide economic growth, energy.....»»

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Security changes needed to protect corporate networks from non-business IoT devices

Cyber adversaries know that one small IoT sensor can provide entry into a corporate network to launch ransomware attacks and more. According to a survey of IT decision-makers by Palo Alto Networks, 78% of respondents (among those whose organization h.....»»

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Apple tops Interbrand"s best brands list for ninth consecutive year

For the ninth year in a row, global brand consultancy firm Interbrand placed Apple at the top of its annual list of the world's most valuable brands, assigning the tech giant a "brand value" of $408.6 billion.The $408.6 billion figure represents a 26.....»»

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New Apple Bagdat Caddesi opening in Istanbul on Friday

Apple's third store in Turkey is Apple Bagdat Caddesi, which will open in Istanbul on October 22 with a special Today at Apple program, plus Apple AR exhibition.Apple Bagdat Caddesi, InstabulPreviously spotted sporting a giant, colorful mural during.....»»

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Compared: Apple Watch Series 7 versus Apple Watch Series 6 versus Apple Watch SE

Apple has unveiled the Apple Watch Series 7, but are its new features enough to tempt current Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 6 owners? Here's what you should know.Credit: AppleAt its Sept. 14 "California Streaming" event, Apple took the wraps o.....»»

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Apple"s iPod was one of the biggest risks the company ever took

Tony Fadell says that the iconic iPod was a giant risk for Apple to take, but Steve Jobs had promised that Apple would "go the distance" on the product's lineup and future.Credit: AppleAhead of the 20th anniversary of the iPod's unveiling by Jobs on.....»»

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How SpaceX ignited a new Raptor engine on Starship without an explosion

So why don't all rocket engines have giant nozzles? Enlarge / SpaceX ignites a vacuum-optimized Raptor engine attached to Starship on Thursday, October 21. (credit: SpaceX) SpaceX took another step on Thursday evening toward v.....»»

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Fire-starting drones are actually helping some firefighters

A drone designed to start fires on purpose may sound like an alarming idea, but such a machine is actually providing assistance to firefighters in Australia......»»

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Owl unseen for 150 years has been photographed in the wild for the first time

British scientists working in Ghana have rediscovered a "holy grail" giant owl that has lurked almost unseen in African rainforests for 150 years......»»

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US must act to protect climate migrants, government report says

National security officials warn that worsening heat waves, droughts and other climate-fueled hazards are likely to drive a surge in global migration in the coming decades, increasing political instability among the United States' allies and strength.....»»

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California proposes new oil drilling ban near neighborhoods

California's oil and gas regulator on Thursday proposed that the state ban new oil drilling within 3,200 feet of schools, homes and hospitals to protect public health in what would be the nation's largest buffer zone between oil wells and communities.....»»

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Physicists describe photons" characteristics to protect future quantum computing

Consumers need to be confident that transactions they make online are safe and secure. A main method to protect customer transactions and other information is through encryption, where vital information is encoded with a key using complex mathematica.....»»

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Sam Altman"s Worldcoin Wants To Scan Eyeballs in Exchange for Crypto

As investors race to capitalize on surging interest in cryptocurrencies, startups are getting creative in how they onboard a generation of crypto users to their first wallets. From a report: Worldcoin is perhaps one of the most audacious efforts to b.....»»

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States Are Toughening Up on Genetic Privacy

California’s SB 41 is the latest to tighten regulations on the sensitive data collected by companies like 23andMe or Ancestry......»»

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Astronomers provide "field guide" to exoplanets known as hot Jupiters

Hot Jupiters—giant gas planets that race around their host stars in extremely tight orbits—have become a little bit less mysterious thanks to a new study combining theoretical modeling with observations by the Hubble Space Telescope......»»

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The best Pixel 6 Pro screen protectors

The Pixel 6 Pro is the most premium smartphone Google has ever made, featuring a stunning display. Protect it with one of the best Pixel 6 screen protectors......»»

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Banning anonymous social media accounts is not the answer to online abuse

In the wake of the tragic death of the member of parliament for Southend West, David Amess, fellow MPs have been talking about how to best protect both politicians and the public from abuse and harm. This has included a strong focus on enacting laws.....»»

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