Comprehensive new report tackles food safety risks in the informal sector of developing countries

A report commissioned by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the CGIAR Initiative on One Health highlights the urgent need for innovative strategies to address food safety risks in the informal sector of developing countries. Th.....»»

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Air pollution from fires hits world"s poorest hardest: study

People in poorer countries are disproportionately suffering from air pollution spewed from the increasing scourge of fires in forests and fields around the world, according to new research published Wednesday......»»

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The deep genetic structure of Africa reveals unique ancestry of inhabitants of the Angolan Namib

Africa is the birthplace of modern humans and the continent with the highest level of genetic diversity. While ancient DNA studies are revealing some aspects of the genetic structure of Africa before the spread of food production, issues concerning D.....»»

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Asian women are still a minority in diplomatic positions: How we can fix this?

The 2022 Global Gender Gap Report showed Asian countries have managed to narrow the gender gap in economic, education and health sectors. But when it comes to political participation, the gap persists......»»

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Migratory birds can be taught to adjust to climate change, study shows

One result of climate change is that spring is arriving earlier. However, migratory birds are not keeping up with these developments and arrive too late for the peak in food availability when it is time for breeding. By getting the birds to fly a lit.....»»

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Toyota to speed up EV production, aims for over 600,000 vehicles in 2025, report says

Toyota Group is seeking to raise EV production to about 150,000 vehicles in 2023 and gradually increase it further to about 190,000 next year on the way to producing 600,000 vehicles in 2025......»»

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Why Americans can"t purchase cheap Chinese EVs

Logistics, safety protocols and politics, for now, are playing key roles......»»

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Rocket Report: Two small launchers fail in flight; Soyuz crew flies to ISS

This wasn't a great week for small launch vehicles. Enlarge / NASA Astronaut Loral O'Hara, Russian commander Oleg Kononenko, and cosmonaut Nikolai Chub prepare for launch September 15 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. (cr.....»»

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Another top Silicon Valley investor is splitting off its China business as pressure mounts

GGV Capital, a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm, has become the latest big investor to break up its US and China operations into separate companies as tensions between the two countries over tech and geopolitics continue to rise......»»

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Check out this old news report of when Apple released the first iPhone

Apple has started delivering the first iPhone 15 devices to customers. This old news report shows the very first iPhone going on sale 16 years ago......»»

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Despite risks fish farms are booming in Africa

Farming fish has seen rapid growth in Africa but it can be an expensive, high-risk operation......»»

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Generative AI already being used in majority of college classrooms, according to new survey

A new report from Wiley suggests that generative artificial intelligence (AI) is already being used in the majority of college classrooms—and that number could climb quickly......»»

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Teacher well-being not a priority in schools, experts warn

Against a backdrop of funding shortages and recruitment issues across the education sector, two education experts argue that equipping leaders with more soft skills will improve mental health and well-being in school staff......»»

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Suicide in Ghana: Society expects men to be providers. A new study explores this pressure

Suicide is a complex behavior that is widely regarded as a significant public health issue across the globe. It is influenced by psychiatric, psychological, biological, social, cultural, economic and existential factors. In most countries, the rate o.....»»

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Exotic tree species in the forest mean loss of grazing land for reindeer

Semi-domesticated reindeer avoid winter habitats with exotic lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta), introduced from Northern America. Reduced food supply and dense stands probably contribute to the reindeers' avoidance behavior of areas with tall P. contor.....»»

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Cleveland-Cliffs clashes with U.S. Steel as sale process gets underway, report says

U.S. Steel has not opened its books to Cliffs since announcing on Aug. 13 it will explore a sale, even as it accepts initial bids this week from other potential acquirers......»»

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Genome Sequenced

DNA sequencing can assess your risk of developing certain diseases. It could even help provide medicines personalized to your genes one day. Governments want you to get involved......»»

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Using satellite data to enhance global food security

Accurate estimates and forecasts of crop area and yield play an important role in guiding policy decisions related to food security, especially in light of the growing impacts of climate change. IIASA researchers and colleagues highlight the value of.....»»

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Intel developing its own stacked cache tech to compete with AMD 3D V-Cache

Intel is working on its own version of stacked cache pioneered by rival AMD, though it looks to be a couple of generations away at least......»»

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Impact of Child Trust Funds in the UK "a missed opportunity," researchers say

Researchers from Aston and Lincoln Universities have conducted a comprehensive study to evaluate the effectiveness of Child Trust Funds (CTFs) in the United Kingdom......»»

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Looks matter—handsome bank CEOs can earn a million more than their less attractive colleagues

Appearance significantly influences the compensation of chief executive officers in the banking sector. In American banks, CEOs with more attractive facial features earn, on average, one million dollars more per year than their less appealing colleag.....»»

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