Biologists discover a new type of placental structure in animals

The Cyclostomata is an ancient group of aquatic colonial suspension-feeders from the phylum Bryozoa. The fact that they have unique placentae has been discovered by researchers at St Petersburg University and the University of Vienna. The coenocytes,.....»»

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A trait of the rare few whose bodies naturally control HIV: "trained" immune cells

Scientists have discover that 'elite controllers' have myeloid dendritic cells that display characteristics of trained innate immune cells......»»

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Focused ultrasound enables precise noninvasive therapy

New research demonstrates that noninvasive neuromodulation via low-intensity ultrasound can have cell-type selectivity in manipulating neurons......»»

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Novel CBD analog shows promising pain-halting effects in mice

Studies have shown that while CBD reduces pain sensation in animals, its ability to do so in humans is limited by low bioavailability, the extent to which the drug successfully reaches its site of action. Now, new research suggests this obstacle may.....»»

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Stem cells create early human embryo structure in advance for fertility research

Stem cells have the ability to turn into different types of cell. Now scientists have developed a method to organize lab-grown stem cells into an accurate model of the first stage of human embryo development......»»

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Process for eliminating unneeded cells may also protect against cancer

Biologists find cell extrusion, a process that helps organisms eliminated unneeded cells, is triggered when cells can't replicate their DNA during cell division. In humans, extrusion may serve as a way for the body to eliminate cancerous or precancer.....»»

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Novel switch found in proteins with wide-ranging implications for medical treatments

Proteins perform a vast array of functions in the cell of every living organism with critical roles in biological processes. There are numerous chemical switches that control the structure and the function of proteins, which were thought to be well u.....»»

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How to unlock all Research Titles in Pokémon Snap

If you're the type to go for 100% completion, then you'll have to unlock each and every title in Pokemon Snap. Here's how to unlock all the Research Titles......»»

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Animals laugh too, analysis of vocalization data suggests

Human laughter is common, but it's a somewhat mysterious part of our evolution. It's clear to evolutionary scholars that we laugh as a part of play, signaling our cooperation or friendliness. But how did laughter evolve? And are humans the only ones.....»»

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Dumpy and Quasimodo proteins enable tendons and muscles of fruit flies to develop in sync

Two proteins play a key role in the development of flight muscles and their tendons in fruit flies, two RIKEN developmental biologists have shown1. Their study reveals how the components of the muscle–tendon system develop in sync with each other,.....»»

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Who would win in a fight between an octopus and a seabird? Two marine biologists place their bets

If you're anything like us, you may have wondered if an octopus and a seabird would ever end up in a fight. Well they do, and it's a YouTube wormhole that can prove quite addictive......»»

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Scientists discover how to trick cancer cells to consume toxic drugs

New research led by a team at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) points to a promising strategy to boost tumors' intake of cancer drugs, thereby increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments. The group's findings are published in Nature N.....»»

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Best cheap laser printer deals for May 2021

If you do a lot of printing, then a good laser printer can save you time and money. If you're ready to make both your life and business more efficient, read on to discover the best laser printer deals available right now......»»

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Sharks Use the Earth’s Magnetic Field Like a Compass

Biologists have long believed that these animals rely on magnetic sensing to migrate across oceans. Someone finally figured out how to prove it......»»

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Physicists describe new type of aurora

For millennia, humans in the high latitudes have been enthralled by auroras—the northern and southern lights. Yet even after all that time, it appears the ethereal, dancing ribbons of light above Earth still hold some secrets......»»

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Multidisciplinary cooperation leads to catalysts that are up to 50 times more effective

A team of chemists and physicists at Utrecht University has succeeded in designing a new type of catalyst. By combining two metals with atomic precision they created a highly effective catalytic material. The team, led by Prof. Petra de Jongh (Chemis.....»»

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Archaeal enzyme that produces membrane lipids is spectacularly promiscuous

Cells of all life forms are surrounded by a membrane that is made of phospholipids. One of these are the cardiolipins, which form a separate class due to their unique structure. When studying the enzyme that is responsible for producing cardiolipins.....»»

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New study tracks large sharks during hurricanes

A new study led by scientists at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science tracked large sharks in Miami and The Bahamas to understand how these migratory animals respond to major storms, like hurricanes......»»

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More than one way for animals to survive climate change

As climate change continues to trigger the rise in temperature, increase drier conditions and shift precipitation patterns, adapting to new conditions will be critical for the long-term survival of most species. Researchers at the University of New H.....»»

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Researchers discover novel non-coding RNAs regulating blood vessel formation

Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland have discovered previously unknown non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) involved in regulating the gene expression of vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF), the master regulators of angiogenesis. The study, c.....»»

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Researchers create leather-like material from silk proteins

Leather is an ever growing multi-billion dollar industry requiring more than 3.8 billion bovine animals—equal to one for every two people on earth—to sustain production each year. And while the products—clothing, shoes, furniture and more—can.....»»

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