Electric Vehicles Close To "Tipping Point" of Mass Adoption

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Electric vehicles are close to the "tipping point" of rapid mass adoption thanks to the plummeting cost of batteries, experts say. Global sales rose 43% in 2020, but even faster growth is anticip.....»»

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Pickups largely shielded from chip shortage

Automakers appear to have minimized the production impact on their most profitable vehicles during the global microchip shortage. Here’s the latest data from AutoForecast Solutions......»»

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SK Hynix announces mass production of 18GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM

SK Hynix has kicked off mass production of 18GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM, which offers the largest capacity in the industry, according to the company......»»

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Automaking is only part of GM CEO"s vision

GM's reach into insurance, robotaxis and electric delivery vans is part of a broader strategy to stretch what's typically a one-time transaction into a wider profit net over the lifetime of the vehicle......»»

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The ‘Lamborghini’ of Chariots Was Just Unearthed Near Pompeii

Most of the vehicles uncovered so far have been akin to modern-day station wagons. This one's a straight-up sports car......»»

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VW teases electric flagship showing a sleek four-door fastback

VW says the production car will play a crucial role in bringing highly automated driving to the mass-market......»»

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Consumers fear self-driving future, but like the tech that blazes the path

Only 14 percent of drivers would trust automated vehicles to drive them around, according to an annual AAA survey. But people do like driver-assist features......»»

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Tesla Share Price Plunge Knocks $267 Billion Off Market Value

A sharp decline in Tesla's share price has wiped more than $250 billion off the value of the electric car company, and dragged down the value of an Edinburgh-based investment fund that is one of Tesla's biggest backers. The Guardian reports: The shar.....»»

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Ford says "no negative impact" to dealers from chip shortage

Ford Motor Co. told dealers this week it would not lower their product allocations in response to a shortage of microchips used in vehicles......»»

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Tackling tumors with two types of virus

An international research group led by the University of Basel has developed a promising strategy for therapeutic cancer vaccines. Using two different viruses as vehicles, they administered specific tumor components in experiments on mice with cancer.....»»

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California bill would require all self-driving vehicles to be zero emission by 2025

California might be the first state to give self-driving cars a deadline to electrify. In mid-February, a bill was quietly introduced into the California State Legislature that would require all autonomous vehicles to also be zero emission by 2025. P.....»»

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What can stream quality tell us about quality of life?

As the source of most of the water we drink and a place where we often go to recreate and enjoy nature, streams represent a crucial point-of-contact between human beings and the environment......»»

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Earth"s position and orbit spurred ancient marine life extinction

Ancient rocks from Tennessee revealed the Earth's rotation and orbit around the sun controlled the timing of oceanic dead zones in a mass extinction of marine life about 370 million years ago......»»

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Typing my way down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole with the Drop CTRL

Customizable, mechanical keyboards can be an expensive niche—this is a nice entry point. It's a beauty: The Drop CTRL keyboard [credit: Iljitsch.....»»

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A mass exodus from California? Not exactly, says new study

New research released today by the UC Berkeley California Policy Lab finds that, contrary to some news media reports suggesting a mass exodus from California, most moves in 2020 happened within the state. Exits from California in 2020 largely mirrore.....»»

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The story of polar aurora just got much bigger: Unknown magnetospheric mechanisms revealed

A critical ingredient for auroras exists much higher in space than previously thought, according to new research in the journal Scientific Reports. The dazzling light displays in the polar night skies require an electric accelerator to propel charged.....»»

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Stellantis will increase pace of EV launches in Europe, U.S.

Stellantis, whose brands include Opel, Jeep, Ram and Maserati, plans to have full-electric or hybrid versions of all of its vehicles in Europe, as well as its light-duty vehicles in the U.S., by 2025......»»

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Porsche adds Taycan electric wagon, stepping up Tesla challenge

The Taycan Cross Turismo offers more cargo space and headroom than the Taycan electric sedan. The quickest variant accelerates from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds.  .....»»

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VW brand will accelerate electric vehicle shift

Full-electric vehicles are expected to account for more than 70 percent of the brand's European sales by 2030, VW said as it unveiled its 'Accelerate' strategy......»»

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MIH to bridge EV and cybersecurity sectors, says Foxconn CTO

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly major concern for the electric vehicle (EV) sector, as cars are going smarter, and the MIH Alliance will serve as a platform for cross-industry communications and exchanges to effectively tackle cybersecurity.....»»

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Turntide Technologies Rethinks Electric Motors To Slash Energy Consumption In Buildings

FrankOVD shares a report from TechCrunch: [F]irms backed by Robert Downey Jr. and Bill Gates are joining investors like Amazon and iPod inventor Tony Fadell to pour money into a company called Turntide Technologies that believes it has the next great.....»»

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