Cadence DRAM verification solution optimizes SoC designs for data center and automotive applications

Cadence Design Systems announced a new DRAM verification solution, allowing customers to test and optimize system-on-chip (SoC) designs for data center, consumer, mobile and automotive applications. Using the full DRAM verification solution, which de.....»»

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Meta says it won’t collect user data ‘in new ways’ – but what’s that supposed to mean?

Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has rewritten its Terms of Service and, as a result, has also updated Meta’s Privacy Policy. Now the company proudly says that it won’t collect user data “in new ways” – but wha.....»»

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Apple @ Work: A Time Machine in the Cloud would drive Managed Apple ID usage

Apple @ Work is brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Mosyle is the only solution that fully integrates 5 different applications on a single Apple-only platform, allowing Businesses and Schools to easily and automatically deploy.....»»

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PhD Students Face Cash Crisis with Wages That Don"t Cover Living Costs

Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm shares this surprising report from Nature. "Salaries for PhD students in the biological sciences fall well below the basic cost of living at almost every institution and department in the United States, according to data colle.....»»

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Robotic buoys developed to keep Atlantic right whales safe

A Cape Cod science center and one of the world's largest shipping businesses are collaborating on a project to use robotic buoys to protect a vanishing whale from lethal collisions with ships......»»

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Omnipotent BMCs From Quanta Remain Vulnerable To Critical Pantsdown Threat

"Quanta not patching vulnerable baseboard management controllers leaves data centers vulnerable," writes long-time Slashdot reader couchslug. "Pantsdown was disclosed in 2019..." Ars Technica reports: In January 2019, a researcher disclosed a devasta.....»»

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Senators ask Apple, Google to stop collecting data that could identify abortion seekers

After a leaked opinion draft indicated that the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe V. Wade, U.S. lawmakers have asked Apple and Google to help safeguard data that could be used against those seeking abortions.On Friday, senators sent a letter to bot.....»»

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US college VPN credentials for sale on Russian crime forums, FBI says

Trafficked data could lead to subsequent attacks, agency warns. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) The FBI on Friday said that thousands of compromised credentials harvested from US college and university networks are circulating.....»»

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What to do if your iPhone is stolen

In the event that your iPhone is lost or stolen, there are several things you can do to help protect your data and potentially recover your device. Here's what you should do if you lose your iPhone.Losing a phone happens to the best of us — maybe.....»»

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Larger-than-30TB Hard Drives Are Coming Much Sooner Than Expected

Inside of hard disk drives are platters which hold all your data; these are all manufactured by one company in Japan called Showa Denko which has announced it expects to "realize near-line HDD having storage capacity of more than 30TB" by the end of.....»»

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Huawei reckons it can build you a new data center in half the usual time

Huawei says it can construct a highly efficient new data center in six to nine months......»»

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Russia Opens Cases Against Google, other Foreign Tech Over Data Storage

Russia's communications regulator Roskomnadzor said on Friday it had opened administrative cases against Alphabet's Google and six other foreign technology companies for alleged violations of personal data legislation. From a report: Moscow has clash.....»»

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Biosynthesis of cyanobacterin opens up new class of natural compounds for applications in medicine and agriculture

The fact that nature is an excellent chemist is demonstrated by the abundance of molecules, so-called natural products, which it produces biosynthetically. These natural products are also of central importance to us humans. They are used in many ways.....»»

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AI solution makes the quest for elusive monolayers a lot simpler

One of the most tedious, daunting tasks for undergraduate assistants in university research labs involves looking hours on end through a microscope at samples of material, trying to find monolayers......»»

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Twitter fined $150m in US for selling users" data

Federal investigators say the social media company broke rules on giving personal data to advertisers......»»

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Sungard AS Cyber Incident Recovery strengthens customers’ ability to recover data after a cyberattack

Sungard AS has launched a new Cyber Incident Recovery offering that enhances customers’ ability to swiftly and successfully recover data that’s been compromised from a cyberattack. The global cost of ransomware has ballooned to $20 billion in 202.....»»

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LiveAction announces long-term behavioral analytics capabilities in its ThreatEye NV platform

LiveAction announced new long-term behavioral analytics capabilities in ThreatEye NV, its network detection and response platform (NDR). The platform combines next-generation data collection, advanced behavior analysis and streaming machine learning......»»

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Hunters SOC Platform enhancements enable users to prioritize incidents based on their urgency

Hunters announced new capabilities in the Hunters SOC Platform to enhance and accelerate security operations workflows for data ingestion and normalization, threat detection, investigation and response. The advances free up data engineers, security e.....»»

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Corelight Investigator allows security teams to accelerate their threat hunting and investigations

Corelight announced Corelight Investigator, a SaaS-based solution that extends the power of open-source driven network evidence to SOC teams everywhere. Investigator delivers advanced capabilities for transforming network and cloud activity into evid.....»»

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80% of consumers prefer ID verification when selecting online brands

Jumio released the findings of its global research conducted by Opinium, which shows the impact of the increasing use of digital identity on consumer preferences and expectations. The research questioned 8,000 adult consumers split evenly across the.....»»

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What is keeping automotive software developers up at night?

Perforce Software released the results of its annual State of Automotive Software Development survey conducted in partnership with Automotive IQ. Close to 600 automotive development professionals across the globe provided responses to current practic.....»»

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