Cleaner fish from salmon farming affect wild populations

A growing demand for cleaner fish in salmon farms raises concerns about overfishing and human-mediated geneflow to wild populations. A recent study reveals that up to 20 percent of the local populations of corkwing wrasse in mid Norway may constitute.....»»

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Without commuter traffic, pandemic-era drivers are speeding up, increasing noise pollution

When millions of Americans began working from home, city traffic halted. Although the air became cleaner, researchers discovered that sound levels increased in nature conservation areas due to cars driving faster......»»

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Discovery of huge Raman scattering at atomic point contact

Nanofabrication of electronic devices has reached a single nanometer scale (10-9 m). The rapid advancement of nanoscience and nanotechnology now requires atomic-scale optical spectroscopy in order to characterize atomistic structures that will affect.....»»

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Artificial intelligence makes great microscopes better than ever

To observe the swift neuronal signals in a fish brain, scientists have started to use a technique called light-field microscopy, which makes it possible to image such fast biological processes in 3D. But the images are often lacking in quality, and i.....»»

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New weather warning gauge for Australia

Australia, the driest inhabited continent, is prone to natural disasters and wild swings in weather conditions—from floods to droughts, heatwaves and bushfires......»»

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The African wild dog: Ambassador for the world"s largest terrestrial conservation area

The world's largest terrestrial conservation area is located in southern Africa and covers 520,000 square kilometers spanning five countries. A study from the University of Zurich now shows that the endangered African wild dog mostly remains within t.....»»

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Unsolved mysteries of the Warhammer 40k universe with loremaster Dan Abnett

Best-selling author goes deep—like, real deep—on wild and crazy Warhammer questions. Shot by Adam Lance Garcia and edited by Justin Sloan. Click here for transcript. (video link) It's been a while since we last got to do an episode of.....»»

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International team partners with UN to launch global initiative to map ungulate migrations

An international team of 92 scientists and conservationists has joined forces to create the first-ever global atlas of ungulate (hooved mammal) migrations, working in partnership with the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild An.....»»

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Aluminum may affect climate change by increasing ocean"s carbon sink capacity

Reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero as soon as possible and achieving "carbon neutrality" is the key to addressing global warming and climate change. The ocean is the largest active carbon pool on the planet, with huge potential to help ach.....»»

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Slender-snouted Besanosaurus was an 8-meter-long marine snapper

Middle Triassic ichthyosaurs are rare, and mostly small in size. The new Besanosaurus specimens described in the peer-reviewed journal PeerJ by Italian, Swiss, Dutch and Polish paleontologists provide new information on the anatomy of this fish-like.....»»

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Despite lower sulfur emissions in U.S. and Western Europe, air pollution is dropping more slowly

The air in the United States and Western Europe is much cleaner than even a decade ago. Low-sulfur oil standards and regulations on power plants have successfully cut sulfate concentrations in the air, reducing the fine particulate matter that harms.....»»

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Why Application Performance Monitoring Matters to Small Businesses

Application performance monitoring tools can identify and alert your IT staff to app slowdowns that affect user experience......»»

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Chip shortage continues, US asks Taiwan to prioritize automakers

Ford, Renault, and Stellantis warn that Q2 production will be heavily affected. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) The worldwide semiconductor shortage continues to affect the automotive industry. One by one, automakers have warned.....»»

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Did the drop in COVID-related emissions affect the climate?

As social and economic activity ground to a halt around the world in 2020 in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols dropped. In the United States, where lockdowns that began in March kept many Americans off the.....»»

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“Agricomb” is the perfect tool for measuring gases from cow burps

More precise measurements could help boost yields and enable design of cleaner farms Enlarge / It's a myth that cows fart methane; they actually burp out the greenhouse gas. Agriculture now has a new tool for measuring that methane, which could.....»»

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Breakthrough study shows no-take marine reserves benefit overfished reefs

A powerful, long-term study from WCS adds scientific backing for global calls for conserving 30 percent of the world's ocean. The studied no-take marine protected areas (MPAs) increased the growth of fish populations by 42 percent when fishing was un.....»»

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Endangered condor egg hatches in Northern California"s wild

A California condor egg has hatched in Northern California's wild, the newest member of Pinnacles National Park's recovery program for the endangered species......»»

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Fitness ring maker Oura raises $100M

It’s been a wild couple of years for Oura. Last year, in particular, proved to be a major driver for the wearable fitness manufacturer. With the pandemic bringing professional sports to a screeching halt in 2020, a number of major leagues have adop.....»»

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Polarization and mobilization on social media affect infection figures

Measures to contain the Corona pandemic are the subject of politically charged debate and tend to polarize segments of the population. Those who support the measures motivate their acquaintances to follow the rules, while those who oppose them call f.....»»

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Tiny plastic particles in the environment

Wherever scientists look, they can spot them: whether in remote mountain lakes, in Arctic sea ice, in the deep-ocean floor or in air samples, even in edible fish—thousands upon thousands of microscopic plastic particles in the micro to millimeter r.....»»

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Mangroves and seagrasses absorb microplastics

Mangroves and seagrasses grow in many places along the coasts of the world, and these 'blue forests' constitute an important environment for a large number of animals. Here, juvenile fish can hide until they are big enough to take care of themselves;.....»»

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