Bilt Rewards banks $60M growth on a $350M valuation to advance credit card benefits for renters

The latest round comes just 90 days from Bilt's launch. Bilt Rewards, a loyalty program for property renters to earn points on rent with no fees and build a path toward homeownership, announced Tuesday a round of $60 million in growth fundi.....»»

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Coretronic hikes forecast growth in 2021 BLU shipment to 25-30%

Coretronic has upward adjusted forecast growth in 2021 shipments for LED backlight units (BLUs) from 20% originally to 25-30%, according to president Sarah Lin for the company's Display Business Group......»»

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Leadframe supplier CWTC expects bright prospects for 4Q21 and beyond

Chang Wah Technology (CWTC) expects the overall leadframe demand for IC packaging to continue outpacing supply thanks to robust growth momentum for automotive ICs, networking chips and power management ICs, and is upbeat about its business prospects.....»»

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Taiwan companies urged to work together to gain advantage in EV supply chain

The annual output value of Taiwan's automotive electronics exceeded NT$250 billion (US$8.99 billion) in the past year, and there is an opportunity to double growth in the coming four to five years, reaching more than NT$600 billion, according to pres.....»»

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PTI readies measures against SK Hynix-Intel NAND buyout deal

Memory and logic IC backend house Powertech Technology (PTI) expects its revenue performance to stay on the growth track in the fourth quarter of 2021 after posting record sales results for the first three quarters of the year, and is upbeat about it.....»»

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US Regulators Exploring How Banks Could Hold Crypto Assets

A top U.S. bank regulator said U.S. officials are looking to provide a clearer path for banks and their clients that are looking to hold cryptocurrencies, in order to keep control over the fast-developing asset. Reuters reports: Jelena McWilliams, wh.....»»

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Promising-looking SETI signal turns out to be of human origin

Space junk may look like a supernova as SETI researchers struggle with a signal. Enlarge / Proxima Centauri, the closest star to Earth aside from the Sun. (credit: ESA, Hubble, and NASA) Modern human society has been making it.....»»

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N64 collection goes live on Nintendo Switch, and it’s-a me, disappointment

"Better than Wii U" is faint praise for underwhelming emulation performance. Enlarge / We wish we had better news to report about Nintendo's first easy-to-access N64 collection in a long time. Alas. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Nintendo).....»»

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Apple"s Privacy Rules to Blame For Facebook"s Lower Than Expected Quarterly Growth, Says Zuckerberg

Apple's privacy rules are "negatively affecting" Facebook, and its business, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed during its most recent earnings call. MacRumors reports: As a quick refresher, starting with iOS 14.5 and all newer versions of iOS and.....»»

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FCC kicks China Telecom Americas out of US, cites Chinese government control

China Telecom Americas ordered to stop providing service in US within 60 days. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | MicroStockHub) The Federal Communications Commission today voted to block China Telecom Americas from the US market.....»»

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Blizzard cancels 2022 BlizzCon amid harrassment scandal fallout

Feb. show nixxed in favor of "supporting our teams and progressing development." Enlarge / A Warcraft-themed statue sits in front of the Blizzard employee campus. (credit: Flickr / gordontarpley) Following an online-only Blizz.....»»

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Fish consumption still safe despite initial fears over mercury levels

The benefits of consuming traditional foods tend to outweigh the risks of possible mercury contamination, according to a recent study......»»

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Homebuilder hopes 3D printing will solve worker shortages, tests tech in 100 homes

Additive manufacturing could speed building process but still has a ways to go. Enlarge / Icon's Vulcan construction system 3D-prints walls layer by layer using specially formulated concrete. (credit: ICON Technology, Inc.) Co.....»»

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Adobe brings new Creative Cloud apps to M1 Macs and the web

Also, the iPad version of Photoshop is getting RAW image support. Enlarge / The somewhat inscrutable branding for Adobe's MAX conference. (credit: Adobe) Today is the first day of Adobe Max 2021, the software-as-a-service comp.....»»

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New Yubico security keys let you log in with a tap to your USB-C port

Yubico's Security C NFC brings a USB-C security key at a lower price. Enlarge (credit: Yubico) Because of its power delivery, high transfer rates, and Thunderbolt capabilities, USB-C has become ubiquitous on modern devices. T.....»»

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Report: Microsoft is working on a low-cost Surface Laptop and “Windows 11 SE”

Ultra-low-cost laptop would be designed to compete with Chromebooks in schools. Enlarge / The Surface Laptop Go. (credit: Jeff Dunn) Microsoft may have another Surface announcement to make before the end of the year, according.....»»

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You only live once: Epidemiologists analyze health risks in all the James Bond films

Biggest risk might be to Bond's sexual partners: 27.1% them died shortly after sex. Enlarge / Epidemiologists analyzed all 25 James Bond films to assess 007's health risks while traveling around the world. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Gett.....»»

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This camera system is better than lidar for depth perception

Clarity can perceive depth from 0.01-1,000 m at megapixel resolution. Enlarge / Light's depth perception relies on trigonometry and allows it to measure the distance to each pixel out to 1,000 m. (credit: Light) So far, almost.....»»

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Samsung adds Windows 11, 5G, and more OLED to Galaxy Book laptop lineup

Samsung's Galaxy Book Pro 2-in-1 will start at about $300 extra for 5G. Enlarge / Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 5G. (credit: Samsung) With Windows 11 out, PC makers have an excuse to update their lineups, and Samsung is hoping that.....»»

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Mastercard will let partnered banks offer crypto-based debit cards and loyalty rewards

If we convert the marketing speak into plain English, this means that, through this partnership, banks could allow customers to use their platform to buy, hold, and trade various cryptos. Customers could also access bank-branded crypto debit and cred.....»»

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The disassembly of organs during metamorphosis is a precise process orchestrated by hormones

An important component of the development and growth of different parts of the human body is the disassembly of organs and structures from previous stages. The most obvious example is metamorphosis in insects, but this process also occurs in humans d.....»»

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