Early COVID-19 lockdowns had less impact on urban air quality than first believed

The first COVID-19 lockdowns led to significant changes in urban air pollution levels around the world, but the changes were smaller than expected—a new study reveals......»»

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Fired former data scientist Rebekah Jones arrested, tests positive for COVID-19

State accuses her of unauthorized access to its computer systems. Enlarge / Florida's handling of the pandemic has been... a mixed bag. This beach was hopping on May 20, around the same time Jones publicly claimed the state fired her for refusin.....»»

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Free online tool calculates risk of COVID-19 transmission in poorly-ventilated spaces

The vital role of ventilation in the spread of COVID-19 has been quantified by researchers, who have found that in poorly-ventilated spaces, the virus spreads further than two meters in seconds, and is far more likely to spread through prolonged talk.....»»

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The best PC fans for 2021

The best PC fans are quiet, look good, and move plenty of air. All of our favorite fans will do a great job of keeping your PC cool while staying whisper quiet......»»

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Why Aren’t COVID Tracing Apps More Widely Used?

Along with technical issues, a new study suggests that trust and transparency are barriers for broader acceptance of the apps As the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep around the globe in early 2020, many governments quickly mobilized to launch c.....»»

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Uppbeat launches a freemium music platform aimed at YouTubers

A new music platform, Uppbeat, aims to make it easier for YouTubers and other content creators to find quality free music to use in their videos. The system, which is designed to navigate the complexities of copyright claims while also fairly compens.....»»

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Similarities in dance follower behavior across honey bee species suggest a conserved mechanism of dance communication

It is early in the morning. Ebi and his colleagues try not to twitch as they stare intently at a rectangular box filled with sugary treats. These aren't for them, but for the honey bees that they study. The tiny buzzers toggle between the sugar 'feed.....»»

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Online courses reinforce inequalities

With the global student community taking online courses as a result of the anti-Covid-19 measures, a study led by the University of Geneva (UNIGE) reveals that online courses deepen inequalities between gifted and less gifted students by 5%. The resu.....»»

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Fishing out the bad apples: Novel quantitative method to assess the safety of food

Consumers of purchased foods have no way of ascertaining the quality and safety of the food that existing distribution systems deliver to their plates. Unfortunately, inappropriate refrigeration can sometimes lead to food spoilage, which is often dif.....»»

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State responses, not federal, influenced rise in unemployment claims early in the pandemic

Early in the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment claims were largely driven by state shutdown orders and the nature of a state's economy and not by the virus, according a new article by Georgia State University economists......»»

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One in five companies admit to spying on remote workers without their knowledge

In a report by Metro, unions warn that employers are taking advantage of Covid-19 restrictions to monitor remote workers covertly. One in five companies has admitted to snooping on staff or is planning to do so in the future......»»

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Eggs reveal what may happen to brain on impact

What causes brain concussions? Is it direct translational or rotational impact? This is one of the research areas currently being explored by Qianhong Wu's lab at Villanova University......»»

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Is COVID-19 infecting wild animals? We"re testing species from bats to seals to find out

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have found coronavirus infections in pet cats and dogs and in multiple zoo animals, including big cats and gorillas. These infections have even happened when staff were using personal protective e.....»»

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Longer, stricter lockdowns most effective, economist finds

Queen's researcher Christopher Cotton is one of the authors of "Building the Canadian Shield," an approach that says a longer lockdown will save more lives and cost less economically......»»

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Hackers leak "manipulated" Covid-19 vaccine data to undermine public trust

Last month, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) revealed it experienced a hack in which documents and emails relating to the regulatory submissions for the Covid-19 vaccines, stored on an EMA server, had been illegally accessed......»»

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New research suggests 1.5C climate target will be out of reach without greener COVID-19 recovery plans

The amount of carbon dioxide that we can still emit while limiting global warming to a given target is called the "remaining carbon budget," and it has become a powerful tool to inform climate policy goals and track progress towards net-zero emission.....»»

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Engineers create "smart" aerogel that turns air into drinking water

Some say future wars will be fought over water, and a billion people around the world are already struggling to find enough water to live. Now, researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have created a substance that extracts water fro.....»»

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Empty cities have long been a post-apocalyptic trope – now, they are a reality

Carry out a Google image search of the phrase "28 Days Later" and among the many stills and publicity images for the 2002 horror film, one will find a scattering of photographs of London taken during the first COVID-19 lockdown in late March and earl.....»»

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Health secretary self-isolating after Covid app alert

Matt Hancock says he will stay home and urged others to do the same if "pinged" by the app......»»

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Covid in Wales: No grant despite NHS app isolation request

Taxi driver David Miller was told to isolate through the NHS Covid-19 app, but received no financial help......»»

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Spain’s Glovo inks real-estate tie-up to add more dark stores for speedy urban delivery

Spain’s Glovo, an on-demand delivery app, has announced a strategic partnership with Swiss-based real estate firm, Stoneweg. The deal will see the latter invest €100M in building and refurbishing “prime city real estate” in some o.....»»

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