California sets nation"s toughest plastics reduction rules

Companies selling shampoo, food and other products wrapped in plastic have a decade to cut down on their use of the polluting material if they want their wares on California store shelves......»»

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Court rules FCC is allowed to reassign 5.9 GHz bandwidth, killing V2X

Bandwidth was set aside in 1999, but V2X has been an abject failure. Enlarge / Technologists think that allowing cars to communicate with each other could eradicate traffic collisions. (credit: metamorworks/Getty Images) The.....»»

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Lord of the Rings mechanical keyboards are perfect for people who speak Elvish

Keyboards build on Drop's November release of LotR keycap sets. Enlarge / Don't worry, there are English legends, too. (credit: Drop) Middle-earth has seen more than its share of trials and challenges, but perhaps none more p.....»»

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Amazon workers walk off job at air freight facility to call for better pay and working conditions

A coalition of Amazon employees walked off the job on Monday at an air freight facility in San Bernardino, California, demanding better pay and working conditions, in the latest sign that worker organizing efforts continue to spread across the tech g.....»»

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NASA"s Europa Clipper spacecraft kicks assembly into high gear

The core of NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft has taken center stage in the Spacecraft Assembly Facility at the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. Standing 10 feet (3 meters) high and 5 feet (1.5 meters) wide, the craft's main.....»»

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New supramolecular plastic that is degradable and highly recyclable

A research group headed by senior researcher Jianwei Li at the MediCity Research Laboratory has explored a new type of materials called supramolecular plastics that would substitute the conventional polymeric plastics with an eco-friendlier material.....»»

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Top business execs more polarized than nation as whole

Nearly 70% of America's top executives are affiliated with the Republican Party and 31% with the Democrats, according to the recent paper "The Political Polarization of Corporate America," written by Elisabeth Kempf, associate professor of business a.....»»

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De-extinction company sets its next (first?) target: The thylacine

We killed the last thylacine about a century ago. Can we correct that mistake? Enlarge (credit: Wikimedia Commons) Of all the species that humanity has wiped off the face of the Earth, the thylacine is possibly the most tragic.....»»

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Apple sets new deadline for corporate employees to return to the office three days a week

After Apple employees began returning to in-person work in April of this year, the company paused the rollout of its plans due to cases of COVID-19 increasing again. On Monday, Apple set a new deadline for its corporate employees to return to the of.....»»

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Apple employee"s job threatened over viral TikTok video

A TikTok video telling people to not unlocking stolen iPhones for the thieves may lead to disciplinary action for the Apple engineer that contributed.As a secretive company, Apple has rules and guidelines that its employees must follow, in order for.....»»

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Rivian, Lucid rush to help buyers with existing EV tax credit before it expires

EV buyers may have only until President Joe Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act to enter into a binding sales contract with automakers such as Rivian and Lucid to qualify for the outgoing credit......»»

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Auto retailer led by Tampa Bay Buccaneers co-owner buys Jaguar-Land Rover, Hyundai-Genesis and Cadillac dealerships

US Auto Trust of Los Angeles has acquired four Southern California dealerships since December......»»

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Apple’s $30M employee bag search lawsuit settlement given approval

Last year, Apple agreed to pay retail workers in California $30 million to settle a lawsuit over its bag check policy. That settlement has now been approved by a US District Court judge and will see workers receive an average payment of $1,328 while.....»»

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California to consider keeping last nuclear plant open

Move would help it meet its carbon emissions plans. Enlarge / The two reactors of the Diablo Canyon facility. (credit: Tracey Adams) On Friday, California Governor Gavin Newsom sent a series of aggressive climate proposals to.....»»

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High school students describe two new species of scorpions

California now has two new scorpions on its list of species, thanks to the efforts of two keen-eyed high school students from the Bay Area and the California Academy of Sciences. Harper Forbes and Prakrit Jain, avid users on the community science pla.....»»

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Florida, Texas, Central US could see biggest increase in hot days, new modeling shows

A new report examines how dangerously high temperatures could increase over the next 30 years and reveals a grim outlook for much of the nation, especially a vast swath of the central U.S. where residents aren't accustomed to extreme heat......»»

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Climate model suggests global warming has already doubled the risk of California megaflood

A pair of researchers, one with the Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, the other with the Institute of Environment and Sustainability at the University of California, Los Angel.....»»

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These Plastic Balls Are Fixing An Unexpected Problem For California

This interesting water conservation measure is viewed as somewhat of a controversial as a long-term measure. This interesting water conservation measure is viewed as.....»»

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Hot nights: US in July sets new record for overnight warmth

Talk about hot nights, America got some for the history books last month......»»

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US astronaut Jessica Watkins sets sights on Moon... and Mars

If you had the choice, would you rather go to the Moon or Mars?.....»»

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8 of the Coolest Features on the Silverado ZR2

The new Silverado ZR2 brings race-tested accessories and engineering to the masses. Here’s what sets it apart from other off-road-oriented Silverado models. Protect Your Chevy: Check out tire and wheel protection Dampers for a smooth ride The ZR2 f.....»»

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