Electoral cycles influence destruction of Atlantic rainforest areas in southern and southeastern Brazil

A study conducted at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil, and reported in an article published in the journal Conservation Letters, shows that destruction of the Atlantic Rainforest increases in election years......»»

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Verizon teams with Amazon"s Project Kuiper to extend data service to underserved communities

Amazon announced Project Kuiper in early 2019 as a constellation of more than 3,200 Internet-beaming satellites positioned in low Earth orbit around the planet. With it, Amazon aims to serve high-speed Internet to individuals and businesses in areas.....»»

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Gardening for wildlife enhances bird diversity beyond your own back yard

Households manage their yards in diverse ways and new research has found that their landscaping and management decisions have the potential to increase wild bird habitat and influence bird biodiversity in their yard and also at the neighborhood and c.....»»

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Waters off French coast in winter may be a deadly trap for small, foraging turtles

The documented habitat boundaries of the loggerhead, Kemp's ridley and green turtles are questioned by a new study suggesting that stranded turtles rescued from European French Atlantic and Channel waters could be visiting the area to forage for food.....»»

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Study finds nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites in southern Mexico

A team of international researchers led by the University of Arizona reported last year that they had uncovered the largest and oldest Maya monument—Aguada Fénix. That same team has now uncovered nearly 500 smaller ceremonial complexes that are si.....»»

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Urban areas across the US are undercounting greenhouse gas emissions

Methane emissions from the distribution and use of natural gas across U.S. cities are 2 to 10 times higher than recent estimates from the Environmental Protect Agency, according to a new study from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering an.....»»

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Negotiators edge closer to global carbon market deal at COP26

Nations are edging toward a deal that could create a global carbon market when they meet in Scotland for COP26 climate talks in about a week, after Brazil signaled it's willing to compromise......»»

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Aquatic fungus has already wiped amphibians off the map and now threatens survival of terrestrial frogs

A water-borne fungus that has led to the extinction of several species of amphibians that spend all or part of their life cycle in water is also threatening terrestrial amphibians. In Brazil, researchers supported by FAPESP detected unprecedented mor.....»»

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Ferritin-based nanomedicine developed for targeted leukemia therapy

Researchers from the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University and Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University have developed a ferritin (Fn)-based nanomedicine for targeted delivery of arsenic.....»»

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New Splinter Cell Game Reportedly Could Feature ‘Hitman-Like Elements’

The new Splinter Cell game that Ubisoft has just greenlit will reportedly take some influence from the latest Hitman games. The post New Splinter Cell Game Reportedly Could Feature ‘Hitman-Like Elements’ appeared first on PlayStation Univ.....»»

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Assessing seismic activity near site of planned city NEOM

The potential for major earthquakes around the southern end of the Gulf of Aqaba may be lower than geophysicists feared. Separate studies by two students, using quite different approaches but arriving at similar findings, give hope that there will be.....»»

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Spanish volcano more active, spews "giant lava fountain"

A volcano erupting for the past five weeks on the Spanish island of La Palma is more active than ever, officials said Monday, after new lava flows following a partial collapse of the crater threatened to engulf previously unaffected areas......»»

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Taiwan science park revenues grow almost 25% in January-August

The Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) and Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) generated combined revenues of NT$2,370.575 billion (US$84.89 billion) in January-August 2021, growing 24.53% on year, according to Ministry of.....»»

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Plastic industry pollution to overtake coal in US by 2030, report says

Supply chain for plastic production is rife with carbon emissions. Enlarge / Smoke billows from one of many chemical plants near Baton Rouge, La. 'Cancer Alley' is one of the most polluted areas of the US and lies along the once pristi.....»»

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Climate change disrupting natural cycles at drier Lake Tahoe

Drought fueled by climate change has dropped Lake Tahoe below its natural rim and halted flows into the Truckee River, an historically cyclical event that's occurring sooner and more often than it used to—raising fears about what might be in store.....»»

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Microplastics may be cooling—and heating—Earth’s climate

Tiny bits of plastic swirling in the sky could be subtly affecting the climate. Enlarge / Thought climate change was already complicated? Now scientists have to consider the influence of tiny bits of atmospheric plastic. (credit: Sank.....»»

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NATO Launches AI Strategy and $1 Billion Fund As Defense Race Heats Up

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the military alliance of 30 countries that border the North Atlantic Ocean, this week announced that it would adopt its first AI strategy and launch a "future-proofing" fund with the goal of investing ar.....»»

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Apple Pay Express Transit comes to southern Sweden

Bus travellers in the Skane region of southern Sweden are now able to use Apple Pay automatically, without needing to confirm via Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.Using Apple Pay Express Transit on a bus in Sweden (Source: Ridango)Following its launch.....»»

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Microorganisms are sensitive to large-scale climate change in Antarctica

For a long time, scientists assumed that microorganisms, due to their broad distribution patterns, were much less affected by such climatic changes than plants and animals that often present very limited distribution areas. By examining fossils of An.....»»

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Media consolidation takes toll on local news but doesn"t necessarily bias coverage

When big conglomerates buy up small news outlets, local news takes a hit. But the parent company may not influence the political agenda of its stations as much as some have suspected, finds a new CU Boulder study of TV goliath Sinclair Broadcast Grou.....»»

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Hubble Space Telescope gives unprecedented, early view of a doomed star"s destruction

Like a witness to a violent death, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope recently gave astronomers an unprecedented, comprehensive view of the first moments of a star's cataclysmic demise. Hubble's data, combined with other observations of the doomed star fr.....»»

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