EA source code stolen by hacker claiming to sell it online

More organizations feel the pain as the ransomware scourge grows more pernicious. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Game-maker Electronic Arts and the Presque Isle Police Department in Maine are responding to an event they had both been dreading:.....»»

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Microsoft Fights Back Against Windows 11 Leak

Mark Wilson writes: Just a few days ago -- before it has even been officially announced -- Windows 11 leaked online and remains available to download from numerous sites. The Windows 11 ISO torrent spread like wildfire, and now Microsoft is fighting.....»»

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What it"s really like to be an Amazon warehouse worker during Prime Day

For much of the past 16 months, Amazon's warehouse workers have faced grueling pressure to keep up with the demand from households for online goods during the pandemic. Now, workers must endure the stress of meeting a spike in orders from Amazon's su.....»»

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Researchers develop new software for designing sustainable cities

New technology could help cities around the world improve people's lives while saving billions of dollars. The free, open-source software developed by the Stanford Natural Capital Project creates maps to visualize the links between nature and human w.....»»

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Microsoft Linux Repos Suffered 22-Hour Outage

"Everything from Visual Studio Code to Microsoft Edge and Teams package links were affected," reports Windows Central. They note Azure's status page (which now shows the issue lasting for more than 22 hours), though however long it lasted, "it's a vi.....»»

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The ability to innovate: Q&A with RISC-V International CTO Mark Himelstein and Andes Technology CEO Frankwell Lin

RISC-V is seeing strong growth as an open-source platform for innovations across many different industries. The RISC-V architecture is also enjoying increased adoption in high-performance computing and storage systems......»»

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Report: Hackers Breached More US Water Treatment Plants

"On January 15, a hacker tried to poison a water treatment plant that served parts of the San Francisco Bay Area," reports NBC News: It didn't seem hard. The hacker had the username and password for a former employee's TeamViewer account, a popular.....»»

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How a Murderer"s Lies Were Exposed by His Cellphone and a Smartwatch

"Modern technology makes it so much harder to commit a crime of passion and get away with it," writes long-time Slashdot reader knaapie, summarizing a story from the Guardian: A Greek pilot claiming he and his wife were robbed, and his wife strangled.....»»

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Linux Foundation Honors Authors of 30 Linux Success Stories By Letting Them Name a Penguin

The nonprofit Linux Foundation "asked the open source community: How has Linux impacted your life? Needless to say, responses poured in from across the globe sharing memories, sentiments and important moments that changed your lives forever." Their.....»»

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How to Use Java ArrayList

Learn how to use the Java ArrayList class in Java. Follow along with code examples. .....»»

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EPA Releases List of Top Cities With Energy Star-certified Buildings

EPA is out with its latest tally of buildings certified through the Energy Star efficiency program it runs with the Energy Department. From a report: Commercial and multifamily buildings are a big source of energy demand and carbon emissions. The cha.....»»

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Low-Budget Games Steal Spotlight After Covid Delays Big Names

The annual video game convention E3 is normally full of teasers for splashy, graphic-rich games from big-name studios and surprise announcements about new titles. But this year's online-only event was much quieter, with many hot releases delayed as a.....»»

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Ukraine arrests ransomware gang in global cybercriminal crackdown

Arrests of Cl0p hacker group members adds to pressure on other countries to follow suit. Enlarge / A Colonial Pipeline facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Hackers last month disrupted the pipeline supplying petroleum to much of the East Coast. (.....»»

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There"s a good reason online retailers are investing in physical stores

Researchers from Colorado State University, Amazon, and Dartmouth College published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that examines the role of physical stores for selling "deep" products......»»

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Using Java Comparison Operators

Learn how to work with Java comparison operators and follow along with code examples in this programming tutorial......»»

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Python Comparison Operators

This article contains a list of the different Python comparison operators and explains how to use them. Follow along with our code examples. .....»»

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Police Bust Ransomware Gang in Ukraine

Police in Ukraine said this week they arrested members of a major ransomware gang. From a report: The arrests mark the first time a law enforcement agency has announced a mass arrest of a prolific hacker group that had extorted Americans by either en.....»»

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A number of recommended Nintendo Switch games are on sale today

Dealmaster also has early Prime Day discounts, Philips Hue deals, and more. Enlarge (credit: Ars Technica) Earlier this week, we highlighted an excellent deal on Nintendo Switch Online memberships. Today's Dealmaster is headlined by a range of.....»»

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No breakthrough during "exhausting" online climate talks

No breakthroughs have been made on key issues during three weeks of international climate talks that ended Thursday, officials said, with plans now for a select group of ministers to come together next month in the hope of making progress ahead of a.....»»

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5 ways Windows 11 will finally make Windows tablets true iPad competitors

Windows 10's tablet mode has been the source of much controversy, but Windows 11 seems to fix those problems by removing it entirely......»»

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4K TV buying guide: Everything you need to know before you go shopping

Now's a perfect time to consider buying a new TV. Before you shop online or in the store, check out this buying guide. It's a before-you-buy TV tech primer......»»

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