Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will add a new mutant to the MCU

In the closing moments of Ms. Marvel’s season finale on Disney Plus, Marvel Studios changed the course of the MCU forever. With a single line of dialogue, Marvel announced that Kamala Khan is indeed a mutant. It will probably be a few more year.....»»

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US agency sues Tesla as Black workers report “swastikas, threats, and nooses”

“I saw KKK epithets, a swastika, and the N-word," Black worker says. Enlarge / Cars parked at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, on February 10, 2022. (credit: Getty Images | Josh Edelson) The US Equal Employmen.....»»

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Scientists observe interaction of components in tire rubber at the atomic scale

Scientists have observed the molecular motion of rubber components typically used in automobile tires—polybutadiene and carbon black—with the world's fastest time resolution......»»

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Examining ethical considerations for human remains

In 2022, the Penn Museum announced that it would rebury the skulls of dozens of Black Philadelphian individuals whose remains were unethically obtained in the mid-1800s. Some in the community of the individuals' descendants, who felt they were not co.....»»

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Tesla sued by U.S. civil rights agency for race discrimination at Calif. plant

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in a lawsuit Tesla subjected Black workers “to severe or pervasive racial harassment” and alleged Tesla unfairly retaliated against workers who complained......»»

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Research team develops novel heat-sensitive ferritin mutant to efficiently load chemotherapy drugs

A research team led by Prof. Wang Junfeng from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has developed a novel heat-sensitive ferritin mutant and realized easy and efficient loading of the chemotherapy drug.....»»

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Computer simulations show how intermediate-mass black holes could form inside stellar clusters

An international consortium of astronomers, including staff from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, has successfully unraveled the intricate formation mechanisms of the elusive intermediate-mass black holes. They could represent the link between.....»»

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Likely asteroid debris found upon opening of returned NASA probe

After a seven-year wait, NASA scientists on Tuesday finally pried open a space probe carrying the largest asteroid samples ever brought back to Earth, finding black debris......»»

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Scientists just opened the lid to NASA’s asteroid sample canister

"There is some black dust-like material that's visible. We're hoping that's from Bennu." Enlarge / The lid is open on the OSIRIS-REx sample return canister, revealing a tantalizing ring of dust outside the main sample collection.....»»

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Astronomers shed light on evolutionary paths of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies

A new paper entitled "Evolutionary Paths of Active Galactic Nuclei and Their Host Galaxies," published on August 17, 2023, in Nature Astronomy, provides critical new insights on the co-evolution of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies......»»

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Jeff Bezos finally got rid of Bob Smith at Blue Origin

"I am confident that Blue Origin's greatest achievements are still ahead of us." Enlarge / Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith (black hat) walks with Jeff Bezos after his flight on Blue Origin’s New Shepard into space in July 2021. (cred.....»»

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iOS 17 upgrade bug: What to do if you get stuck on the Apple logo during iPhone 15 setup

Apple has identified an iOS 17 bug that may affect the iPhone 15 upgrade experience today. During iPhone setup, the Transfer from another iPhone option may fail and leave your new iPhone in a state where it is stuck booting on the Apple logo black sc.....»»

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Saturday Citations: Cutting the middleman out of spider silk synthesis; hungry black holes; Osiris-Rex is back!

This week, we reported on spider silk synthesis without spiders, and how policymakers are pursuing a wish-based approach to a global economy under climate change—what the kids call "manifesting" a green-growth future. Plus, black holes could be hun.....»»

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Biases against Black-sounding first names can lead to discrimination in hiring

Because names are among the first things you learn about someone, they can influence first impressions......»»

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Generating homozygous mutant populations of barley microspores by ethyl methanesulfonate treatment

A new study combined expertise in barley genetics and genomics from the research group led by Dr. Ping Yang (Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) and that in barley microspore culturing led by Dr. Chenghong Liu (Biote.....»»

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Australia"s firefighters face worst season in years

Volunteer firefighters are scorching Australia's forest undergrowth, reducing fuel for what is expected to be the fiercest fire season since the monster "Black Summer" blazes......»»

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Black creators built TikTok. But Black employees say they experienced "toxicity and racism"

Nnete Matima said she was attracted to work at TikTok because of how the social media platform was "really built upon Black culture" and the work of Black creators......»»

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How racism shapes Black motherhood in the US

Being a mom is hard. Being a Black mom is especially hard. A new study from North Carolina State University underscores the ways that being a Black mother in the United States involves navigating aspects of parenthood that are explicitly tied to deal.....»»

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Discriminatory policing is denying Black youth their childhood, say researchers

A class-action lawsuit was brought against the Toronto Police Service in August over the force's historic use of street checks, known as carding. The lawsuit highlights the damaging and discriminatory impacts of carding, which has disproportionately.....»»

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South Africa"s smallholder vegetable farmers aren"t getting the finance they need, says researcher

Fresh efforts are being made to increase the share of black ownership in South Africa's agricultural sector. This follows decades of missteps and badly designed interventions that have failed to significantly change the ownership patterns in the sect.....»»

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Black holes eat faster than previously expected: New finding might explain why quasars flare and fade so quickly

A new Northwestern University-led study is changing the way astrophysicists understand the eating habits of supermassive black holes......»»

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