Deadly drug-resistant yeast gained ground, more drug resistance amid COVID

Candida auris is considered an "urgent threat" and is rising fast. Enlarge / The director of Germany's National Reference Centre for Invasive Fungal Infections holds a petri dish containing the yeast Candida auris in a laborator.....»»

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Optimizing the properties and microstructure of bulk superconductors

Superconductors are increasingly finding applications in several areas, such as medical imaging techniques, drug delivery systems, energy storage systems, levitation processes, and water purification methods. This can be attributed to their awe-inspi.....»»

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A novel green photoreactor for the synthesis of desirable chiral enantiomers

Chirality of molecules is a crucial consideration in drug development as the enantiomeric purity of a compound can significantly impact its pharmacological properties. Chiral molecules possess mirror-image enantiomers that can exhibit distinct pharma.....»»

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Team develops magnetic microrobots with folate to promote targeted drug delivery to cancer cells

The limited ability of microrobots to assist drugs in entering cells hinders their therapeutic efficacy. To address this, a research team, reporting in Cyborg and Bionic Systems, has introduced the cancer-targeting molecule folic acid (FA) to microro.....»»

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Scientists" political donations reflect polarization in academia—with implications for the public"s trust in science

People who lean left politically reported an increase in trust in scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic, while those who lean right politically reported much lower levels of trust in scientists. This polarization around scientific issues—from COV.....»»

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With 7,000+ satellites and growing, is space sustainable? An Ars Frontiers recap

"We've been using space as our own personal operating dumping ground." Enlarge / Eric Berger (upper left) moderated a panel featuring (clockwise) Alex Fielding, Charity Weeden, and Bhavya Lal on the topic of satellites and low-Ea.....»»

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How the gut microbiome responds to antibiotics: Study identifies evolutionary mechanisms

Antibiotics affect the composition and dynamics of the gut microbiome. Treatment with antibiotics not only leads to a loss of biodiversity of microorganisms, but also often favors the selection of resistant strains of bacteria. It has been unclear ho.....»»

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Preventing pandemics by leaving bats undisturbed

As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly subsides, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) experts and colleagues from the Wildlife Conservation Society have partnered on a new analysis in The Lancet Planetary Health journal focused on how suc.....»»

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"Sooty bark disease," harmful for maples and humans, can be monitored by pollen sampling stations

Especially after the last few COVID-affected years, nobody doubts that emerging infectious diseases can threaten the whole world. But humans are not the only ones at risk. With intensive global trade, many tree parasites are accidently introduced to.....»»

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Social media misinformation theory draws on classic tragedies, platform algorithms

Tales of people reading on social media about suspect, off-label uses of ivermectin to ward off COVID-19, ingesting the livestock dewormer and then suffering gastrointestinal distress might seem like the pinnacle of the 2021 zeitgeist. According to a.....»»

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AT&S on track to start IC substrate manufacturing in Malaysia in 2H2024

IC substrate and PCB maker AT&S (Advanced Technologies & Solutions) has been expanding its IC substrate manufacturing footprint in Asia before COVID-19 outbreak. It has moved equipment into the latest plant in Malaysia, slated to start high-volume ma.....»»

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Instagram lifts ban on anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after launch of presidential bid

Instagram announced Sunday it had lifted its ban on Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine activist who has launched a presidential bid, two years after it shut down Kennedy's account for breaking its rules related to Covid-19......»»

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Taiwan is a crucial partner for traditional automakers seeking an edge against Chinese competitors

Thanks to its solid technology foundation and geopolitical dynamics, the ICT industry cluster in Taiwan has gained favor from mainstream car manufacturers in Europe, America, and Japan, giving Taiwan's ICT industry further opportunity to venture into.....»»

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Compared: OnePlus Pad vs iPad 10th Generation

The first tablet from smartphone producer OnePlus directly takes on the tenth-gen iPad, in what could be a compelling Android alternative to Apple's tablet.OnePlus Pad (left) vs 10th-gen iPad (right)OnePlus has gained a reputation for creating good-q.....»»

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What a Therapist Wants You to Know About Remote Therapy

Covid-19 changed how therapists work, for good and ill. Here's how you can adapt, whether you're a patient or a practitioner......»»

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Pandemic lessons: More health workers, less faxing—an Ars Frontiers recap

Amid science and tech triumphs, basic infrastructure problems hurt COVID responses. Our panel on pandemic lessons included Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo (center) and Dr. Caitlin Rivers (right). In many ways, modern advancements stole the show.....»»

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AI software can provide "roadmap" for biological discoveries

Predicting a protein's location within a cell can help researchers unlock a plethora of biological information that's critical for developing future scientific discoveries related to drug development and treating diseases like epilepsy. That's becaus.....»»

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Examining domain walls in magnetic nanowires

Magnetic domains walls are known to be a source of electrical resistance due to the difficulty for transport electron spins to follow their magnetic texture. This phenomenon holds potential for utilization in spintronic devices, where the electrical.....»»

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Recombinant and tunable spidroin hydrogels for drug release and cell culture

In a new study, researchers at Karolinska Institutet show that recombinant spider silk protein hydrogels have many attractive features. They allow encapsulation of cells and bioactive molecules simply by incubation at 37°C. They are transparent, whi.....»»

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Modi"s US$24 billion manufacturing push is stuck on the assembly line

A US$10 billion push to make semiconductors in India is on shaky ground......»»

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Pre-COVID inventory levels may not return

The automotive industry's "new normal" might be characterized by lower inventory levels than before the pandemic, as well as more of an emphasis on pre-selling and secure supply chains, Cloud Theory says......»»

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