Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will add a new mutant to the MCU

In the closing moments of Ms. Marvel’s season finale on Disney Plus, Marvel Studios changed the course of the MCU forever. With a single line of dialogue, Marvel announced that Kamala Khan is indeed a mutant. It will probably be a few more year.....»»

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Simulations predict the existence of black hole radio-wave hot spots

Black holes, regions in spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape from them, are among the most fascinating and widely studied cosmic phenomena. While there are now countless theories about their formation and underlying physics, m.....»»

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Inventory-clearance sale helpful for rebound in demand for TV-used LCD panels, say Innolux, AUO

Sales promotion of TVs at the Double 11 (November 11) online shopping festival in the China market and the Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping festival in the US market has helped TV vendors lower inventory levels and, in turn, is conducive to a reb.....»»

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Amazon"s $199 AirPods Pro 2 deal returns, AirPods Max drop to $439

Amazon's AirPods deals deliver the best prices this weekend, with AirPods Pro 2 back on sale for $199.99 and AirPods Max getting a new $110 discount.Apple AirPods are discounted at Amazon.Black Friday pricing has returned on Apple AirPods Pro 2, with.....»»

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Crime blotter: Video goes viral of Black Friday Apple Store thefts

In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, Frankie Grande's iPhone was stolen, a guilty plea in a Minneapolis theft ring, and an orchestra conductor has iPad and annotated scores stolen.The Apple Store in Palo Alto The latest in an occasional AppleInsider fe.....»»

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Indonesia villagers race to escape eruption as sky turns black

Thousands of villagers living near Indonesia's Mount Semeru were racing for refuge Sunday to the wail of emergency sirens as lava snaked towards their homes under a black sky after the volcano erupted......»»

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Used EVs top market for the first time — briefly

The average 3-year-old EV never broke 35 percent of sticker that month pre-pandemic, according to Black Book. But 3-year-old models held 66 percent of sticker price in October......»»

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Used-car values expected to hold despite price drops

Used-vehicle prices are dropping, but models are likely to hold more value through at least 2025 than they did pre-pandemic, according to experts from J.D. Power and Black Book......»»

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Black and minoritized ethnic communities at disproportionate risk of homelessness in the UK

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been a heightened awareness of ethnic inequality in the UK. Despite some recent studies on housing conditions in the context of the pandemic, little attention has been paid to how racial inequ.....»»

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Elevated value of used vehicles is expected to hold

Used-vehicle prices are dropping, but models are likely to hold more value through at least 2025 than they did pre-pandemic, according to experts from J.D. Power and Black Book......»»

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White people found to react positively to racial justice messages from white allies

Social media sites that show a white person sharing a message about racial justice are more likely to convince other white people of the benefits of the cause, but they also limit the visibility of Black activists......»»

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This killer Black Friday deal on an RTX 3060 gaming laptop is still available

The ROG Zephyrus G14 is $500 off in two configurations for Black Friday, and they've remained on sale throughout the week......»»

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Google game honors Black video game pioneer Jerry Lawson on his birthday

Late engineer played key role in creating first cartridge-based console in 1976. Enlarge / On December 1, 2022, Google honored Black game pioneer Jerry Lawson with a Google Doodle game. (credit: Google) On Thursday, Goog.....»»

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Call of Duty players flock to buy “all-black” DLC skin, hide in dark corners

LA Thieves skin pack becomes a bestseller by offering in-game camouflage effect. Enlarge / You'll never see me coming... Industry watchers who pay attention to Steam's Top Sellers charts may have noticed a surprising en.....»»

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Black Twitter"s expected demise would make it harder to publicize police brutality and discuss racism

Before the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile and Sandra Bland were propelled into the media spotlight, their names were Twitter #hashtags......»»

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Paramount Plus deal has been extended, save 50% on the annual plan

The Black Friday Paramount Plus deal has been extended due to high demand, knocking half off the annual plan for new and returning subscribers.This Paramount Plus deal offers 50% off annual planOriginally set to expire over the Black Friday weekend,.....»»

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Astronomers capture black hole gobbling up a star in a “hyper-feeding frenzy”

“It’s probably swallowing the star at the rate of half the mass of the sun per year.” Enlarge / Illustration of a star being spaghettified as it’s sucked in by a supermassive black hole during a tidal disruption event (TD.....»»

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Archeologists find ancient Peruvian fresco, lost for a century

Archeologists have rediscovered a pre-Hispanic fresco depicting mythological scenes in northern Peru that they had only seen in black and white photographs that were more than a century old......»»

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Ends tonight: Babbel lifetime language learning subscription $199 ($300 off)

The Black Friday Babbel deal ends this evening, giving readers the opportunity to save $300 on a lifetime language learning subscription with access to all languages.Save $300 on Babbel today.With this 60% discount on Babbel, you can get a lifetime s.....»»

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Mysteriously bright flash is a black hole jet pointing straight toward Earth, astronomers say

Earlier this year, astronomers were keeping tabs on data from the Zwicky Transient Facility, an all-sky survey based at the Palomar Observatory in California, when they detected an extraordinary flash in a part of the sky where no such light had been.....»»

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Most distant detection of a black hole swallowing a star

Earlier this year, the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (ESO's VLT) was alerted after an unusual source of visible light had been detected by a survey telescope. The VLT, together with other telescopes, was swiftly repositioned to.....»»

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