Biggest Tech Companies Now Building the Biggest Data Pipes

Old-fashioned telecommunication carriers are falling behind in the global bandwidth race as global giants of content and cloud computing are building their own global networks. Facebook has commissioned electronics and IT giant NEC Corporation to bui.....»»

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Microsoft Builds New Green Data Centers in Wyoming, Invests in Wifi, Education, Roads

This week a Microsoft blog post announced they're opening two new data centers in Cheyenne, "built with sustainable design and operations in mind, contributing to Microsoft's commitment to being carbon negative." Our current and new datacenters will.....»»

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Time Series

  Time Series is a series of data points ordered in time. In mathematics, time series is a sequence taken at successive equally spaced points in time. In simple words, it is a sequence of discrete time data. Time series tracks the movement of the ch.....»»

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Amazon Cyber Monday Deals 2021: Top tech deals today

Shop these Amazon Cyber Monday deals for some of the best discounts in the largest sale in 2021......»»

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Netflix vs. Hulu: Which one is better for you?

Netflix and Hulu are two of the biggest names in streaming, but if you only have the budget for one, which one do you choose? Our guide will help you decide......»»

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The UK government wants to ban the use of default passwords on consumer electronics

The UK government's Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill (PSTI) is divided into two parts. As the name implies, the first part comprises product security measures to protect consumers and companies from cyberattacks. The second.....»»

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Google Makes Pledges on Browser Cookies To Appease UK Regulator

Google has pledged more restrictions on its use of data from its Chrome browser to address concerns raised by Britain's competition regulator about its plan to ban third-party cookies that advertisers use to track consumers. From a report: The Compet.....»»

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Number of DDoS attacks per one organization tripled

The nature of DDoS attacks is constantly changing. StormWall experts are following new trends in DDoS attack organizations and have noticed a number of new trends recently.  Analyzing StormWall customer data the experts found that from January to Se.....»»

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Caviar"s Visionaries collection includes an Elon Musk bust and iPhone made from a melted Tesla

Caviar’s Visionaries collection pays tribute to tech luminaries Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and Alibaba Group co-founder/former executive chairman Jack Ma. In the case of the SpaceX billionaire, the company has created 27 Musk busts......»»

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Inspecting an ultraluminous X-ray source in the galaxy NGC 55

Using data from NASA's Swift and NuSTAR spacecraft, as well as from ESA's XMM-Newton satellite, Indian astronomers have investigated spectral and temporal properties of an ultraluminous X-ray source (ULX) in the spiral galaxy NGC 55. The study, publi.....»»

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Probing the dysregulation of ubiquitin-specific protease 8 activity in Cushing"s disease

The molecular mechanism underlying enzyme activity regulation of ubiquitin-specific protease 8 (USP8) has been decoded by researchers at Tokyo Tech. USP8 has been implicated in Cushing's disease pathogenesis. They have identified an autoinhibitory re.....»»

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US puts China quantum computing companies on trade blacklist

The US Department of Commerce has imposed trade sanctions on a total of 27 foreign companies with 12 of them based in China, 13 in Pakistan, one in Japan and one in Singapore. These Chinese companies were banned because of their alleged support for C.....»»

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UMC agrees to pay to settle lawsuit with Micron

United Microelectronics (UMC) has agreed to make a one-time payment of an undisclosed amount to Micron Technology according to a settlement agreement reached between the two. As part of the deal, the companies will also withdraw their complaints glob.....»»

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EDAs to play crucial role in upcoming 3D IC era

Going beyond Moore's Law has become an important force driving advanced semiconductor technology. Top companies such as TSMC, Samsung Electronics and Intel are all already seeing advancements in 2D process miniaturization and 3D heterogeneous integra.....»»

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How Augmented Reality can Help you with Remote Collaboration

Augmented Reality or AR is one technology that is expected to become the face of the tech world in the post-pandemic world. As the world reels from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have come to realize the use cases of tech solutions such as A.....»»

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Data Science Concepts to Improve Your Life

  Every day, we use data to draw conclusions. Concepts assist you in comprehending the world around you. They’re not just only for data scientists, sp also many of the resources they link to aren’t either as well. Data science concepts m.....»»

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  This is the first blog in the series of ‘Best Practices in Crafting Effective Surveys, Data Analysis and Visualization’. Asking the right questions that prod the respondent to think in the direction you want them to think in, is both a science.....»»

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Verizon and AT&T To Temporarily Turn Down 5G Power To Address FAA Worries

AT&T and Verizon said they will slightly reduce the power of their 5G transmissions in C-band spectrum for six months. The companies said they will do so to allow federal aviation officials more time to study how such transmission might affect radio.....»»

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US adds a dozen Chinese companies to its trade blacklist

The Biden administration is piling more pressure on Chinese companies it claims could undermine US national security......»»

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Chip shortage sees smartphone sales fall 6.8%

The data comes from Gartner’s latest market intelligence report. The research company notes that the depressingly familiar problem of the chip shortage has seen smartphone sales to end-users fall 6.8% year-on-year......»»

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Gaia reveals that most Milky Way companion galaxies are newcomers to our corner of space

Data from ESA's Gaia mission is re-writing the history of our galaxy, the Milky Way. What had traditionally been thought of as satellite galaxies to the Milky Way are now revealed to be mostly newcomers to our galactic environment......»»

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