Biden Tells Putin Certain Cyber-Attacks Should Be "Off-Limits"

U.S. President Joe Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that certain critical infrastructure should be "off-limits" to cyber-attacks, while the two leaders agreed in their summit to start cybersecurity talks. From a report: Biden.....»»

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Chinese Hackers Used Mesh of Home Routers To Disguise Attacks

An anonymous reader quotes The Record: A Chinese cyber-espionage group known as APT31 (or Zirconium) has been seen hijacking home routers to form a proxy mesh around its server infrastructure in order to relay and disguise the origins of their attac.....»»

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Palit tells customers to avoid second hand graphics card used for mining

With Ethereum hovering around $2,300 per token and difficulty back to more than 7.0P, crypto-currency mining isn't as profitable as it was earlier this year. Mineable crypto alternatives are not much better than Ethereum, leading miners to sell some.....»»

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Growth roundup: Investing in community, targeting developers, new marketer recs

“The best thing a startup can do, and I’m seeing it happen more and more, is investing in community early on,” growth marketing expert Max van den Ingh of Unmuted tells us. “When I was leading growth at MisterGreen, we created a c.....»»

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Russian Hackers Continue With Attacks Despite Biden Warning

Security researchers say they have uncovered an ongoing hacking campaign carried out by suspected Russian spies who are continuing to stage attacks amid U.S. pressure on the Kremlin to curtail its alleged cyber-intrusions. From a report: The Californ.....»»

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Cheltenham’s GCHQ to massive, cyber-oriented tech startup campus right next door

Since the UK’s spying headquarters of GCHQ was established in the city in the 1950’s, Cheltenham has attracted large firms like IBM, Raytheon, Microsoft, BAE Systems to the region. However, startups like Truststamp, Bamboo Technologies, Ripjar, H.....»»

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Biden says he has deal to lower Internet prices, but the details will matter

Biden strikes $65B broadband deal but didn't release details on speeds and prices. Enlarge / President Joe Biden speaks at Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations on July 28, 2021, in Macungie, Pennsylvania. (credit: Getty Images | Michael M. Santia.....»»

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Feds" demand for software standards could boost enterprise security

Enterprises can look for more transparency from software vendors after the Biden Administration’s recent mandate that software bills of materials be provided by companies attempting to do business with the federal government.Software bills of ma.....»»

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Zuckerberg is turning trillion-dollar Facebook into a ‘metaverse’ company, he tells investors

Following the quarterly release of Facebook’s earnings numbers where the company’s CFO takes time to walk analysts through the nitty gritty of the company’s financials, CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a moment to zoom out and wax on the co.....»»

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White House Calls on America"s Most Critical Companies To Improve Cyber Defenses

The White House is signaling to U.S. critical infrastructure companies, such as energy providers that they must improve their cyber defenses because additional potential regulation is on the horizon. From a report: U.S. President Joseph Biden signed.....»»

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Biden warns cyber attacks could lead to a “real shooting war”

US president's remarks follow breaches that paralyzed critical services. Enlarge / US President Joe Biden, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo attend a plenary session of a NATO summit at the Nort.....»»

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A group"s moral values may help determine the likelihood of hate-motivated harmful acts

From attacks on synagogues and mosques to the COVID-era spike in anti-Asian sentiment, the past couple of years, unfortunately, have seen no shortage of acts of hatred......»»

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Apple Tells Leaker To Snitch On Sources Or It Will Report Them To the Police

pple is escalating its war against leakers, sending out cease and desist letters, according to a copy of a letter obtained by Motherboard. An anonymous reader writes: The letter was sent by Fangda Partners, Apple's law firm in China, on June 18, 2021.....»»

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Haron and BlackMatter are the latest groups to crash the ransomware party

The additions come as the number of high-severity ransomware attacks ratchet up. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) July has so far ushered in at least two new ransomware groups. Or maybe they’re old ones undergoing a rebranding. Researchers are.....»»

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Noetic Cyber emerges from stealth with $15M led by Energy Impact Partners

Noetic Cyber, a cloud-based continuous cyber asset management and controls platform, has launched from stealth with a Series A funding round of $15 million led by Energy Impact Partners. The round was also backed by Noetic’s existing investors, Ten.....»»

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Biden says severe cyberattacks could lead to a "real shooting war"

Speaking at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence yesterday, Biden talked about the new security challenges facing the US intelligence community......»»

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Finding Cybersecurity Talent Is Hard, So Train and Invest

The cybersecurity talent shortage is compounding problems with cyber attacks, but there are ways companies can meet demand. Here are a few......»»

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Former cyber security chief raises alarm over sale of Welsh microchip manufacturer to Chinese-backed company

The UK's former cyber security chief has raised the alarm over the sale of a Welsh microchip manufacturer to a Chinese-backed company......»»

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Cybersecurity Training Program Teaches How to Fend Off Attacks

Hands-on labs replicate real-world threats .entry-content .tisubhead { color: #999999; font-family: verdana; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing: 1px; margin-bottom: -5px !important; text-transform: up.....»»

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Cyber-flashing: "I get explicit messages every day"

Influencer Elle Edwards lets us inside her DMs to show the extent of sexual abuse faced by women online......»»

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Spyware: The software that watches you

BBC’s cyber reporter, Joe Tidy, agreed to be spied on to understand the spyware experience further......»»

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