EPA completes rule to phase out gases used as refrigerants

In what officials call a key step to combat climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency is sharply limiting domestic production and use of hydrofluorocarbons, highly potent greenhouse gases commonly used in refrigerators and air conditioners......»»

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Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit a New High In 2020, Even With Pandemic Lockdowns

Despite a world economy that slowed significantly because of COVID-19, the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a new record last year, putting the goal of slowing the rise of global temperatures "way off track," according to th.....»»

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Firefly completes design of Moon mission, aiming for 2023 launch

"We’ve picked good partners, and we’ve watched them carefully." Enlarge / An artist's rendering of Firefly's Blue Ghost spacecraft landing on the Moon. (credit: Firefly Aerospace) Although Firefly Aerospace is only a few w.....»»

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Intel"s competition to win Xe Arc GPUs contains a hint about their prices

Phase one of Intel’s competition was a little lackluster, but phase two promises to up the ante. A prize pool of $430,000 will be shared among 3,300 winners and entry is free......»»

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Oil-reliant Saudi Arabia faces questions over "net zero" pledge

Saudi Arabia's pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2060 must go hand-in-hand with a plan to phase out fossil fuels, experts said on Sunday......»»

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Archaeologists in Iraq find ancient wine press, carvings

Archaeologists in Iraq revealed Sunday their discovery of a large-scale wine factory from the rule of the Assyrian kings 2,700 years ago, along with stunning monumental rock-carved royal reliefs......»»

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NASA completes mega-moon rocket stacking

NASA has completed stacking of the agency's mega-Moon rocket and spacecraft that will launch the next generation of deep space operations, including Artemis missions on and around the Moon. Engineers and technicians successfully secured the Orion spa.....»»

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Sony unveils the A7 IV full-frame mirrorless camera with 33-megapixel sensor and 4K 60p video

The BIONZ XR processing engine, meanwhile, is borrowed from Sony’s flagship Alpha 1, to deliver high-speed autofocus and continuous shooting up to 10 frames per second with AF/AE tracking. The 759 phase-detection autofocus points cover approximatel.....»»

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On the hunt for hypernuclei

With the WASA detector, a very special instrument is currently being set up at GSI/FAIR. Together with the fragment separator FRS, it will be used to produce and study so-called hypernuclei during the upcoming experiment period of FAIR Phase 0 in 202.....»»

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We must act now to ensure buildings are both net zero carbon and adaptable to a changing climate

To ensure that the built environment is equipped to withstand climate change, integrated frameworks are needed at the design phase to enable net zero adaptation, say researchers......»»

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Tech companies dominate the best global brands list - Apple leads the pack

Interbrand has announced the brands that have fared best in its 2021 Best Global Brands ranking. Technology companies rule the roost in the list with Apple, Amazon and Microsoft being the top-3 companies......»»

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The FDA Wants You To Be Able To Buy a Hearing Aid Without a Prescription

People with mild or moderate hearing loss could soon be able to buy hearing aids without a medical exam or special fitting, under a new rule being proposed by the Food and Drug Administration. The agency says 37.5 million American adults have difficu.....»»

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Simulation illustrates how COVID-19 social distancing creates pedestrian "traffic jams"

Along with the use of face masks, social distancing in public remains one of the most practiced front-line defenses against the spread of COVID-19. However, flows of pedestrians, including those practicing the 6-foot rule for distancing, are dynamic.....»»

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Concrete: the world"s 3rd largest CO2 emitter

If concrete were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases on Earth, behind only China and the United States......»»

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Climate: Removing CO2 from the air no longer optional

The burning question going into the Glasgow climate summit is whether major economies can, by 2050, reduce emissions enough to deliver a carbon neutral world in which humanity no longer adds planet-warming gases to the atmosphere......»»

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Valve Bans Blockchain Games and NFTs On Steam

Games that use blockchain technology or let users exchange NFTs or cryptocurrencies won't be allowed on Steam, according to a rule added to Valve's "What you shouldn't publish on Steam" list. The Verge reports: The change was pointed out by SpacePira.....»»

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Only one in four Western Roman emperors died of natural causes

The Roman Empire was ruled by 175 men, from Augustus (63 BCE-19 CE) to Constantine XI (1405-53), including the Eastern or Byzantine Empire after the split in 395 CE, but excluding those who did not rule in their own right because they were minors dur.....»»

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Rule-following molecules provide the first direct confirmation of a half-century-old theory

In 1965, scientists Robert Burns Woodward and Roald Hoffmann devised a set of rules to predict the outcome of electrocyclic reactions, an important class of reactions in organic chemistry. The Woodward-Hoffmann rules explain why certain compounds fai.....»»

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Ancient poop shows people in present-day Austria drank beer and ate blue cheese up to 2,700 years ago

Human feces don't usually stick around for long—and certainly not for thousands of years. But exceptions to this general rule are found in a few places in the world, including prehistoric salt mines of the Austrian UNESCO World Heritage area Hallst.....»»

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Monsoon rainfall"s response to volcanic eruptions relies on pre-eruption ENSO states

Volcanic eruptions inject sulfur gases high into the atmosphere, forming sulfate aerosol and blocking the incoming sunlight like a parasol. This causes decreased global monsoon rainfall, but the regional monsoon responses are different, which are dom.....»»

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Power Logic completes validation for 5G server cooling solutions

Cooling fan maker Power Logic has completed product validation for its 5G server cooling solutions, which will soon be ready for volume production, according to the company......»»

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