Climate impacts drive east-west divide in forest seed production

Younger, smaller trees that comprise much of North America's eastern forests have increased their seed production under climate change, but older, larger trees that dominate forests in much of the West have been less responsive, a new Duke University.....»»

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Backed by Blossom, Creandum and Index, grocery delivery and dark store startup Dija launches in London

Dija, the London-based grocery delivery startup, is officially launching today and confirming that it raised £20 million in seed funding in December — a round that we first reported was partially closed the previous month. Backing the company.....»»

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Has Microsoft 365 Been Clinically Tested?

With new features coming straight out of Microsoft Labs into production I have a question: have they been clinically tested in workplaces? Continue reading........»»

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Apparent Atlantic warming cycle likely an artifact of climate forcing

Volcanic eruptions, not natural variability, were the cause of an apparent "Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation," a purported cycle of warming thought to have occurred on a timescale of 40 to 60 years during the pre-industrial era, according to a team.....»»

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Species evolve heat tolerance more slowly than cold tolerance

Many species might be left vulnerable in the face of climate change, unable to adapt their physiologies to respond to rapid global warming. According to a team of international researchers, species evolve heat tolerance more slowly than cold toleranc.....»»

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SpaceX Starlink factory in Texas will speed up production of Dishy McFlatface

Austin factory to create systems that improve SpaceX's high-volume manufacturing. Enlarge / The SpaceX Starlink satellite dish partway through a teardown. (credit: Ken Keither) SpaceX says it is building a factory in Austin, Texas, to design s.....»»

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ICESat-2 satellite reveals shape, depth of Antarctic ice shelf fractures

When a block of ice the size of Houston, Texas, broke off from East Antarctica's Amery Ice Shelf in 2019, scientists had anticipated the calving event, but not exactly where it would happen. Now, satellite data can help scientists measure the depth a.....»»

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Want to cut emissions that cause climate change? Tax carbon

Putting a price on producing carbon is the cheapest, most efficient policy change legislators can make to reduce emissions that cause climate change, new research suggests......»»

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Zinc oxide: Key component for the methanol synthesis reaction over copper catalysts

The current commercial production of methanol through the hydrogenation of the green-house gas CO2 relies on a catalyst consisting of copper, zinc oxide and aluminum oxide. Even though this catalyst has been used for many decades in the chemical indu.....»»

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How governments and companies should listen to the people on climate change

People are more engaged in reducing carbon emissions than previously thought—and governments, scientists and companies should listen to them—according to new research from the University of East Anglia and the UK Energy Research Centre......»»

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17% of food production globally wasted, UN report estimates

Instead of finishing your leftovers, you let them go bad and buy takeout......»»

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Your favorite fishing stream may be at high risk from climate change – here"s how to tell

Many of the streams that people count on for fishing, water and recreation are getting warmer as global temperatures rise. But they aren't all heating up in the same way......»»

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Gene drives may help control invasive grey squirrel in the UK

Existing gene drive technologies could be combined to help control the invasive grey squirrel population in the UK with little risk to other populations, according to a modelling study published in Scientific Reports......»»

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Social commerce startup Elenas raises $6M and plans for international expansion

Colombian startup Elenas says it’s helping tens of thousands of women make money by selling products online. And today, it announced that it has raised $6 million in Series A funding. That’s on top of the $2 million seed round that Elenas.....»»

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Foam shortage looms over seating suppliers, auto production

Automaker purchasing teams are scrambling after the Texas winter storm. that shut refineries pinched supply of needed byproducts......»»

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Chip shortages expected to worsen as Texas fabs struggle to restart production

As reported by Reuters, Samsung, NXP Semiconductors, and Infineon Technologies were all ordered to close their factories in Austin, Texas, last month so power could be prioritized for people's homes, a result of the winter storm that killed at least.....»»

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Climate disasters prompt Australia"s first platypus refuge

The world's first dedicated platypus refuge will be established to rescue the unique Australian animals from climate change-fuelled crises, as bushfires and drought increasingly threaten their habitat......»»

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Climate change "winners" may owe financial compensation to polluters

Climate change is generally portrayed as an environmental and societal threat with entirely negative consequences. However, some sectors of the global economy may actually end up benefiting......»»

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Gender assumptions harm progress on climate adaption and resilience

Scientists say outdated assumptions around gender continue to hinder effective and fair policymaking and action for climate mitigation and adaptation......»»

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Timber Trade Federation exhibits six "conversation pieces" made from responsibly sourced timber

Dezeen promotion: the UK Timber Trade Federation is showcasing the winning entries of its Conversations about Climate Change design competition via a virtual exhibition and event series. Read more Dezeen promotion: the UK Timber Trade Federa.....»»

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Indian state government website exposed COVID-19 lab test results

A security flaw in a website run by the government of West Bengal in India exposed the lab results of at least hundreds of thousands of residents, though likely millions, who took a COVID-19 test. The website is part of the West Bengal governmentR.....»»

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