Dingo effects on ecosystem visible from space

The environmental impacts of removing dingoes from the landscape are visible from space, a new UNSW Sydney study shows......»»

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Inside Workvivo’s plans to take on Microsoft in the employee experience space

Maintaining company culture when the majority of staff is working remotely is a challenge for every organization — big and small. This was an issue, even before COVID. But it’s become an even bigger problem with so many employees working from.....»»

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How the Welcome to Chechnya documentary found security in face-swapping VFX

The documentary Welcome to Chechnya made creative use of face-swapping visual effects to protect victims of the Russian republic's antigay purge......»»

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"Urban Sun is not intended to create a guaranteed safe space" says Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde's Urban Sun proposal to use ultraviolet lights to make outdoor spaces safer from Covid-19 can only be used at night and people still need to wear masks and observe social distancing, the designer has explained. Read more S.....»»

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Visible Touch: How Cameras Can Help Robots Feel

Computer vision combined with deep learning can replicate the sense of touch in some social robots The dawn of the robot revolution is already here, and it is not the dystopian nightmare we imagined. Instead, it comes in the form of soci.....»»

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How To Build a Radio That Ignores Its Own Transmissions

Self-interference cancellation brings wireless networks closer to single-frequency full duplex Illustration: Harry Campbell Wireless isn’t actually ubiquitous. We’ve all seen the effects: Calls are dropped and Web p.....»»

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SpaceX: Starship lands safely... then explodes

It is the first time Elon Musk's space exploration company has pulled off this difficult landing......»»

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Scientists complete first global survey of freshwater fluctuation

To investigate humans' impact on freshwater resources, scientists have now conducted the first global accounting of fluctuating water levels in Earth's lakes and reservoirs—including ones previously too small to measure from space......»»

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Chinese astronauts training for space station crewed flights

China said Thursday a cohort of astronauts is training for four crewed missions this year as the country works to complete its first permanent orbiting space station......»»

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Space Hurricane Seen Above Magnetic North Pole Was Raining Electrons

The first space hurricane ever was spotted in August 2014, consisting of "an eddy of plasma, a type of superhot, charged gas found throughout the solar system," reports Business Insider. "And instead of rain, this storm brought showers of electrons.".....»»

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Third time is not a charm: Space X"s rocket lands but then explodes

SpaceX's rocket has exploded just minutes after the Starship's first successful landing......»»

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QaaS ecosystem emerging

Some public cloud platform operators have recently launched QaaS (Quantum as a Service) business, seeking synergies between software and hardware suppliers and enterprise users - a move which will help explore potential applications and accelerate th.....»»

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Researchers can store the Declaration of Independence in a single molecule

Just how much space would you need to store all of the world's data? A building? A block? A city?.....»»

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NASA’s next ISS spacewalk is on Friday. Here’s how to watch

Two astronauts on board the International Space Station are set to embark on a spacewalk on Friday, March 5. Here's how you can watch it live online......»»

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Periodontitis: Researchers search for a new active substance

Targeted, efficient and with few side effects: A new method for combating periodontitis could render the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics superfluous. It was developed and tested for the first time by a team from Martin Luther University Halle-Witte.....»»

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Have a startup in Miami? Apply to pitch at TechCrunch’s Miami virtual meetup

TechCrunch is coming to Miami — virtually, at least. On March 11, TechCrunch is hosting a small online event with local venture capitalists, founders, and those curious about the growing ecosystem. There will also be a small pitch-off event whe.....»»

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I love Huawei’s hardware ecosystem, but its app experience is terribly messy

Huawei's Freebuds headphones and Watch smartwatches are tempting, but what's it like using them with a non-Huawei phone? It can be great, but also messy......»»

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A silver swining: "Destructive" pigs help build rainforests

Wild pigs are often maligned as ecosystem destroyers, but a University of Queensland study has found they also cultivate biodiverse rainforests in their native habitats......»»

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Fly me to the Moon: Japan billionaire offers space seats

It's the sort of chance that comes along just once in a blue Moon: a Japanese billionaire is throwing open a private lunar expedition to eight people from around the world......»»

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Why did Rocket Lab chief Peter Beck eat his hat?

Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck ate his hat this week. Literally. But what could possibly prompt the boss of a space-launch company to perform such an act?.....»»

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New study gives the most detailed look yet at the neuroscience of placebo effects

A large proportion of the benefit that a person gets from taking a real drug or receiving a treatment to alleviate pain is due to an individual's mindset, not to the drug itself. Understanding the neural mechanisms driving this placebo effect has bee.....»»

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