Engineers discover method to create upward water fountain in deep water

A pair of University of Houston engineers has discovered that they can create upward fountains in water by shining laser beams on the water's surface. Jiming Bao, professor of electrical and computer engineering at UH, and his postdoctoral student F.....»»

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Please let the iPad multitasking report be true…

A report yesterday noted clues to a new ‘iPad multitasking mode’ in iOS 16, which appears to reference the ability to create arbitrarily sized windows rather than the limited, fixed options currently available. We’ve been calling for a more po.....»»

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Snapchat introduces new ‘Shared Stories’ so users can create collaborative memories

Snapchat this week introduced a new feature called “Shared Stories.” The feature is an evolution of “Custom Stories,” which already let users create a story and then invite friends to collaborate on following posts. However, with Shared Stor.....»»

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Review: HidrateSpark Steel water bottle with Apple Health integration

Last month, Hidrate launched the HidrateSpark PRO STEEL with 32 oz (around 900 ml). This water bottle features a premium look and Apple Health integration and I must admit, I got a bit too excited about a water bottle that reminds me to drink water......»»

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Tiny Robotic Crab Is Smallest-Ever Remote-Controlled Walking Robot

Northwestern University engineers have developed the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot -- and it comes in the form of a tiny, adorable peekytoe crab. From the report: Just a half-millimeter wide, the tiny crabs can bend, twist, crawl, wal.....»»

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US review traces massive New Mexico fire to planned burns

Two fires that merged to create the largest wildfire in New Mexico history have both been traced to planned burns set by U.S. forest managers as preventative measures, federal investigators announced Friday......»»

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17 years post-Katrina, New Orleans-area protections complete

Seventeen years after Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, the Army Corps of Engineers has completed an extensive system of floodgates, strengthened levees and other protections......»»

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Afraid your pipes will burst? Here are the top water leak detectors

Worried about leaks or flooding on your property? These water leak detectors will sense leaks and send you alerts or sirens to warn you about possible damage......»»

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Hulu With Live TV: Plans, price, channels, bundles and more

Hulu With Live TV is the most popular method to stream live linear television in the United States. Here's everything you need to know......»»

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Fjords may emit as much methane as all the deep oceans globally

During heavy storms, the normally stratified layers of water in ocean fjords get mixed, which leads to oxygenation of the fjord floor. But these storm events also result in a spike in methane emissions from fjords to the atmosphere......»»

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New method allows easy, versatile synthesis of lactone molecules

Chemists at Scripps Research have unveiled a method for turning cheap and widely available chemicals known as dicarboxylic acids into potentially very valuable molecules called lactones......»»

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Hunters SOC Platform enhancements enable users to prioritize incidents based on their urgency

Hunters announced new capabilities in the Hunters SOC Platform to enhance and accelerate security operations workflows for data ingestion and normalization, threat detection, investigation and response. The advances free up data engineers, security e.....»»

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NASA ready for key launchpad test of its mega moon rocket

NASA engineers have finished work to get its next-generation SLS moon rocket and Orion spacecraft ready for a key launchpad test......»»

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New Zealand"s Humble Bee Bio Is Using Bees To Create Bioplastics

Humble Bee Bio is on a mission to create a biodegradable alternative to plastics by synthesizing the biology of bees. TechCrunch reports: While the New Zealand-based company is still at an early stage -- it's about halfway through its proof of concep.....»»

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Developing wet circuits for biology research

You don't have to be an engineer to know that water and electronics don't mix. But if you want to use a sensing circuit to study small-scale features in a community of cells, the electronics must find a way to accommodate the cell's aqueous environme.....»»

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Models predict that planned phosphorus reductions will make Lake Erie more toxic

Reducing levels of the nutrient phosphorus to control harmful algal blooms in places like Lake Erie is actually advantageous to toxic cyanobacteria strains, which can lead to an increase in toxins in the water, according to a new modeling study......»»

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Hotels Using NFTs To Create a StubHub for Lodging Reservations

Some resort owners think they have found a way to avoid getting stuck with excess inventory when guests cancel at the last minute. It involves converting room nights for sale into nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, that can be bought or sold by hotel guest.....»»

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How to join a clan in V Rising

V Rising works differently than you might be used to when partying up in other titles. Here's everything you need to know about how to create and join clans......»»

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Dell Memorial Day Sale 2022: Save on laptops, gaming PCs, and more

The Dell Memorial Day sale has begun and that means plenty of deep discounts on laptops, gaming PCs, and more. Here's what's on offer......»»

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Mac mini clone offered to developers as Microsoft embraces ARM chips

Microsoft has revealed what looks very much like an M1 Mac mini clone during its developer conference, Build 22. The device is known as Project Volterra. The resemblance is more than skin-deep: the machine is ARM-based, and effectively plays the sam.....»»

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Cheap Gel Film Pulls Buckets of Drinking Water Per Day From Thin Air

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have now demonstrated a low-cost gel film that can pull many liters of water per day out of even very dry air. New Atlas reports: The gel is made up of two main ingredients that are cheap and common --.....»»

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