China To Close Loophole Used by Tech Firms for Foreign IPOs

China is planning to ban companies from going public on foreign stock markets through variable interest entities -- Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter -- closing a loophole long used by the country's technology indus.....»»

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All Charges Dropped Against MIT Professor Accused of Hiding Ties to China

Remember that MIT professor accused of hiding the work he did for the Chinese government? (He was arrested for not disclosing it on federal grant applications, with a U.S. attorney announcing "It is not illegal to collaborate with foreign researchers.....»»

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Ask Slashdot: Do We Need Better Computer Programming Courses For Visual Learners?

Two-thirds of technology firms are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, reports the BBC (citing a recent report from recruitment firm Harvey Nash). But what's the solution? In an article shared by Chrisq, the BBC's business technology report.....»»

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In High-Tech San Francisco, a Pilot Program Tries Guaranteed Incomes for Artists

In 2015 the San Francisco Arts Commission surveyed nearly 600 local artists. "More than 70% of them had either already left San Francisco or were about to be displaced from their work, home or both," reports, adding "The pandemic has only.....»»

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Sources: AirPods Case Could Soon Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

According to the Nikkei, the incoming AirPods will be powered by a high-tech case that could wirelessly charge itself, your earbuds, and your iPhone. AirPods fans are eagerly waiting for a new model of their favorite premium wireless earbuds next ye.....»»

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iOS 12 Will Make Your Older iPhone, iPad like New

Apple advises all users to upgrade their devices to the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 12. The tech company claims that the new OS can boost the performance of older iPhones and iPads even if they were first launched in 2013. The.....»»

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Pokémon Go Creator Shatters the Ultimate AR Limitation

Pokemon Go creator Niantic unveiled a new tech that is designed to shatter a strong AR limitation: the inability of computer-generated objects to disappear behind real-world objects. The latest tech was showcased using the company’s record-breaking.....»»

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Billionaires Bankroll Cell Rejuvenation Tech as the Latest Gambit to Slow Aging

Startups bet that carefully controlled cell reprogramming may lead to age reversal, but hurdles remain -- Read more on»»

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Intel says it will switch to TSMC’s 2019 chipmaking tech by 2025

It’s no secret that Apple chipmaker TSMC is years ahead of Intel, so it’s almost touching when Intel proudly announces that it expects to switch to TSMC’s 2019 chipmaking tech by 2025 … more… The post Intel says it wi.....»»

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After Wi-Fi 6e comes Wi-Fi 7, promising 40Gbps real-world speeds

At a time when many haven’t yet upgraded to Wi-Fi 6, let alone 6e, tech companies are already making plans for Wi-Fi 7… more… The post After Wi-Fi 6e comes Wi-Fi 7, promising 40Gbps real-world speeds appeared first on 9to5Mac......»»

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Latest Apple Arcade games for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV [New: Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis]

Apple Arcade launched with close to 100 titles and the service is seeing new games added regularly with over 200 games now in the library. Follow along with our guide on the latest from Apple’s gaming service. New for 1/21: Nickelodeon Extre.....»»

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HomeKit Weekly: SwitchBot Button Pusher can switch on dumb appliances using Homebridge and HomeKit

I’ve joked that if I were “super-rich,” that I’d love to hire someone whose only job would be to hand me a large cup of coffee as soon as I walked out of my bedroom. HomeKit hasn’t let me do that, but it’s getting me close. Read on t.....»»

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macOS Monterey 12.2 Release Date: Tips & Tricks

macOS Monterey 12.2 Release Date: Tips & Tricks is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. The macOS Monterey 12.2 release date is getting close and some Mac users might want to start preparing for the software’s arrival. macOS Monterey 12.1.....»»

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Microsoft Buying Activision Blizzard Might Be Good For Gamers, But Bad for Developers

On Tuesday tech giant Microsoft announced its proposed purchase of gaming company Activision Blizzard for nearly $69 billion. The deal would grant Microsoft ownership over globally recognized franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy.....»»

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Amazon"s high-tech clothing store concept: Just turn retail workers into warehouse gophers

From the bitchy shop girls in Pretty Woman to the bitchy shop girls in Legally Blonde, the retail workers tasked with helping you shop for clothes get a bad rap. But even Elle Woods — who knows the value of talking someone out of a truly heinou.....»»

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Ninja Van kickstarts 2022 with launch of the largest warehouse in Malaysia

Ninja Van, one of Southeast Asia's leading tech-enabled express logistics companies, has unveiled its newest warehouse, located in Shah Alam, Malaysia......»»

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Study: Leidenfrost effect occurs in all three water phases: Solid, liquid, and vapor

But there's a much higher threshold of 550° C for levitation of an ice disk to occur. Slow-motion video of boiling ice, a research project of the Nature-Inspired Fluids and Interfaces Lab at Virginia Tech. Dash a few drops of water onto.....»»

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US unveils changes to attract foreign science, tech students

The Biden administration on Friday announced policy changes to attract international students specializing in science, technology, engineering and math—part of the broader effort to make the U.S. economy more competitive......»»

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Security Flaws Seen In China"s Mandatory Olympics App For Athletes

schwit1 writes: The mandatory smartphone app that athletes will use to report health and travel data when they are in China for the Olympics next month has serious encryption flaws, according to a new report, raising security questions about the sys.....»»

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Rhino horn consumers reveal why a legal trade alone won"t save rhinos

Demand for rhino horn in Asian markets, especially Vietnam and China, has pushed the remaining rhino populations to the brink of extinction. In the past decade, nearly 10,000 rhinos were killed by poachers in Africa. The remaining rhino populations i.....»»

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Teleconnection from North Atlantic contributes to persistence of cold surges over South China Sea

Cold surge over the South China Sea is known as a typical but hazardous weather phenomenon during the boreal winter. It exhibits important socioeconomic effects on adjacent countries......»»

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