Coalesce Partner Program helps automate the modern data stack

Coalesce has announced a new partner program to expand training options and teamwork, as well as to help Snowflake Data Cloud customers more effectively manage their modern data stack. The Coalesce Partner Program now features three tiers – Select,.....»»

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BlackBerry and Upstream Security join forces to protect software-defined vehicles

BlackBerry announced a partnership with Upstream Security to enable automakers to strengthen the overall security posture of their vehicles, by leveraging the rich telemetry data and edge compute capabilities from BlackBerry IVY. Upstream’s clo.....»»

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Datadog Workflow Automation helps security teams investigate and resolve service disruptions

Datadog released Workflow Automation, a new product that enables teams to automate end-to-end remediation processes—with out-of-the-box actions and pre-built templates—across all systems, apps and services to help identify, investigate and resolv.....»»

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Appdome collaborates with GitHub to automate delivery of secure mobile apps

Appdome has integrated its platform with GitHub to accelerate the delivery of secure mobile apps globally. GitHub Actions is now part of the Appdome Dev2Cyber Agility Partner Initiative to accelerate the delivery of secure mobile apps globally. With.....»»

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Trulioo announces platform enhancements to automate KYB and KYC verification

Trulioo released new capabilities for automated business and person verification workflows. The latest update bolsters Trulioo global leadership by expanding geographic coverage and localization for person verification and further automating business.....»»

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DigiCert and ReversingLabs partner to advance software supply chain security

DigiCert has partnered with ReversingLabs to enhance software security by combining advanced binary analysis and threat detection from ReversingLabs with DigiCert’s enterprise-grade secure code signing solution. DigiCert customers will benefit.....»»

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Early Apple Vision Pro neurological research helps it predict when you"ll click

Apple Vision Pro involved a lot of neuroscience to develop some of its key features, according to a former Apple engineer, with it relying on various tricks to determine what a person could be about to do in the interface.The main interface of Apple'.....»»

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Landmark Supreme Court decision in Nepal helps protect wildlife and ensure social justice

A Nepalese conservationist has successfully petitioned Nepal's Supreme Court, securing an order that will see key wildlife conservation laws better enforced—including among the country's powerful and elite......»»

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MoveIt hack: What action can data-breach victims take?

Experts give advice to the more than 100,000 warned their personal data is in the hands of cyber-criminals......»»

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With AI trending, cooling solutions are also receiving attention

In the face of a global demand slowdown, AI remains a hot topic and gradually shows its importance across all industries. However, with computing power continuously expanding and data storage access increasingly frequent, the issue of power consumpti.....»»

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Microsoft to pay $20m for child privacy violations

The tech giant used data collected from child Xbox users without telling parents, US regulators say......»»

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Big data astronomy: Using statistics in a new way to decipher the universe

The digital age has been a tremendous boon to the fields of both statistics and astronomy. However, according to Dr. Max Bonamente, a professor of physics and astronomy at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), most astronomers are not suffic.....»»

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First developer betas for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, watchOS 10, macOS Sonoma are out

Shortly after unveiling macOS Sonoma and various other updates, Apple wasted no time making its operating system's initial beta versions available to users.Apple releases new betasDevelopers enrolled in the program can access the latest builds by eit.....»»

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Apple and Disney partner for Apple Vision Pro Disney+ day-one launch

Disney CEO Bob Iger made a surprise appearance during the WWDC keynote to announce that the Disney+ app will launch on Apple Vision Pro with 3D interactive experiences from "Star Wars" and National Geographic — and more.Disney+ will be available at.....»»

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This bracelet helps you fall asleep faster and sleep longer

If you're having trouble sleeping, then this wearable might be the solution you're looking for, and you can even get it cheaper through Digital Trends.....»»

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7 in 10 pupils want an education that helps them tackle the climate crisis, finds UK report

Secondary school pupils feel the climate change education they receive is too focused on passing exams and doesn't equip them with the skills they need to tackle the climate crisis, according to a new report......»»

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Social media snaps map the sweep of Japan"s cherry blossom season in unprecedented detail

Social media contains enormous amounts of data about people, our everyday lives, and our interactions with our surroundings. As a byproduct, it also contains a vast trove of information about the natural world......»»

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A Secret Key to Saving Species Is Blowing in the Wind

Scientists just figured out that thousands of air quality stations have been accidentally gathering invaluable DNA data on local organisms......»»

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Self-teaching web app improves speed, accuracy of classifying DNA variations among cereal varieties

Agricultural Research Service and Washington State University scientists have developed an innovative web app called BRIDGEcereal that can quickly and accurately analyze the vast amount of genomic data now available for cereal crops and organize the.....»»

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Scientists discover air quality monitoring stations are collecting urgently needed biodiversity data

The accelerating loss of biodiversity and increasing rate of species extinction is a major threat to ecosystems around the globe. And yet, quantifying those losses at a large scale hasn't been possible, in large part due to a lack of the required inf.....»»

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Can forest fires be predicted? How drones, data and computer science are being used in western Canada

Where there's smoke, there's fire—and with tools ranging from fire tower lookouts to satellites, a forest fire can be readily detected......»»

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