Demand for V2X information security is on the rise

V2X devices and the data they generate continue to increase. Together with AI applications and electrical grid connections, they highlight the importance of information security protection. All car manufacturers should come to a consensus in terms of.....»»

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Eufy not patching cameras, instead just warning users about cloud use

Eufy isn't patching out a potential security issue in the Eufy Security app, and is instead just telling users that their thumbnails will be uploaded to the cloud when they choose specific notification settings in the app.In late November, a security.....»»

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IC test interface solution providers positive about 5G smartphone demand

The adoption of 5G smartphones will continue to grow and buoy probe card demand for related application processors in 2023, according to sources at IC test interface solution providers......»»

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Demand for miniLED-backlit automotive displays to take off in 2023

While demand for TV- and IT-use miniLED-backlit TFT-LCD panels has significantly shrunk in 2022, demand for miniLED-backlit LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) TFT-LCD panels used in automotive displays has begun to increase and such panels are expect.....»»

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Compound semiconductor demand for CE devices unlikely to pick up until mid-2023

Compound semiconductor demand for consumer electronics is unlikely to pick up until the middle of next year, while demand for automotive, industrial, military and other niche-market applications continues to grow steadily, according to market sources.....»»

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Study shows the majority of California"s coastal airports are vulnerable to increased flooding caused by climate change

Most of California's population and its largest airports are located along the Pacific coastline, which is increasingly impacted by storm surges, sea level rise, and erosion due to climate change. In the next 30 years, sea level along the coast is ex.....»»

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Update your Google Pixel 7 now for three big security and audio features

The first Feature Drop for the Google Pixel 7 has landed — bringing three important security and audio features. Here's what's new!.....»»

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DOJ antitrust regulators should look at Apple, Google"s handling of TikTok, says FCC commissioner

Apple and Google's continued hosting of TikTok on their app stores, despite US national security concerns about the short-form video app, reflects the tech giants' "gatekeeper" power and should be made part of any antitrust reviews the app stores may.....»»

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Google Password Manager is taking over this key Chrome security function

Google Password Manager is fast becoming the default for Chrome users on more platforms, including Android......»»

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Quantum light source could pave the way to a quantum internet

The ability to integrate fiber-based quantum information technology into existing optical networks would be a significant step toward applications in quantum communication. To achieve this, quantum light sources must be able to emit single photons wi.....»»

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The satellite data mapping Australia"s new climate extremes

For decades, satellites have been keeping a watchful eye on Earth, relaying increasingly precise, detailed and timelier information than ever before......»»

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Can a new technique for capturing "hot" electrons make solar cells more efficient?

A new way of extracting quantitative information from state-of-the-art single molecule experiments has been developed by physicists at the University of Bath. Using this quantitative information, the researchers will be able to probe the ultra-fast p.....»»

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Incorporating users" adaptive behavior in urban green space planning

National University of Singapore ecologists have developed a valuation framework that incorporates users' demand for green urban spaces to assess the benefits provided by their ecosystem services (ES)......»»

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Scientists decrypt the "mechanical code" of DNA

A new study has deciphered the mechanical code of DNA to reveal previously unknown ways in which nature encodes biological information in DNA sequence......»»

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Securing iPads in medical offices, retail stores with MacLocks

Long-time Apple security solution provider Maclocks is noticing a shift in Apple's focus with every new launch. Here's what to pay attention to.MacLocks offer business solutions for Apple productsThe 2022 iPad provides businesses and enterprise users.....»»

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Rackspace Hosted Exchange service outage caused by security incident

Cloud computing company Rackspace has suffered a security breach that has resulted in a still ongoing outage of their Hosted Exchange environment. “In order to best protect the environment, this will continue to be an extended outage of Hosted.....»»

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Rackspace confirms "security incident" across some of its servers

Rackspace said the incident was a “significant failure" in its Hosted Exchange environment......»»

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With chip demand diversifying, IDM optimistic about automotive chips in 2023

Mainstream automotive IDMs have all given pretty optimistic predictions regarding the fourth quarter of 2022 and 2023, despite recent demand-side uncertainty in the automotive chip market......»»

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Tesla set to reduce Shanghai output in sign of sluggish demand

Tesla Inc. plans to lower production at its Shanghai factory, according to people familiar with the matter, in the latest sign demand in China isn't living up to expectations......»»

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Becoming the next China won"t blunt India"s 2023 slowdown: Andy Mukherjee

It's not immediately obvious that the global slowdown has also arrived in India: Investments in factories, roads, and other fixed assets are just shy of 35% of domestic output; they haven't been this high in 10 years. Loan demand is growing so fast t.....»»

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Vivotek fully utilizes expanded production capacity

Smart security surveillance solution provider Vivotek has expanded production capacity by about 100% since May-June 2022 and, thanks to increasing orders, has fully utilized the expanded capacity, according to company president Alex Liao in a recent.....»»

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