Dyson Outsize+ cordless vacuum is $250 off for a limited time

Dyson makes some of the best cordless vacuums out there, and Best Buy has some of the best deals around. Today they merge to give us a fantastic discount......»»

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Ming-Chi Kuo predicts a dim future for Apple Vision Pro

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple Vision Pro shipments will be limited by a few key suppliers to half what's been predicted, and an update won't arrive until 2027.Vision Pro at Apple ParkIn a Medium post on Tuesday, Ming-Chi Kuo is swinging wi.....»»

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Here’s How Long the macOS Sonoma Update Takes

Here’s How Long the macOS Sonoma Update Takes is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. Apple’s new macOS Sonoma update could take a long time to download and install on your Mac. The amount of time depends on your Mac model and the versi.....»»

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RNA recovered from extinct animal in world first

Scientists have for the first time recovered RNA from an extinct species, the Tasmanian tiger, raising hope for the resurrection of animals once thought lost forever, Stockholm University researchers told AFP......»»

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Listening to the radio on the far side of the moon

There are unexplored regions of the universe—and there are also unexplored times. In fact, there's a nearly 400-million-year gap in our universe's history that we've never seen: a time before stars known as the Dark Ages. To investigate that era, r.....»»

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These reindeer survived, isolated, for 7,000 years, but will they survive climate change?

Despite inbreeding and limited genetic diversity, the Svalbard reindeer has managed to adapt to extreme living conditions in record time—what researchers call a genetic paradox. But can they survive climate change?.....»»

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Why build megastructures? Just move planets around to make habitable worlds

In 1960, Freeman Dyson proposed how advanced civilizations could create megastructures that enclosed their system, allowing them to harness all of their star's energy and multiplying the habitable space they could occupy. In 2015, the astronomical co.....»»

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Olivia Rodrigo’s latest collaboration is a set of limited-edition Sony LinkBuds S

The Sony LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo are a limited-edition set of Sony's wireless earbuds in the singer's favorite color......»»

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Is it time for Australia to introduce a national skills passport?

As part of the new employment white paper, the federal government has announced it is thinking seriously about a national skills passport......»»

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Data show container deposit schemes reduce rubbish on our beaches

Our beaches are in trouble. Limited recycling programs and a society that throws away so much have resulted in more than 3 million metric tons of plastic polluting the oceans. An estimated 1.5–1.9% of this rubbish ends up on beaches......»»

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Imaging the elusive skyrmion: Neutron tomography reveals their shapes and dynamics in bulk materials

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with colleagues elsewhere have employed neutron imaging and a reconstruction algorithm to reveal for the first time the 3D shapes and dynamics of very small tornado-like atomic m.....»»

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Spotify unveils new ‘Jam’ feature for real-time listening parties

Remember the days of Turntable FM? Spotify is looking to channel that energy with a new feature called Jam. This feature will let users create real-time listening sessions that other people can join in on “from wherever” they are. Here’s how th.....»»

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iPhone Diary: For one video project, my iPhone was the perfect camera

I may have just taken delivery of my shiny new iPhone 15 Pro Max, but I do get to write one last diary post about its predecessor, before it gets unceremoniously packaged up to be sent back to Apple. Not content with one time-consuming hobby – A.....»»

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14 top Amazon deals on Apple gear offer up to $550 in savings

It's now officially fall, and as days become cooler, it's time to think about how you'll keep yourself and the kids entertained. Luckily, Amazon has huge discounts on Apple products, including savings on the latest releases.Amazon's best deals for th.....»»

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In labor snub, California governor vetoes bill that would have limited self-driving trucks

California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have hindered efforts to deploy self-driving trucks in the state. But big rigs still face regulatory barriers in the state......»»

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SpaceX sets up 200th reflight with Cape Canaveral launch Saturday night

SpaceX's reusability juggernaut keeps rolling with a planned Space Coast launch Saturday night that would mark the 200th time the company has relied on a previously launched booster to get its payloads to space......»»

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Thousands of California wells are at risk of drying up despite landmark water law

Even though California enacted sweeping legislation nearly a decade ago to curb excessive agricultural pumping of groundwater, new research predicts that thousands of drinking water wells could run dry in the Central Valley by the time the law's rest.....»»

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Heat extremes in the soil are underestimated, according to new study

For a long time, little attention was paid to soil temperatures. In contrast to air temperatures near the surface, hardly any reliable data was available because of the considerably more complex measurement. A research team leaded by the Helmholtz Ce.....»»

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These transparent Analogue Pockets will take you back to the good old days

Analogue has unveiled seven new transparent limited edition Analogue Pocket handhelds to will be available for preorder soon......»»

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iPhone 15 Pro Max lead time at historical highs

Investment firm JP Morgan reports that orders for the iPhone 15 Pro Max are now taking a record 50 days to fulfill on the average worldwide, though it believes initial production delays have contributed.iPhone 15 Pro MaxFollowing Wedbush's report tha.....»»

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This 32-inch LG QHD monitor is $100 off at Best Buy

The LG UltraGear range is always great for gamers. Over at Best Buy, you can buy a 32-inch gaming monitor for just $350 for a limited time only......»»

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