California could get 600,000 acres of new federally protected wilderness

California could get 600,000 new acres of federally protected wilderness under legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate on Monday. The designation would ensure the lands remain free of development, vehicles and commercial activity......»»

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Tesla refutes Elon Musk’s timeline on ‘full self-driving’

What Tesla CEO Elon Musk says publicly about the company’s progress on a fully autonomous driving system doesn’t match up with “engineering reality,” according to a memo that summarizes a meeting between California regulators.....»»

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New MRI technique can detect early dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier with small vessel disease

Collaborative research between the University of Kentucky (UK) and University of Southern California (USC) suggests that a noninvasive neuroimaging technique may index early-stage blood-brain barrier (BBB) dysfunction associated with small vessel dis.....»»

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Archaeologists pinpoint population for the Greater Angkor region

Long-running archaeological research, boosted by airborne lidar sensing and machine-learning algorithms, finds that Cambodia's Greater Angkor region was home to 700,000-900,000 people......»»

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Walmart’s Flipkart to cover insurance for all sellers in India and waive additional fees

Walmart-owned Flipkart is exempting storage and cancellation fees for sellers on its marketplace and also providing them with insurance coverage as the top e-commerce platform in India looks to maintain cordial relationships with more than 300,000 se.....»»

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Great reed warblers fly as high as 6,000 meters over Sahara and Mediterranean

A team of researchers from Lund University, the University of Copenhagen and the Nature Research Centre in Lithuania has found that some great reed warblers climb as high as 6,000 meters when they fly over the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea......»»

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Star formation is triggered by cloud-cloud collisions, study finds

Stars form by the gravitational contraction of clouds of gas in space and can have various masses. Massive stars, together with many other stars, may form a huge star cluster (a group of more than 10,000 stars). The formation of such a star cluster r.....»»

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A 50,000-year history of current flow yields new climate clues

From 50,000 to 15,000 years ago, during the last ice age, Earth's climate wobbled between cooler and warmer periods punctuated by occasional, dramatic ice-melting events......»»

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The African wild dog: Ambassador for the world"s largest terrestrial conservation area

The world's largest terrestrial conservation area is located in southern Africa and covers 520,000 square kilometers spanning five countries. A study from the University of Zurich now shows that the endangered African wild dog mostly remains within t.....»»

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What consumers mean when they say your products are authentic

Researchers from University of Southern California, Bocconi University, and Vrije Universitei Amsterdam published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that explains the six types of judgements consumers make when determining a product's authentici.....»»

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Earliest known burial in Africa is that of a small, fragile child

Early humans in Kenya buried a dead child with tremendous care 78,000 years ago. Enlarge (credit: Mohammad Javad Shoaee) A child died two to three years into their life in the coastal highlands of what is now Kenya 78,000 years ago. Archaeolog.....»»

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9,000 fliers may have had reused swabs jammed up their noses in Indonesia

Five workers were arrested for washing and reusing cotton swabs for testing. Enlarge / BANGKA BELITUNG ISLANDS, INDONESIA - DECEMBER 21, 2020: Health workers carry out a rapid antigen test on a passenger at Deapti Amir Airport, Pangkal Pinang C.....»»

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Volcanoes on Mars could be active, raising possibility of recent habitable conditions

Evidence of recent volcanic activity on Mars shows that eruptions could have taken place within the past 50,000 years, a paper by Planetary Science Institute Research Scientist David Horvath says......»»

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Shuvuuia: A dinosaur that hunted in the dark

Today's 10,000 species of birds live in virtually every habitat on Earth, but only a handful have adaptations enabling them to hunt active prey in the dark of night. Scientists have long wondered whether theropod dinosaurs—the group that gave rise.....»»

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Just a few atoms thick: New functional materials developed

They are 50,000 times thinner than a human hair and just a few atoms thick: two-dimensional materials are the thinnest substances it is possible to make today. They have completely new properties and are regarded as the next major step in modern semi.....»»

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Archaeologists have discovered the earliest anthropogenic landscape on Earth

As far as we know, humans as a species have been around for at least 300 000 years. Recently, we have come to realize that our impact on the climate and earth's ecology is unsustainable. Landscape change driven by humans is nothing new, however......»»

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The amazing story behind the making of Hublot’s $422,000 all-sapphire watch

Hublot's CEO talks about the technical challenge behind the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire watch, which is made almost entirely from sapphire......»»

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Personalized Stem Cells Announces Enrollment Complete for COVID-19 Clinical Trial Licensed to Sorrento Therapeutics

Personalized Stem Cells announces enrollment is complete for COVID-19 FDA approved stem cell clinical trial licensed to Sorrento Therapeutics. POWAY, CALIFORNIA, US, May 4, 2021 / — Just three months after the initial treatment.....»»

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ESG Stock News- Solar Integrated Roofing (OTC: $SIRC) Announces Closing of Balance LLC Acquisition

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC: SIRC) announce the closing of its acquisition of Balance, LLC, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTCMKTS:SIRC) EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.....»»

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Peloton recalls over 125,000 treadmills following child"s death, dozens of injuries

The move follows weeks of discussions with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), whose concerns Peloton had called “inaccurate and misleading.”.....»»

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People May Have Used Fire to Clear Forests More Than 80,000 Years Ago

Bushland around northern Lake Malawi in Africa might be the legacy of people burning forests tens of thousands of years earlier -- Read more on»»

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