Biophysics analysis made easy with an online tool

EMBL Hamburg's García Alai Team has released eSPC, a freely available online platform for analyzing molecular biophysics data from a range of experimental techniques. The tool enables scientists around the world to easily analyze their data without.....»»

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6 easy ways to dramatically increase your MacBook’s performance

If your Mac is feeling slow, we have six ways that you can boost its performance without downloading any extra software......»»

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Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Certificates Are Being Advertised On the Dark Web

Criminals have been selling fake vaccine certificates online and may be able to fool an EU system designed to verify the certificates' validity, researchers warn. BankInfoSecurity reports: [A] report released last week, "COVID-19 Vaccination Certific.....»»

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Game bits: PS anniversary, Paper Mario heading to Switch Online, and GTA Trilogy physical copies get delayed

Had the partnership with Nintendo not soured, or if Nintendo hadn’t ever reached out to Sony, the PlayStation as we know it likely never materializes. Nintendo's timeline would have changed as well, and who knows if Microsoft would have ever even b.....»»

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Best PS Plus deals for December 2021

Here are a few PS Plus deals that will have you playing online and enjoying free monthly games right away......»»

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Best PlayStation deals for December 2021

We've gathered some of the best PlayStation deals that are available online, including offers for games and accessories for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5......»»

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These Sony wireless headphones are $78 for Cyber Week 2021

Some Cyber Monday headphone deals are still online, such as Best Buy's $102 discount that more than halves the price of the Sony WH-CH710N wireless headphones......»»

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How to connect your Alexa-enabled device to Wi-Fi

Whether you just purchased a brand-new Alexa-enabled device or you're moving it to another network, connecting it to Wi-Fi is easy. Our guide shows you how......»»

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Amazon Charges Sellers Fees That Are High Enough To Offset Losses from Prime, a New Report Says

The massive reach of Amazon's e-commerce platform is appealing for any small business that wants to sell its products online. But a new report suggests that the cost of doing business can become a Faustian bargain for a third-party seller, as the fee.....»»

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This gamer onesie features a "Drop Seat System 6.0" for easy bathroom breaks

As reported by Soranews24, Bauhutte’s Damegi 4G, or “Ninja Onesie” in English, is one of the company's more popular products—though despite the misleading name, it has no cellar connectivity......»»

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BESIII experiment: Search for new physics in charm energy region, progress and prospect

In a recent review article published online in National Science Review, Prof. Shenjian Chen (Nanjing University) and Prof. Stephen Olsen (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) review the major progress of the BESIII experiment in searching for n.....»»

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Why Buzz Lightyear’s Rocket Launch Looks Better Than Reality

We use video analysis to compare an animated liftoff to an actual one, proving that truth is more boring than fiction......»»

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Video: Rover escapes from sand trap in Mars terrain simulator

The ExoMars rover used in the Earth-based Mars Terrain Simulator makes escaping from a sand trap look easy in this exercise......»»

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Study: New German govt"s plans fall short of climate goal

A research institute's analysis has concluded the incoming German government's plans for curbing greenhouse gas emissions are insufficient to put Germany on course to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris climate accord......»»

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Industry watch: What I have learned from Acer founder Stan Shih

Acer founder Stan Shih founder has been engaged in the IT industry for 50 years. That's not easy. He deserves our respect not because he is a senior industrial leader but because he has been always optimistic and enthusiastic. I often ask for his adv.....»»

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Meta Builds Tool To Stop the Spread of "Revenge Porn"

Facebook's parent company, Meta, has worked with the U.K.-based nonprofit Revenge Porn Helpline to build a tool that lets people prevent their intimate images from being uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and other participating platforms without their.....»»

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The US Crackdown on Chinese Economic Espionage is a Mess

The US government's China Initiative sought to protect national security. In the most comprehensive analysis of cases to date, MIT Technology Review reveals how far it has strayed from its goals. Technology Review: A visiting researcher at UCLA accus.....»»

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Some polycrystal grain boundaries feel the heat more than others

Polycrystals are solid materials that are made up of lots of small crystals. The points where the crystals meet are known as grain boundaries (GBs). GBs are important because they can affect the way the solid behaves. However, conventional analysis t.....»»

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SEBI and MCA: Suggestions towards easing provisions related to buyback of own securities

Globally, companies have been resorting to buyback of their own equity shares to return surplus cash to shareholders. It is increasingly being preferred by companies over dividends as a tool to manage capital structure, thereby resulting in increase.....»»

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Which role models are best for STEM? Researchers offer recommendations in new analysis

An analysis of the effect role models have on students' motivation in studying STEM subjects points to new ways to deploy these leaders in order to encourage learning across different populations. The recommendations provide a resource for parents, t.....»»

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Study: Climate change not causing Madagascar drought, famine

Don't blame climate change for the devastating Madagascar drought and famine, scientists said in a new analysis Wednesday......»»

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