Belarusian regime’s thugs shut down Imaguru, the country’s key startup hub

After visits by unnamed masked intruders and the cancellation of its lease, Imaguru — the country’s key startup hub, event and co-working space in Minsk — has effectively been shut down by the Lukashenko regime, which has led a brutal crackdown.....»»

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LiveLeak, the Internet"s Font of Gore and Violence, Has Shut Down

Video site LiveLeak, best known for hosting gruesome footage that mainstream rivals wouldn't touch, has shut down after fifteen years in operation. In its place is "ItemFix," a site that bans users from uploading media containing "excessive violence.....»»

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Betting on upcoming startup markets

Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter for your weekend enjoyment. Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s broadly based on the daily column that a.....»»

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Study confirms racial differences in response to prostate cancer treatment

A study designed to enroll an equal number of Black and white men with advanced prostate cancer confirms key findings that have been evident in retrospective analyses and suggest potential new avenues for treating Black patients who disproportionatel.....»»

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Gene therapy in Alzheimer"s disease mouse model preserves learning and memory

Researchers have used gene therapy to prevent learning and memory loss in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, a key step toward eventually testing the approach in humans with the neurodegenerative disease......»»

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Restricting growth, spread of head and neck cancers

Researchers have discovered a key molecule that allows cancer stem cells to bypass the body's natural immune defenses, spurring the growth and spread of head and neck squamous cell cancers. Their study, conducted in mice, also demonstrates that inhib.....»»

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Extra Crunch roundup: How Duolingo became an edtech leader

The pandemic has just pushed edtech mainstream, but language-learning startup Duolingo had already spent the past decade figuring out how to build a successful edtech app. In our latest installment of the EC-1 series, Natasha Mascarenhas goes deep wi.....»»

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After 15 years, controversial video sharing site LiveLeak has been shut down

Founded in 2006 by Hayden Hewit and the rest of the team behind the gore site Ogrish, LiveLeak made a lot of headlines because of the content it hosted. This content included children fighting, explicit footage of Saddam Hussein's execution, and the.....»»

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Longevity startup Gero AI has a mobile API for quantifying health changes

Sensor data from smartphones and wearables can meaningfully predict an individual’s ‘biological age’ and resilience to stress, according to Gero AI. The ‘longevity’ startup — which condenses its mission to the pith.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Google Snaps Up Network-on-Chip Startup Provino

New technology promises faster, more efficient processors for AI Google has quietly acquired Provino Technologies, a start-up developing network-on-chip (NoC) systems for machine learning, an IEEE Spectrum investigation has discovered. The lat.....»»

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Reconfigurable Optical Networks Will Move Supercomputer Data 100X Faster

Newly designed HPC network cards and software that reshapes topologies on-the-fly will be key to success Imagine being able to read an entire book in a single second, but only receiving the pages individually over the course of.....»»

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To buy time for a failing startup, recreate the engineering process

The drastic approach I took to recovering our company is often referred to as a “full reset" -- the old company is essentially annihilated and a new company is formed from the remaining pieces. Jason Meller Contributo.....»»

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Soybean and linseed oils added to cows" diet improves the quality of milk

Inclusion of soybean and linseed oils in the diet of dairy cows made the fatty acid content of their milk even healthier for human nutrition. It also increased the proportions of omega-6 and omega-3, which in the right balance play a key role in prev.....»»

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Light Could Move Data 100X Faster Through Supercomputers

Newly designed optical interface network cards and a software program that provides on-the-fly reconfigurability will be key to success Imagine being able to read an entire book in a single second, but only receiving the pages i.....»»

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The Real-Life Steps to Making DevQualOps Happen

The way to deliver customer excitement is in the way we create and deliver the products — and quality is the key. Continue reading........»»

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GajiGesa, a fintech focused on Indonesian workers, adds strategic investors and launches new app for micro-SMEs

GajiGesa, a fintech startup that provides earned wage access (EWA) and other services for workers in Indonesia, has added strategic investors to help it launch new services and expand its user base. Its new backers include OCBC NISP Ventura, the vent.....»»

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Startup employees should pay attention to Biden’s capital gains tax plans

The Biden Administration has reportedly proposed significant changes to the capital gains tax, aiming to target the wealthiest Americans to help fund his historic aid programs. Vieje Piauwasdy Contributor.....»»

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Bats Raised in Helium-Rich Air Reveal a Key to Echolocation

To test bats’ sense of the speed of sound, researchers put them in an atmosphere that alters it. No word on whether the helium made the bats sound funny......»»

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Dumpy and Quasimodo proteins enable tendons and muscles of fruit flies to develop in sync

Two proteins play a key role in the development of flight muscles and their tendons in fruit flies, two RIKEN developmental biologists have shown1. Their study reveals how the components of the muscle–tendon system develop in sync with each other,.....»»

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Netflix considering "N-Plus" service that offers playlists, podcasts, and the ability to influence shows

Netflix has been sending out a customer survey, seen by Protocol, to gauge reaction to a possible N-Plus hub, which is described as a "future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows and things related to them.".....»»

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SoftBank leads $15M round for China’s industrial robot maker Youibot

SoftBank has picked its bet in China’s flourishing industrial robotics space. Youibot, a four-year-old startup that makes autonomous mobile robots for a range of scenarios, said it has notched close to 100 million yuan ($15.47 million) in its l.....»»

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