Elon Musk"s Own Engineers Say He Exaggerates Autopilot Capabilities

boudie2 writes: According to his own employees, Elon Musk has been exaggerating the capabilities of Tesla's Autopilot system. Documents obtained from the California Department of Motor Vehicles show that despite Musk's tweets to the contrary, "Elon's.....»»

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Highlights of the day: TSMC US fab to move in equipment in mid 2022

Construction of TSMC's fab in Arizona is on track to move in equipment as ealy as mid-2022, and equipment suppliers are aleady sending teams of engineers to the US state to assist the pure-play foundry's 5nm fab project. In China, its top-3 pure-play.....»»

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Foam "fizzics"

Chemical engineers at the University of Illinois Chicago and UCLA have answered longstanding questions about the underlying processes that determine the life cycle of liquid foams. The breakthrough could help improve the commercial production and app.....»»

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Can A.I. beat human engineers at designing microchips? Google thinks so

Google found that artificial intelligence is capable of designing microchips. A.I.-designed chips were better and made quicker than those made by human experts......»»

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Lab peers inside 2D crystal synthesis

Scientific studies describing the most basic processes often have the greatest impact in the long run. A new work by Rice University engineers could be one such, and it's a gas, gas, gas for nanomaterials......»»

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Watch Elon Musk’s high-speed start to Tesla’s Model S Plaid delivery event

Tesla boss Elon Musk launched Thursday night's delivery event for the high-performance Model S Plaid by driving it to the stage at 100-plus mph......»»

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Cells construct living composite polymers for biomedical applications

Biomedical engineers have demonstrated that a class of interwoven composite materials called semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (sIPNs) can be produced by living cells. The approach could make these versatile materials more biologically compatibl.....»»

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Cells construct living composite polymers for biomedical applications

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have demonstrated that a class of interwoven composite materials called semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (sIPNs) can be produced by living cells. The approach could make these versatile materials more bio.....»»

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InfoSum outs an identity linking tool that’s exciting marketing firms like Experian

InfoSum, a startup which takes a federated approach to third party data enrichment, has launched a new product (called InfoSum Bridge) that it says significantly expands the customer identity linking capabilities of its platform. “InfoSum Bridg.....»»

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X-ray scanner spots cancers and analyzes drugs in minutes

Engineers at Duke University have demonstrated a prototype X-ray scanning machine that reveals not just the shape of an object but its molecular composition. With unprecedented resolution and accuracy, the technology could revolutionize a wide range.....»»

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Commit raises $6M seed round to match senior engineers to startups they want to work for

Commit, a Vancouver, Canada-based startup that has a unique approach to matching up engineers looking for a new job to early-stage startups that want to hire them, today announced that it has raised a $6 million seed round. Accomplice led the round,.....»»

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Forget wearables: Future washable smart clothes powered by Wi-Fi will monitor your health

Purdue University engineers have developed a method to transform existing cloth items into battery-free wearables resistant to laundry. These smart clothes are powered wirelessly through a flexible, silk-based coil sewn on the textile......»»

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Report shows how billionaires including Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk pay little to no taxes

Using Internal Revenue Service data on the tax returns of some of America’s wealthiest citizens, ProPublica found that the 25 richest people in the US were worth $1.1 trillion as of 2018 and had a combined personal tax bill of $1.9 billion. It woul.....»»

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HPE Aims to "Futureproof" All-Flash Storage with 3PAR Updates

The IT giant announces new capabilities to prepare businesses for storage technologies like NVMe and storage-class memory......»»

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Play to your heart"s content with the best gaming console on the market

Gaming is one of those pastimes that only gets better with time as technology improves and interactive capabilities expand. Even for those who love classic 90s-style platform games, the possibilities are better now than ever before. Here we have the.....»»

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Apple’s new ShazamKit brings audio recognition to apps, including those on Android

Apple in 2018 closed its $400 million acquisition of music recognition app Shazam. Now, it’s bringing Shazam’s audio recognition capabilities to app developers in the form of the new ShazamKit. The new framework will allow app developers.....»»

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Scientists develop the "evotype" to unlock power of evolution for better engineering biology

Scientists from the University of Bristol have pioneered a new approach to help biological engineers both harness and design the evolutionary potential of new biosystems. Their concept of the "evotype" lays a foundation for the next generation of sta.....»»

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Engineers At MIT Have Created Actual Programmable Fibers

Engineers at MIT have recently announced that they have successfully developed a programmable fiber. Interesting Engineering reports: Featured in Nature Communications, this new research could result in the development of wearable tech that could sen.....»»

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Video purportedly from Anonymous threatens Elon Musk over his crypto manipulation tweets

Elon Musk and Tesla helped Bitcoin reached record levels this year. The company in February announced it had invested $1.5 billion in the crypto and would soon be accepting it as payment for its products. By April, BTC peaked at just under $65,000......»»

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A new material made from carbon nanotubes can generate electricity by scavenging energy from its environment

MIT engineers have discovered a new way of generating electricity using tiny carbon particles that can create a current simply by interacting with liquid surrounding them......»»

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Elon Musk officially hits the brakes on Tesla Model S Plaid+

Tesla CEO Elon has made it official and publicly cancelled plans to produce the Model S Plaid+, a supercharged version of the upcoming Plaid version of the electric vehicle that will be delivered to the first customers this month. Musk’s reason.....»»

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