Europe"s Ariane 6 rocket successfully launches for first time

Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket successfully blasted off for the first time on Tuesday, releasing satellites into orbit and restoring the continent's independent access to space......»»

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Melting ice no guarantee of smooth sailing in fabled Arctic crossing: Study

Melting sea ice in the fast-warming Arctic Ocean is not making it easier for sailors to navigate a legendary shortcut between Europe and Asia despite popular belief, scientists said Thursday......»»

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Apple wants you to believe it"s serious about gaming, for real this time

Apple has an absolutely dominant position in mobile gaming because of the ubiquity of the iPhone but a minuscule desktop market share. Apple has big plans for 2024, and we got a look at some of what's coming.New games coming in 2024 on Mac and other.....»»

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10 classic Old Hollywood movies for beginners

The Golden Age of Hollywood produced some of the most influential and important movies of all time. These 10 should be essential viewing for beginners......»»

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SpaceX rocket accident leaves company"s Starlink satellites in wrong orbit

A SpaceX rocket has failed for the first time in nearly a decade, leaving the company's internet satellites in an orbit so low that they're doomed to fall through the atmosphere and burn up......»»

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iPhone 16 is coming, and these five features will be worth the wait

The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro are coming in two months, which means it’s not the best time to buy a new iPhone 15. Unless you’re in absolute need of a new iPhone right now, it’s wise wait until September for either the iPhone 16 or for other.....»»

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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket experiences rare failure

SpaceX's highly reliable Falcon 9 rocket has experienced a rare failure that means the latest batch of the company's Starlink satellites won't make it into orbit, the company said Friday, as regulators opened an investigation......»»

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Heads up: the Analogue Pocket will be Available with an Aluminum Design

It's a lot more expensive as well. The post Heads up: the Analogue Pocket will be Available with an Aluminum Design appeared first on Phandroid. While it’s been on the market for quite some time now, the Analogue Pocket has provided.....»»

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$500 aluminum version of the Analogue Pocket looks like the Game Boy’s final form

Other Pocket iterations have stuck to colorful (and cheaper) plastic. Enlarge / Analogue is launching another limited edition version of its Pocket console, this time with an anodized aluminum body and buttons. (credit: Analogue.....»»

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This is the longest a Nintendo console has gone without a successor

It's officially been the longest amount of time a Nintendo home console has gone without a successor......»»

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Thinking aloud: What happens when children read for pleasure in classroom clubs

Every five years, the international Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) provides an assessment of how well grade 4 learners around the world read for meaning. And every time South Africa participates, the results are shocking. In.....»»

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New geological dating techniques place first European hominids in Iberian Peninsula 1.3 million years ago

One of the most important controversies about human evolution and expansion is when and by what route the first hominids arrived in Europe from the African continent. Now, geological dating techniques at the Orce sites (Baza basin, Granada) place the.....»»

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Deals: Apple’s current iPad 10 down at $319, Apple Pencil from $69, 13-inch M2 iPad Air $729, AirPods Pro 2, more

Today’s Apple deals are now up for grabs down below. We have a solid offer on the iPad 10th Gen for folks looking to score a casual current-generation Apple tablet without breaking the bank. That deal joins new all-time low pricing on the most affo.....»»

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Jaguar Land Rover will ax five "zero profit" models this year

Jaguar's lineup will be reduced to just one model ahead of the launches of new-generation EVs......»»

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How to make an old antibiotic 100 times more potent

Nathaniel Martin, Professor of biological chemistry, wondered what would happen if you took an antibiotic that has been known for 70 years and tried to improve it with the latest tools of modern chemistry. Turns out it can become up to a hundred time.....»»

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MacPaw introduces on-device phishing detection to boost macOS security

MacPaw's latest research introduces an on-device, real-time phishing detection system to improve Mac users' cybersecurity.MacPaw introduces on-device phishing detection to boost macOS securityIvan Petrukha, Senior Research Engineer at MacPaw, will pr.....»»

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Exim vulnerability affecting 1.5M servers lets attackers attach malicious files

Based on past attacks, it wouldn’t be surprising to see active targeting this time, too. Enlarge More than 1.5 million email servers are vulnerable to attacks that can deliver executable attachments to user accounts,.....»»

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Apple Vision Pro launches in UK, Australia, and more

The overseas rollout of Apple Vision Pro has continued with it now being available in Apple Stores in five more countries.An early buyer of the Apple Vision Pro in London. (Source: BBC's Zoe Kleinman on Twitter)Two weeks after it had its first releas.....»»

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SpaceX’s unmatched streak of perfection with the Falcon 9 rocket is over

An investigation into the engine failure could delay SpaceX's upcoming crew launches. Enlarge / Numerous pieces of ice fell off the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket during its climb into orbit from Vandenberg Space Force Base,.....»»

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Rocket Report: Chinese firm suffers another failure; Ariane 6 soars in debut

"This powers Europe back into space.” Enlarge / The Ariane 6 rocket takes flight for the first time on July 9, 2024. (credit: ESA - S. Corvaja) Welcome to Edition 7.02 of the Rocket Report! The highlight of this week w.....»»

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Scientists pay tribute to tennis players with new insect species named after them

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will go down in history as two of the greatest tennis players of our time, but their names have also been immortalized in science, as two new insect species were just named in honor of the athletes......»»

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