Cuba Jamming Ham Radio? Listen For Yourself

A public SDR network triangulates the island as the source of mystery signals As anti-government protests spilled onto the streets in Cuba on July 11, something strange was happening on the airwaves. Amateur radio operators in the United States.....»»

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Moon"s Tycho crater revealed in intricate detail

The National Science Foundation's Green Bank Observatory (GBO) and National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), and Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) have released a new high-resolution image of the moon, the highest-ever taken from the ground usi.....»»

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"Black widow" pulsar detected in globular cluster NGC 6712

Using the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), astronomers have discovered a new pulsar in the globular cluster NGC 6712. The newly found object is a so-called "black widow," and the first radio pulsar identified so far in th.....»»

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How to turn off commentary in NBA 2K22

The commentary in NBA 2K22 is entertaining, but it can get repetitive after a while. Here's how you can turn off commentary and listen to the crowd instead......»»

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RIP Sir Clive Sinclair, creator of UK’s famed ZX Spectrum gaming computer

Began his career as a mail-order radio salesman; failed to launch 1980s electric cars. Enlarge / Sir Clive Sinclair holding the world's smallest television screen when it was created by Sinclair Radionics in 1977. (credit: Getty Images) Sir Cl.....»»

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Gillmor Gang: Off the Wall

Most of us count the golden age of Michael Jackson’s career with the Quincy Jones produced global smashes of Thriller and Bad. Fueled by the stream of videos and multi-single releases (5 on Bad), the records dominated the charts, radio, and MTV.....»»

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How to listen to Roku TV with your headphones

With private listening in the Roku app, you can listen to movies and TV shows through headphones paired or connected to your phone or tablet. Here's how......»»

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People only pay attention to new information when they want to

A new paper in the Journal of the European Economic Association, published by Oxford University Press, indicates that we tend to listen to people who tell us things we'd like to believe and ignore people who tell us things we'd prefer not to be true......»»

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‘Neurograins’ Could be the Next Brain-Computer Interfaces

Dozens of microchips scattered over the cortical surface might allow researchers to listen in on thousands of neurons at the same time......»»

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SiriusXM launches ‘TikTok Radio,’ a music channel featuring viral hits hosted by TikTok stars

If viral TikTok songs like Dr. Dog’s “Where’d All the Time Go?” or Bo Burnham’s “Bezos I” weren’t already stuck in your head on loop, now they could be. Today SiriusXM launched a TikTok Radio channel, w.....»»

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Never-before-seen radio waves detected from nearby stars and distant galaxies

Scientists have measured thousands of nearby stars and far away galaxies that have never been identified before at radio wavelengths, while studying a galactic body that neighbors our own Milky Way galaxy—the Large Magellanic Cloud......»»

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Spotify expands its radio DJ-like format, Music + Talk, to global creators

Last fall, Spotify introduced a new format that combined spoken word commentary with music, allowing creators to reproduce the radio-like experience of listening to a DJ or music journalist who shared their perspective on the tracks they would then p.....»»

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How to use Alexa to play radio stations

Did you know Alexa can access tens of thousands of local, national, and international radio stations? Here’s how to get Alexa to play radio stations......»»

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Senate Approves Rubio-Scott Amendment To Provide Free Internet To Cuba

Tuesday evening, the U.S. Senate approved an amendment proposed by Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio for the administration of President Joe Biden to provide free Internet to Cubans on the island. The Islander News reports: On a Twitter post, Senato.....»»

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Deep dive into stupid: Meet the growing group that rejects germ theory

Germ theory denialist Facebook group went from 147 members in April 2020 to 18.4K now. Enlarge / This thriving Facebook group says viruses don't cause disease and the pandemic isn't real. (credit: Facebook) Listen up, sheeple: COVID-19 doesn'.....»»

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GOP congressman gets COVID-19 after suing Pelosi over mask rule

Rep. Ralph Norman is fully vaccinated and has only a mild infection. Enlarge / US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) speaks as Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) (3rd-R) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) (R) listen during a news conference outside the US.....»»

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Why the Internet in Cuba Has Become a US Political Hot Potato

After Havana shut down online access for 72 hours, the battle is on to keep the country connected. From a report: Cubans used to joke about Napoleon Bonaparte chatting to Mikhail Gorbachev, George W Bush and Fidel Castro in the afterlife. "If I'd hav.....»»

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Jet Set Radio’s Beat guest stars in Super Monkey Ball Mania

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania will include Beat from the Jet Set Radio series as an unlockable character......»»

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Scientists Could One Day Float an Aerial Robot Above Venus

Researchers recently tested whether a balloon-borne sensor could listen for venusquakes to learn about the planet's makeup......»»

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Study sheds more light on the nature of HESS J1857+026

Argentinian astronomers have conducted radio observations of a very-high-energy gamma-ray source known as HESS J1857+026. Results of this study provide new insights into the nature of this mysterious source. The research was detailed in a paper publi.....»»

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Citizen, real-time crime alert app, is now selling access to its on-demand safety agents

Next time you're walking alone at night or meeting up with a stranger for a first date, one startup, the real-time crime alert app Citizen, would like to listen in -- with the goal of protecting you......»»

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