Carriers respond to Hurricane Ian with free access for non-customers, unlimited data, and more

AT&T on Thursday announced new measures to ensure that customers of other carriers can stay connected amid Hurricane Ian, which has been causing historic damage in Florida. The company says that these customers will be able to roam on AT&T’s netwo.....»»

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Save $200 on Apple"s M2 MacBook Air with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

Readers this week can save $200 on Apple's high-end MacBook Air, with units in stock plus free expedited delivery.Save $200 on this MacBook Air.The $200 exclusive discount on Apple's 2022 MacBook Air is courtesy of B&H Photo. The high-end M2 configur.....»»

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Here’s how marsh grass shrimp reduce drag while swimming

The shrimp flexes its legs on the recovery stroke and keeps them close together. This is how a free-swimming marsh grass shrimp (Palaemonetes vulgaris) moves forward using metachronal locomotion to reduce drag. Marsh grass shrimp (P.....»»

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New instrument measures supercurrent flow; data has applications in quantum computing

Jigang Wang offered a quick walk-around of a new sort of microscope that can help researchers understand—and ultimately develop—the inner workings of quantum computing......»»

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Meta facing lawsuit over reported tax sharing scandal

A lawsuit has alleged that Meta collected the data of users of several popular tax software tools improperly......»»

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Biggest Apple News+ magazines may be having a tough time

New data shows that people are reading fewer big-name publications in the Apple News+ subscription service — but it's not clear if it's a sign of a wider trend.Apple NewsCirculation numbers recently published by Press Gazette show that the top 25 m.....»»

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Hertz to pay $168 million to settle over 95% of wrongful theft report claims

Some customers had sued Hertz alleging the police detained or arrested individuals in error after the company reported rental cars were stolen......»»

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How to use foreign file systems in macOS

Apple's macOS provides a way to mount and access storage volumes used by other operating systems on your desktop. Here's how to get started.Your Mac is able to read an audio CD, or most USB thumbs drive pre-formatted for a Windows. The Mac has suppor.....»»

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Apple reveals the top podcasts of 2022

After announcing the App Store Awards and releasing Apple Music Replays for customers, Apple has now revealed what the top podcasts of 2022 were.Popular podcasts of 2022Inside the "Browse" tab within the Podcasts app, Apple shared various charts that.....»»

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Cosmic ray counts hidden in spacecraft data highlight influence of solar cycle at Mars and Venus

Measurements by ESA's long-serving twin missions, Mars Express and Venus Express, have captured the dance between the intensity of high-energy cosmic rays and the influence of the sun's activity across our inner solar system......»»

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A new milestone for laser technology: Seeded free-electron lasers

Extremely intense light pulses generated by free-electron lasers (FELs) are versatile tools in research. Particularly in the X-ray range, they can be deployed to analyze the details of atomic structures of a wide variety of materials and to follow fu.....»»

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The satellite data mapping Australia"s new climate extremes

For decades, satellites have been keeping a watchful eye on Earth, relaying increasingly precise, detailed and timelier information than ever before......»»

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Nothing Phone (1) could come to the US -- but not soon

The Nothing company wants to launch its Phone (1) in the US, and is talking with carriers — but it's not going to be taking on the iPhone on its home turf for years.Nothing Phone (1) launched in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, in July 2022, but.....»»

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New AirPods Pro extend Apple"s wireless earbud market dominance

Apple's launch of the second-generation AirPods Pro helped extend its lead in the "True Wireless Stereo" market in the third quarter, according to new market research data.Second-generation AirPods ProApple's AirPods lineup has dominated the TWS mark.....»»

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Stock running low? Consumers want to know

Retailers can reduce the number of incidents where they run out of certain products—known as stockouts—by telling shoppers supply is low, a strategy that can help retain customers over the long term, according to new research by Boston College As.....»»

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Japan vs Croatia live stream: watch the game for free

Looking to watch the free Japan vs Croatia live stream later today? Here's how to watch the big World Cup 2022 game entirely for free and legally......»»

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Brazil vs. South Korea live stream: Watch the game for free

Brazil vs. South Korea is streaming later today, and you can watch it all live. Here's how to watch Brazil vs. South Korea completely for free......»»

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iPhone 14 Pro lead time shortening, but has much room for improvement

Supplies of the iPhone 14 Pro models have improved and moderated lead times for getting into the hands of customers, JP Morgan's tracker indicates, but lead times will continue to be a focus throughout December.The iPhone 14 Pro Max camera bumpApple'.....»»

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Why a faff-free DaaS technology solution is the key to business success

A Device as a Service (DaaS) solution could give your business the hardware boost it needs to stand out on a flexible, pay-monthly subscription......»»

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Ford Pro agrees to send 2,000 electric vans to Deutsche Post DHL Group

Ford Pro, the automaker's unit focusing on commercial customers, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Deutsche Post DHL Group to supply the German courier service with 2,000 electric vans......»»

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What does Polly say? Community science data reveal species differences in vocal learning by parrots

While most animals don't learn their vocalizations, everyone knows that parrots do—they are excellent mimics of human speech. But how large is the vocabulary of different parrot species? Do males "talk" more than females? Does a parrot's vocabulary.....»»

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