Decades-old law forms biggest obstacle to nationwide TikTok ban, lawmaker says

TikTok's CEO agrees to testify before Congress for the first time in March. Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto / Contributor | NurPhoto) As Congress prepares to vote on a nationwide TikTok ban next month, it looks like that ban m.....»»

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Scholars say it"s time to declare a new epoch on the moon, the "Lunar Anthropocene"

Human beings first disturbed moon dust on Sept. 13, 1959, when the USSR's unmanned spacecraft Luna 2 alighted on the lunar surface. In the following decades, more than a hundred other spacecraft have touched the moon—both crewed and uncrewed, somet.....»»

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Fungi join the list of organisms that can control when ice forms

What's the advantage of triggering ice formation? It's not entirely clear. Enlarge / A related species of Fusarium. (credit: Wikimedia Commons) While it may be the reason behind tires skidding, pipes bursting, and closed.....»»

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UAW says it signed 1,000 VW workers in Tenn. organizing push

The UAW is trying to capitalize on recent contract victories in Detroit and reverse labor’s decades-long decline in the auto sector. It has launched simultaneous, public campaigns to organize 13 non-union U.S. plants......»»

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Toyota splits battery collection efforts, adding Cirba Solutions for East, Midwest dealers

Toyota added a second company to its nationwide battery collection and recycling efforts......»»

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Report says new models will improve understanding of America"s forests

Forests and the carbon they capture play a pivotal role in combating climate change, and a new report co-authored by NAU researchers is set to transform forest conservation efforts nationwide by providing new, more accurate models for calculating and.....»»

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US regulators will now have access to years of Binance transaction data

Binance and its customers will get "24/7, 365-days-a-year financial colonoscopy." Enlarge (credit: Wired/Getty) One attraction of Binance, as the company grew from its 2017 founding into the biggest cryptocurrency exchan.....»»

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Do boycotts against McDonalds and Starbucks work? They can, just not for the reason you might think

What do Starbucks, McDonald's, Target and Amazon have in common, other than being some of the biggest corporations in the world?.....»»

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Los Angeles aims to collect billions more gallons of local water by 2045

Over the next two decades, Los Angeles County will collect billions more gallons in water from local sources, especially storm and reclaimed water, shifting from its reliance on other region's water supplies as the effects of climate change make such.....»»

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Opinion: Education should look to the way artists are embracing AI, instead of turning its back on the technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to make a major impact on many sectors of society over the coming decades. Some of these effects may be positive, others less so......»»

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"Shocking" discovery: Electricity from electric eels may transfer genetic material to nearby animals

The electric eel is the biggest power-making creature on Earth. It can release up to 860 volts, which is enough to run a machine. In a recent study, a research group from Nagoya University in Japan found electric eels can release enough electricity t.....»»

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Study identifies key ingredient for affordable fuel cell catalysts

To make fuel cells more affordable, researchers have spent decades searching for low-cost catalysts to replace platinum and other expensive metals......»»

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This accessory solves the biggest problem with Philips Hue smart bulbs

Philips Hue bulbs are one of the easiest ways to give your existing light fixtures smart home capabilities, including through Apple’s HomeKit platform. The problem with Philips Hue switches is that whenever a wall light switch is flipped off, the s.....»»

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Max announces an ASL version of "Barbie" coming soon

Honoring the inclusive message of the film, Max is releasing an ASL interpreted version of the blockbuster hit 'Barbie.' Barbie is coming to dreamhouses nationwide, as Max announces the blockbuster film will be released to streaming on Dec. 15......»»

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Where to watch Elf, the Will Ferrell Christmas movie

It's just not Christmas without Elf, and this year, you can stream this classic Will Ferrell comedy on two of the biggest streaming services......»»

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Research shows that wildfires have erased two decades" worth of air quality gains in western United States

You need only to remember last summer's wildfires in the United States and Canada, which fouled the air from coast to coast, to know the effects these blazes can have on the environment and human health......»»

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Gmail’s AI-powered spam detection is its biggest security upgrade in years

Gmail's spam filters can now understand "adversarial text manipulations." Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | pagadesign) The latest post on the Google Security blog details a new upgrade to Gmail's spam filters that Google.....»»

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Decoupled direct payments make agriculture more productive, finds study

Better alignment with the market is one of the goals pursued by the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in recent decades. One of the measures used to achieve this was to decouple direct payments from production. Agricultural economists at the Tech.....»»

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Outcomes associated with participation in high-quality early care and education

For decades, researchers have debated the long-term impact of early childhood education, sharing evidence that while some children experience positive long-term outcomes, others see initial benefits fade out—or even experience detrimental outcomes......»»

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The 5 best Godzilla movies, ranked

There's only one King of the Monsters, and it's time to look back at his reign as we pick the five best Godzilla movies from the past seven decades......»»

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Indonesia"s coal love affair still aflame despite pledges

Sania sits in front of her home in Indonesia, less than a kilometer from Southeast Asia's biggest coal complex, where chimneys pump dark gray smoke and a chemical smell into the air......»»

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