COVID has had an impact on academics" well-being

The COVID pandemic has had a considerable impact on academics' work and well-being. They have had much less time to spend on their research. The Young Academy and the Dutch Network of Women Professors have conducted research into how the situation ha.....»»

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COVID Threatens to Bring a Wave of Hikikomori to America

We should work to protect others from falling into long-term social withdrawal -- Read more on»»

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Our Best Bets against COVID

Early studies show that to fight new variants like Omicron boosters are necessary -- Read more on»»

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These Are the Latest COVID Treatments

But shortages mean that new antivirals and other drugs may be hard to come by -- Read more on»»

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Three Large Studies Show COVID Vaccines Fight Omicron - With Booster Shots

"Three studies released Friday offered more evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are standing up to the omicron variant, at least among people who received booster shots," reports the Associated Press: They are the first large U.S. studies to look at vac.....»»

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Mission: Impossible 7 Has Been Delayed Yet Again

For the third time, Mission Impossible 7's release date has been pushed back. The beleaguered film has been one of Hollywood's most high-profile victims of complications caused by COVID.Mission Impossible 7 is being delayed once again, moving from Se.....»»

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Arctic Bearz: An Integrated one-of-a-kind Firm Ensuring that Polar Bears are here to Stay

Striving hard to create a positive impact and contribute to society in many ways is Arctic Bearz. Each sector is busy in creating their own sound finance. Where one company comes-up with a unique motive to save Polar Bears. As it’s turning into.....»»

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Twitter is listing famous families that would only get 4 free COVID-19 tests

Last week, the U.S. government announced that it's buying one billion rapid COVID-19 tests to distribute to Americans for free — a welcome step in helping prevent and slow the spread of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, just like all good news th.....»»

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Peloton will reportedly halt making... basically everything

The gold rush days of the pandemic seem to be over for Peloton.There are few companies more associated with COVID than the fitness upstart. Peloton became the it fitness item to have during the virus's surge as folks began working from home and gyms.....»»

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Two cannabinoids have opposing effects on SARS-CoV-2 in culture

In early tests, CBD inhibits the virus, but THC blocks this effect. Enlarge / Don't try this at home. Seriously. We mean it. (credit: Anna Efetova) Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have tested a wide range.....»»

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An experimental COVID-19 treatment pill, called molnupiravir and being developed by Merck & Co Inc and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics LP, is seen in this undated handout photo released by Merck & Co Inc and obtained by Reuters May 17, 2021. Merck & Co Inc.....»»

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A doctor vaccinates a person with a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in Vienna, Austria April 26, 2021. REUTERS/Lisi NiesnerAustria's conservative government said  Thursday it was launching a national lottery to encourage holdouts to.....»»

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Lockdown saw couples share housework and childcare more evenly—but these changes didn"t last

It may feel like a common occurrence today, but if you cast your mind back to the first COVID lockdown, having whole families working and studying from home was a very unfamiliar situation. And it was one that had unfamiliar consequences......»»

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Changing the genetic "recipe" for protovertebrates

When baking a cake, even a small change to your recipe can have a major impact on the final product. Recently, researchers in Japan have demonstrated that a small alteration in the gene expression "recipe" of the model organism Ciona intestinalis lea.....»»

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Research reveals impacts on hotel brands used for COVID quarantine

As vaccination rates continue to rise and government border policies change, the need for hotel quarantine is fading......»»

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Balanced diet can mitigate negative impact of pests for bumblebees

Bumblebees are important pollinators because they pollinate many different plant species and are extremely resilient. They can still manage to fly at temperatures that are too cold for other pollinators. Like many other insects, they are in sharp dec.....»»

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Why you might want to consider a pilgrimage for your next holiday or day trip

We have been living in a COVID-19 pandemic world for two years—and almost everything about our lives has been affected. Travel and holidays in particular have been constrained through border closures and lockdowns. It's too early to say what effect.....»»

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Consistent asteroid showers rock previous thinking on Mars craters

New Curtin University research has confirmed the frequency of asteroid collisions that formed impact craters on Mars has been consistent over the past 600 million years......»»

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Size selective fishing can ruin chance of catching big fish in the future

Fishermen have always competed to get the biggest fish. New research show that this has a negative, long term impact on the whole ecosystem......»»

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Marine sponge cells in 3D could ramp up production of drug compounds

There are more than 9,000 species of marine sponges (Phylum Porifera) worldwide, which are a source of novel natural products. They contain promising chemical agents that may be useful in combatting cancer, COVID-19 and antibiotic-resistant Staphyloc.....»»

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Latest COVID Surge Pushes Parents to Next-Level Stress

The new normal this winter is longer drives for kids’ tests, multiday waits for results, drug-store restock alerts and social media tips -- Read more on»»

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