Deer browsing is just one of many factors shaping North American forests

In a new study, a Penn State-led research team discovered evidence that browsing by white-tailed deer had relatively little long-term impact on two tree species in a northern forest......»»

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The Willow Arctic oil drilling project—the latest battle in a long fight over Alaska"s North Slope

For more than six decades, Alaska's North Slope has been a focus of intense controversy over oil development and wilderness protection, with no end in sight. Willow field, a 600-million-barrel, US$8 billion oil project recently approved by the Biden.....»»

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How coffee plantations limit birds" diets

Cast your mind back to the spring of 2020, when grocery store shelves sat bare of essential items and ingredients. For birds who live in the forests of Central America, replacement of forest land with coffee plantations essentially "clears out the sh.....»»

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Boosting survival of a beneficial bacterium in the human gut

The microbes that inhabit the gut are critical for human health, and understanding the factors that encourage the growth of beneficial bacterial species—known as "good" bacteria—in the gut may enable medical interventions that promote gut and ove.....»»

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VW to invest in mines in bid to become global battery supplier

VW plans long-term to build enough cells to meet half of its global battery needs, with most production capacity located in Europe and North America......»»

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Mazda names former North America chief Masahiro Moro as next CEO

Masahiro Moro, who has led Mazda's operations in Europe and North America during his career, takes over from Akira Marumoto. He says boosting U.S. sales is a key target......»»

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Political division prolongs the immigration crisis, report says

The U.S. immigration system is slow and stymied by politics, but the border crisis represents an opportunity to address gaps in the American labor market, according to a new report from Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy......»»

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Hot topic: How heat flow affects the Earth"s magnetic field

Compass readings that do not show the direction of true north and interference with the operations of satellites are a few of the problems caused by peculiarities of the Earth's magnetic field......»»

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How listening to North Atlantic right whales could help humans protect them

North Atlantic right whales have cruised the waters off Canada and the eastern seaboard for millennia as they pursue their preferred food source—crustaceans the size of a grain of rice......»»

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Netflix is about to release Waco: American Apocalypse — here’s when you can watch it

Netflix is about to release Waco: American Apocalypse, a true crime docuseries about the 1993 tragedy in Waco, Texas. Here's when you can watch it......»»

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Nissan’s all-wheel drive Ariya is finally on sale, and Ars has driven it

It's been quite a wait for the AWD version, but it's finally ready for North America. Enlarge / Ars drove an early front-wheel drive Ariya last year, but now the all-wheel drive version is finally ready for these shores. (credit:.....»»

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Randy Marion Automotive buys GM, Stellantis, Honda and Kia dealerships

The North Carolina dealership group, fresh off a September acquisition, bought four stores in two separate first-quarter transactions. One of the deals included two new brands for the group......»»

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29 Ford dealers drop out of EV program after changes

Dealers in North Carolina are the latest group to file a legal challenge against Ford over the program, following similar actions in New York and Illinois......»»

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Stock market forces shown to drive cryptocurrency returns

Having examined the impact of various factors on cryptocurrency returns, HSE economists found that fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices can be better explained by equity market risks than by factors specific to the crypto market, suggesting greater.....»»

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A non-native tree species reclaims its prominence after extreme weather

The long-term effects on forests of more extreme climate events, plus other drivers of forest change, are highly uncertain. A new study of the tropical forests across Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), spanning 19 years, found that after.....»»

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EV credits boost Tesla, GM, Ford, VW — as Hyundai suffers

EVs built in North America took the top eight spots for vehicle registrations in January, according to Experian data, displacing imported models from Hyundai and Kia......»»

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Billion Electric draws investment from SAS

Taiwan-based Sino-American Silicon Products, a green energy total solution provider, has invested NT$530 million (US$17.3 million) in Billion Electric to become the largest shareholder of the network communication equipment and ICT solutions provider.....»»

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People of color largely underrepresented among authors published in the American Journal of Archaeology

A new demographic survey of authorship in the American Journal of Archaeology (AJA) reveals that people of color have been largely underrepresented among the scholars published in the journal......»»

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Here’s our first look at Kia’s EV9 three-row electric SUV

The EV9 was designed with American tastes in mind and goes on sale later this year. Enlarge / This is a prototype of the new Kia EV9 electric SUV, which goes on sale in the latter half of 2023. (credit: Kia) Kia provided.....»»

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Volkswagen announces first battery plant in North America

Volkswagen announced on March 13 that it is going to build the first overseas battery cell plant in Ontario, Canada. The plant will be stablished through VW's battery subsidiary PowerCo......»»

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Silicon Valley Bank: Global bank stocks slump despite Biden reassurances

It comes after US authorities stepped in to protect customers following the collapse of two American banks......»»

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