Certain gut microbes make mosquitoes more prone to carry malaria parasite

Dietary sugars and gut microbes play a key role in promoting malaria parasite infection in mosquitoes. Researchers in China have uncovered evidence that mosquitoes fed a sugar diet show an increased abundance of the bacterial species Asaia bogorensis.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgApr 20th, 2021

Study describes new mechanism for terminating transcription of DNA into RNA in bacteria

A bacterial protein helps to stop transcription—the process of making RNA copies of DNA to carry out the functions of the cell—by causing the cellular machinery that transcribes the DNA to pause at the appropriate spots in the genome. The protein.....»»

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Essential virulence proteins of corn smut discovered

To infect its host plant maize, the fungal parasite Ustilago maydis uses a complex of seven proteins. Numerous findings reveal an essential role of the complex in causing disease and suggest a widespread occurence in fungal plant pathogens......»»

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New weather warning gauge for Australia

Australia, the driest inhabited continent, is prone to natural disasters and wild swings in weather conditions—from floods to droughts, heatwaves and bushfires......»»

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Tiny amino acid differences can lead to dramatically different enzymes

Just a few changes to an enzyme's amino acids can be enough to dramatically change its function, enabling microbes to inhabit wildly different environments......»»

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9,000 fliers may have had reused swabs jammed up their noses in Indonesia

Five workers were arrested for washing and reusing cotton swabs for testing. Enlarge / BANGKA BELITUNG ISLANDS, INDONESIA - DECEMBER 21, 2020: Health workers carry out a rapid antigen test on a passenger at Deapti Amir Airport, Pangkal Pinang C.....»»

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Using environmental microbes to remove uranium from groundwater

Uranium contamination of soils and groundwater in the United States represents a significant health risk and will require multiple remediation approaches......»»

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A new method to trigger rain where water is scarce

A new method to trigger rain in places where water is scarce is being tested in the United Arab Emirates using unmanned drones that were designed and manufactured at the University of Bath. The drones carry an electric charge that is released into a.....»»

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Autonomous trucking startup Einride raises $110M ahead of expansion into US

Einride, the Swedish startup known for its unusual-looking electric and autonomous pods that are designed to carry freight, has raised $110 million to help fund its expansion in Europe and into the United States. The Series B round, which far exceeds.....»»

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Strange isotopes: Scientists explain a methane isotope paradox of the seafloor

Methane, a chemical compound with the molecular formula CH4, is not only a powerful greenhouse gas, but also an important energy source. It heats our homes, and even seafloor microbes make a living of it. The microbes use a process called anaerobic o.....»»

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First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released In the United States

A biotechnology firm has released genetically modified mosquitoes into the United States for the first time. Long-time Slashdot reader clovis shares the report via Nature: The experiment, launched this week in the Florida Keys -- over the objections.....»»

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Understanding how the COVID-19 virus enters the body and drugs that could mitigate infection

In the search for treatments for COVID-19, many researchers are focusing their attention on a specific protein that allows the virus to infect human cells. This protein, which cells carry on their surface, is called angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (A.....»»

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Washington Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship application now open

10 Fellows will be selected to carry out three-year STEM projects at eligible Washington state research institutions As a WRF Fellow, I have been able to meet and connect with a vast network of scientists working on diverse areas of research in Washi.....»»

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Natural immunity to malaria provides clues to potential therapies

Researchers have identified how natural human antibodies can block malaria parasites from entering red blood cells, potentially indicating how new protective therapies could be developed against this globally significant disease. The research provide.....»»

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Healthy plants appear to carry bacteria in their cells

International experts have described for the first time how healthy plants appear to carry bacteria in their cells, opening a new avenue of research to improve future plant health and propagation efforts—including food crops such as grains and frui.....»»

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Fasting lowers blood pressure by reshaping the gut microbiota

For the first time researchers demonstrate that intermittent fasting can reduce hypertension by reshaping the gut microbiota in an animal model......»»

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Deep under the ocean, microbes are active and poised to eat whatever comes their way

The subseafloor constitutes one of the largest and most understudied ecosystems on Earth. While it is known that life survives deep down in the fluids, rocks, and sediments that make up the seafloor, scientists know very little about the conditions a.....»»

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Canola growth environments and genetics shape their seed microbiomes

Just as humans receive the first members of their microbiomes from their mothers, seeds may harbor some of the first microorganisms plants encounter. While these initial microbes could become influential players in the plants' microbiomes, the microb.....»»

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A Year in Remote Work: Looking Back to Look Forward

Last year transformed many of our organizations for the better. Where should we focus in the months ahead to ensure we carry these lessons forward? Continue reading........»»

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Flood risk to new homes in England and Wales will increase in disadvantaged areas

The building of new homes continues in flood-prone parts of England and Wales, and losses from flooding remain high. A new study, which looked at a recent decade of house building, concluded that a disproportionate number of homes built in struggling.....»»

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New study shows microbes trap massive amounts of carbon

Violent continental collisions and volcanic eruptions are not things normally associated with comfortable conditions for life. However, a new study, involving University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Associate Professor of Microbiology Karen Lloyd, unveil.....»»

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