EU Law Requires Companies To Fix Electronic Goods For Up To 10 Years

Companies that sell refrigerators, washers, hairdryers, or TVs in the European Union will need to ensure those appliances can be repaired for up to 10 years, to help reduce the vast mountain of electrical waste that piles up each year on the continen.....»»

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Dogecoin Price Surpasses 10 Cents To Reach An All-Time High

Dogecoin, the virtual currency that originally started as an internet meme more than seven years ago, has surged more than 85% in the last 24 hours and is trading at $0.13. Its market cap is now over $17 billion. CNN reports: The currency has soared.....»»

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Creator monetization and CRM startup Pico raises $6.5M

Pico, a New York startup that helps online creators and media companies make money and manage their customer data, announced today that it has launched an upgraded platform and raised $6.5 million in new funding. In a statement, the startup’s c.....»»

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Comparing the actual US grid to the one predicted 15 years ago

Demand and carbon emissions are way down, renewables far more common than expected. Enlarge (credit: VCG / Getty Images) On Monday, the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley Lab released a report entitled "Halfway to Zero," referring to.....»»

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How to pivot your startup, save cash and maintain trust with investors and customers

"We would go all in on a product and we'd build it and put blood, sweat and tears into it, and then I would kill it, and we'd move on to the next thing." A few years ago, founder Sean Lane thought he’d achieved product-market fit. Spe.....»»

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Grocery startup Mercato spilled years of data, but didn’t tell its customers

A security lapse at online grocery delivery startup Mercato exposed tens of thousands of customer orders, TechCrunch has learned. A person with knowledge of the incident told TechCrunch that the incident happened in January after one of the company&#.....»»

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Retracing his steps: Professor guides researchers as they replicate his fieldwork 50 years later

Half a century had passed, but UC Santa Barbara Professor Armand Kuris was sure he'd been here before. In fact, he was completely certain. After all, he had detailed notes of the location, written carefully in India ink when he was still a graduate s.....»»

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Little swirling mysteries: New research uncovers dynamics of ultrasmall, ultrafast groups of atoms

Our high-speed, high-bandwidth world constantly requires new ways to process and store information. Semiconductors and magnetic materials have made up the bulk of data storage devices for decades. In recent years, however, researchers and engineers h.....»»

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Buckle in: Intel CEO says the chip shortage won’t recover until beyond 2022

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said it will take a couple of years for the semiconductor industry to build back, even with billions in investments......»»

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Kroger launches its first Ocado-powered ‘shed’, a massive, robot-filled fulfillment center in Ohio

After inking a deal to work together almost three years ago, U.S. supermarket chain Kroger and U.K. online grocer Ocado today took the wraps off the first major product of that deal. Kroger has launched a new Ocado-powered customer fulfillment center.....»»

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MIT startup Pickle raises $5.75M for its package-picking robot

There’s no doubt this past year has been a major watershed moment for the robotics industry. Warehouse and logistics have been a particular target for an automation push, as companies have worked to keep the lights on amidst stay at home orders and.....»»

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GM to announce second U.S. battery plant, in Tenn., with LG Chem, report says

The plant will use a different, more cost-effective battery chemistry than the one the companies will offer from the joint-venture plant they are building in Ohio, Reuters reported......»»

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When Corporate Values, Customer Values and Politics Meet, What Happens to the Customer Experience?

As companies think about the causes and values they support, they must also consider how a social responsibility decision factors into the customer experience. Continue reading........»»

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Dear Sophie: How can I get an H-1B without the lottery?

For the past few years, our company has put very promising candidates into the annual H-1B lottery. None of them have been selected. Are there any other ways we can obtain H-1Bs for our team members? Sophie Alcorn Contri.....»»

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Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society

The rules are proposals and could take several years to become law......»»

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Biden Rushes To Protect the Power Grid as Hacking Threats Grow

A White House plan to rapidly shore up the security of the U.S. power grid will begin with a 100-day sprint, but take years more to transform utilities' ability to fight off hackers, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing a draft version of the plan co.....»»

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Apple reportedly set to partner with LG and Magna on Apple Car

According to a Korean Times source, Apple wants to sign up with the two companies' joint venture, tentatively named "LG Magna e-Powertrain," which was announced in December. If Apple does ink the deal, it would see the firms produce the initial batch.....»»

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Climate Risks Bill Could Spark Shift to Truly Green Economy

The legislation could incentivize greener investments by requiring companies to report the risks that climate poses to their business -- Read more on»»

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Will Future Electric Vehicles Be Powered by Deep-Sea Metals?

Mining companies and marine scientists want to know whether harvesting blobs of useful materials from the seafloor harms ocean life......»»

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Birds take tRNA efficiency to new heights

Birds have been shaped by evolution in many ways that have made them distinct from their vertebrate cousins. Over millions of years of evolution, our feathered friends have taken to the skies, accompanied by unique changes to their skeleton, musculat.....»»

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Ocean temperature reconstructed over the last 700,000 years

Researchers from the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern reconstructed for the first mean ocean temperatures over the last 700,000 years using ice core data. The new knowledge serves to improve our understanding of t.....»»

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